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MrGrizzly | May 2, 2013 | Review of Omerta City of Gangsters - PC

THE GOOD: A neat little storyline with some great pop culture homages and an alright combat system. THE BAD: really boring at times. You spend a lot of your time waiting around for your money to accumulate and you are pretty much doing nothing in the meantime. You never have to brew a drop of alcohol or open any speakeasies. You can beat any mission and make a ton of money by simply opening a Boxing Arena, Soup Kitchen and a Pawnshop. The combat system can get very repetitive and boring to the point where you are simply autoplaying most of the combat instances. THE UGLY: The game is way to easy. Even on the hardest levels with the highest police presence all you need to do is pay a pitiful 200 dollars to get cops to look the other way and leave you alone. There was not a single mission or combat encounter that I failed.


Never fear Presidente is here!

MrGrizzly | May 2, 2013 | Review of Tropico 4 Collectors Bundle Steam - PC

Tropico 4 may seem like your typical city simulator where the only catch is you're on a tropical island during the Cold War, but that is a small slice of the pie that is Tropico 4. Tropico throws you on an island and gives you the reigns as Its Lovable/Tyrannical dictator (The choice is yours) and you get your Island's economy off the ground and flourishing (hopefully!) The game offers you a large and fun campaign that will teach you all of the games mechanics and features whether it be setting up a simple farming community or an expansive tourist attraction. You'll have to deal with various hardships like crime, military coups, rebel threats etc etc. You will meet all sorts or creative characters which represent each of the eight factions. During your time in Tropico you will have to work to appease all of them as upsetting and neglecting factions will lead to setbacks that will make your Caribbean Crusade all the more difficult. The only issue I have with Tropico is that The Modern Times DLC (as great as it is!) makes the game a lot easier by giving you mass quantities of resources and therefore mass quantities of cash. This game is a definite buy if you love city builders and hilarious character banter.