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Revelation Reviews - Metro: Last Light

MrRevelations | May 30, 2013 | Review of Metro Last Light Overflow - PC

4A Games are once more asking us to take a trip down into the horrific Moscow Metro in the sequel to the 2010 post apocalyptic shooter, Metro 2033. However is this gruesome experience worth your time and money? As you narrowly survive the claustrophobic tunnels or as you are paralysed with fear as a wicked beast charges towards you in outside wasteland, a well implemented element is vital; atmosphere. And atmosphere is what 4A Games pull off with astounding grace. From the horrifying yet glorious graphics to the hallowing sound effects and the depressing chat of the Metro's residents, the world of post apocalyptic Russia is well and truly alive. In my mind a remarkable achievement for any developer. Game mechanics have also been worked on since our last Metro instalment. Guns are fun to handle, they look and sound gritty which makes them a pleasure to use. Furthermore 4A Games have reworked the stealth system, a simple premise of lurk in the shadows and stay out of the light works well however it must be noted that this makes the A.I. seem incredibly blind and deaf at times. All in all an unoriginal, uninspired yet well implemented game play style that is actually quite enjoyable. Now, in a game firmly concentrated on narrative the idea is that once a player has finished the story, the plot is memorable and the biggest success of the game; however unfortunately this isn't the case for Metro Last Light. Although I feel the experience is paced reasonably well for the 10 hour narrative, the game is just too linear. For the entire experience it feels like 4A Games are just shoehorning the player forward, regardless of the player's actual interest. Each plot element is connected with set piece after set piece and although these are impressive it leaves a sour taste in the mouth as it highlights the lack of interesting narrative that is just smothered in high spectacle events that hope to 'wow' the player. Furthermore, without spoilers, I feel there are several later plot elements that are completely unneeded, over the top and in all honestly piss poor. I must also mention the hidden 'Moral Point' system within the game. This is never revealed to the player except for a light and sound effect. At first this may appear that this isn't important, however these moral points determine the games' ending. It's strange because even if you choose the morally correct options, or what you feel is the lesser evil, the chances are because you didn't listen to a certain non-subtitled conversation or because you didn't walk to the back of a train with nothing there, you don't get the advertised 'positive' ending because you haven't earned enough moral points; a completely non-logical and random system to implement. I'm sure anyone reading this has heard of the 'Ranger Mode' pre-order fail. Without going into the issue I would just like to point out that Ranger Mode is the correct way to play the game. When not playing on Ranger Mode the game is too easy, way too easy. I always seemed to have ammo coming out of my arse, so many air filters that I could give air to the population of India and so much money or 'Military Grade Bullets' that I could buy an infinite amount of Dr Pepper. Since beginning Ranger Mode for my second play through I must confess that this stupid pre-order/DLC bonus is by far the most enjoyable way to play the game; shame really. Overall the only element of the game I feel is memorable is the created atmosphere, which in all honesty is incredible in my mind. Although game play is enjoyable unfortunately 4A Games mar the entire experience by generic scripted sequence after generic scripted sequence forcing the player down a narrow and linear path, ultimately creating an experience that is more spectacle than substance and a game that forgets you want to experience the damn thing rather than watch just watch it unfold.