Reviews by Muky44


Best Resident Evil ever !

Muky44 | Jan. 15, 2015 | Review of Resident Evil HD Remaster - PC

This time Resident Evil is full HD ( high details ) and it has very nice graphics ! Whole game has been reconstructed and made great game . Resident Evil was gamecube game and it has been ported to pc , ps4 , xbox one , ps3 , xbox 360 . Soundtrack of Resident Evil are fervid and it makes you lot bigger fear . Gameplay is best thing in this game becouse of real phisics and real do of human and enemies . This game will get award of best new horror action game . This game worth more than 20$ and you should get it until it was sold .


To expensive game !

Muky44 | July 13, 2014 | Review of Paper Dungeons - PC

Paper Dungeons is fantasy board game like monopoly . Graphic in Paper Dungeons is fun and very nice . It looks like cartoon . Sounds in Paper Dungeons are fun and nice to listen . Sounds are best thing in this game , for me . Gameplay in this game is good and fun . Gameplay is even better if you play this with your friends , your look to this game will change if you try to play this with friend . Prize of this game is too big . I thing that this game doesn't worth 15$ because of funny graphic , fine sound and boring gameplay if you are alone . I think that you can get way better game for 15$ !


Awesome strategy game !

Muky44 | July 13, 2014 | Review of Antisquad - PC

Antisquad is great strategy game in that you control special trained soldiers and fight with evil soldiers . Game has great cartoon style graphic which is good to look and fun . Sounds of this game are awesome , sounds are best thing in this game . Sounds of Antisquad are nice and good to listen . Gameplay in Antisquad are good and easy to learn . In Antisquad you control characters with mouse and its very easy . Prize of this game is fine because it worth all 5$ ! So if you want some action strategy buy this game !



Muky44 | June 23, 2014 | Review of 10 Second Ninja - PC

10 second ninja is fast indie game in that you need to complete level for only 10 second ! Game is cool and fun becouse awesome sound and graphic ! 10 second ninja has graphic like in cartoons and I like it . Sound of this game are funny . Gameplay is good becouse its easy to learn how to play this game , second good side of gameplay are controls and they are easy to learn . If you need some adventure , challange and fun get this game !


Great game !

Muky44 | June 22, 2014 | Review of Stealth Bastard Deluxe The Teleporter Chambers - PC

If You want something cheap but good try this out ! Graphic in this games is good if You are fan of pixel art games . Sound is cool and funny , great for this game . Gameplay in this game is best thing of this great cheap game . So if You want something cheap , good , worth money try this !


Great Indie

Muky44 | June 14, 2014 | Review of Richard Alice - PC

If You want to buy and play some fun , great , cheat and awesome Indie try out Richard & Alice . This game has interesting story and gameplay . If You buy this you will probably spend few months on solving awesome game Graphic isnt better side of this game , but its pretty ok . This game has rally low system reqs and its can be played on every pc on Earth . So if You want to get something to play , try this out becouse it cant be better !


Great game !

Muky44 | June 7, 2014 | Review of Natural Soccer (1) - PC

If you want to play soccer/football simulator try this out ! Gameplay is interesting , fun and cooperative . Game has great sound effects and atmosphere is awesome . Graphic is shooth but not so bad . If you want some cooperative and challange buy this game .