Reviews by Mrrickniel


Fun and Boring!

Mrrickniel | Feb. 11, 2013 | Review of Zombies - PC

The game starts of and it is fun to do and you'll think its an awesome game but after an hour or something like that its already boring. The zombies are easy to kill (thats a good thing) but you're doing the same over and over again every level save them, kill them and next level same things. The soundtrack from this game is awesome and controls on keyboard and mouse work fine. Overall not a really good game but 55/100


Cool but not the best

Mrrickniel | Feb. 11, 2013 | Review of Sanctum - PC

Its an overall decent tower defense game but i like other games more. (like orcs must die). The graphics are horrible and the gameplay gets a bit boring after a while. The fun things about the game is the FPS part. The FPS part is well done and it fun to finish waves. The controls work great on the keyboard no need for a controller. Overall a decent game.


Great game

Mrrickniel | Jan. 27, 2013 | Review of Devil May Cry 4 - PC

You'll love this game the beat 'em up action is great but i should use a controller because i didn't really like the keyboard controls. Dante is still badass and you'll love him (nothing against the new one :P) Most of the beat 'em up games get boring in a while (in my opinion) but in this game it doesn't, i don't know why not but its just a great game with slashing some monsters :D,


Best platform game ever!

Mrrickniel | Jan. 27, 2013 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

I started playing the game the first 2 worlds where easy and loved to play it because of the simple idea that is just simply brilliant. Starting in the 3th world i started dying A LOT. I got angry multiple times but after that if you actually finish its a awesome feeling. And the replays after the levels are absolutly genius you see all your tries and believe me sometimes it looks like some kind of reunion of meat boys :). Overall its a great game with almost no problems. Btw: use controller keyboard controls sucked!


Not great, not bad

Mrrickniel | Jan. 27, 2013 | Review of Krater - PC

I started playing this game and liked it. I liked the slashing in the apocalyptic world against some monsters. I liked the classes where you could choose between. Then after some time the game was boring, because you need to do the same thing and you see the classes aren't that good. Also the respawn gave some problems if you die you need to walk back without seeing any monsters for most of the time. My opnion on the game is not great because it gets boring after a while.


Great Sonic Game

Mrrickniel | Jan. 27, 2013 | Review of Sonic CD - PC

At first i was a little scared i saw somewhere this wasn't made by the sonic team and thought something like: what a sonic game not from the sonic team???? After i played it for a while i was surprised with the amazing fun levels. I never saw so much fun in levels in sonic games. There where some things that could've been better but overall a great games. Btw. Keyboard controls are not that good play with gamepad :)