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Amazing Open World Experience

Mr_Eazysteel | May 10, 2013 | Review of Mount Blade Warband - PC

This is one of the few games that never get bad, you have lots and I mean LOTS of replayability. Singleplayer: The singleplayer is a sandbox game, you can do what you want, but it is more or less built around achieving world domination. I say this in the way that you can be a trader or a mercenary throughout the whole game, but you would not get full satisfaction from it. It is somewhat like playing a Grand Theft Auto game as a racing game, it is sort of possible but it's obvious the game is not built around it. There are however a lot of things to do, and if you feel there is something missing I'm sure there is a mod that can fix it. It takes a fair amount of time to achieve your goal of world domination. So it will take a while to get through one playthrough, I personally find this fine and fun, but others might not. Due to the nearly infinite amount of ways to achieve world domination, the replayability is nearly infinite and once you get bored of that there are mods to fix that. Multiplayer: Multiplayer, is basically the combat part of the singleplayer. There are a variety of game modes, from FFA to TDM to Siege. The combat is very skill based, it takes time to get good at, there is not much of a random element. It is very intuitive and not too complicated. You want to attack from the right hand side, you left click + slide your mouse to the right and your character attacks from the right hand side. Reflexes play a big part in this, if you have slow reflexes you'll tend to die a lot. Ping can be an issue when it comes to this, seeing as how it is reflex based. The online community is great, you can join clans and fight in epic organized sieges and skirmishes. Overall Comments: -The modability is great you want to play the singleplayer with guns? You can find a mod for that. Want the multiplayer to be set during Roman times? You can find a mod for that. This greatly increases replayability. -The graphics are pretty bad compared to modern standards. They are like Playstation 2 graphics. - Every gameplay aspect that is not combat related is somewhat simple and repetitive (Although there are mods to fix that). I'd rather have them do a few good aspects then a bunch of bad ones. Although the noncombat aspects are fine they could definitely be better. - Once you play and get good at multiplayer, the AI in singleplayer gets very easy to beat. You will end up fighting like a god in singleplayer. The reason I give this a 90 and not a 100 is because of the graphics and a few minor things. Aside from that it is near perfect.