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Meaty Goodness!

Multijirachi | April 18, 2014 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

Super Meat Boy; Where to begin? A game that sparks the nostalgia deep within while also offering up some of the best platformer action this side of the indie market. With it's cutesy flash visuals, both bright and colorful, as well as flipping the coin to dark, depressing wastelands of peril, Super Meat Boy is a beautiful game. One of the best features of this title is of course the razor sharp controls. Ultra responsive (On a gamepad), your controller becomes an extension of your body, allowing you to accurately and precisely navigate through SMB's hundreds of levels. The soundtrack is to die for. Reminiscent of an earlier time, SMB sounds like an late 90's Nintendo title, and cannot be beat with its in-game noises, ranging from the squish of wet meat on a hard surface to birds chirping in a forest. Super Meat Boy is a rare gem of a title, that will have you engrossed for hours upon hours on end. If you seek challenge, or nostalgia, SMB is the way to go.