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Amazing MOBA.

MrPhytel | Aug. 8, 2014 | Review of Awesomenauts - PC

Awesomenauts is an amazing game. Colorful, full of variety and a cartoonish feeling you'll love. The gameplay is addictive, skill based and tons of fun to play with friends. Awesomenauts takes a different approach to the MOBA genre by including the platformer aspect to the game. You can drop from the highest part of the map and explode around your enemies and killing them, or even wiping out the enemy team. The pros of the game: + Lots of characters to play. More coming soon. + 2D Platformer MOBA game. + Every character has its own theme, and a remix of their theme for the killing spree theme. + Lower difficulty when compared to other MOBAs. + Every character is unique. And has it's own personality. + Some skins are free. + Matches usually take 20-30 minutes to play. And now the cons: - No dedicated servers. The games are hosted via peer to peer. Terrible lag can happen in some matchs. - The matchmaking can be frustrating at times. You can end playing agains't the top players and have no chance to win. - Random crashes. - You can experience some connection problems. Overall, Awesomenauts has the potential to be a really fun and interesting game. You can play with friends or random people in online matches. There's new content for the game every so often and the developers care for the fanbase of the game. Go ahead and play it!