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A refreshing game

MrEverybody | Sept. 21, 2013 | Review of The Secret World - PC

The Secret World is a modern day MMO which wants to change some rules from classic MMO's. The point is that, this game, is a game with a lot of fresh new ideas: the modern day world, the fact that you can play every kind of classes and get every single abilities with one character, there is also no numbered levels (you get Skill and Ability points each time you reach a fixed number of experience), the "investigation" quests that will make you truly think in order to solve various mysteries, the dimension idea (which means you can play with someone from a totally different "server", add him to friend, quest with him or group up and do some instances. The servers are not limitations anymore.) In my opinion, this game has to be enjoyed and not rushed, most of the quests that are given to you tell you something about the area you are in, so the background of the game gets bigger and bigger through the game (and the voice acting is most of the time really good). So, to conclude, I would say that TSW really changes from what we're used to in term of MMO's, and if not rushing it and enjoying the nice background is my best advice to enjoy this game, the end game content (either PvP or PvE) keeps getting regularly updated by Funcom so it anyway doesn't lack end game content for you to play.


An enjoyable game

MrEverybody | Sept. 6, 2013 | Review of FINAL FANTASY XIV A Realm Reborn Post - PC

A cool MMO in the Final Fantasy universe. If you enjoyed the Final Fantasy universe, you will of course feel yourself at home with this charming world. The graphics are really good for a MMO and the design is respectful of FF games, and if the game might not be as dynamic as others new MMO, it is really enjoyable to play in an old fashioned way, taking your time to develop your character. A game I really recommand, they succeeded the reborn of this FF XIV, the game is really cheap (especially on this site) and even though you might not spend the next year playing it, you will enjoy it for some time.