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Best Arcade Kart Racer

MuridLaly | Aug. 12, 2013 | Review of Sonic and AllStars Racing Transformed 4 Pack - PC

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed was a pleasant surprise after not expecting much considering Sonic's track record in recent years, this is one of the best kart racers of this generation. Although the characters in the game are not as recognizable as characters in a game like Mario Kart, you soon learn that this doesn't matter, even if you don't know the characters you will warm to them, the character design is impeccable with a great variety of different looks the karts and characters show a bright personality which is highlighted through the individuality of each vehicle. The variety is great and all the vehicles feel good to drive. It terms of graphics, this game looks beautiful, second to none in this genre. The lighting off of the vehicles makes the vehicles seem real in an unrealistic, if you get what I mean? (probably not). The design of the world in the game caters very well to the 'transform' feature in the game, designed so that it is a similar course no matter which vehicle you are in. Gameplay wise there are a number of game modes which will keep you entertained for hours on end, especially when you have a few friends to play with, both online and locally. This 4-Pack will help with that! The gamemodes include traditional races and battle modes with specifically designed tracks for each. Overall, this games gets an 87 out of 100, mainly due to the fact that the control scheme can be rather annoying and glitchy, and the PC port is not the best, although it will be good enough for most gamers, also, the voice acting is quite terrible, especially for the TF2 characters.