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Great Game

MurphyPendleton | Jan. 1, 2012 | Review of Dead Island - PC

Dead Island is one of the most refreshing gaming experiences I've had in a while. It's the much needed breath of life that both the zombie fad and the first person shooter genre needed to rise from stagnation. First of all, the game has a great atmosphere. Techland managed to create not only a big, varied, and immersive world to explore at your leisure, but they also nailed the feeling of isolation perfectly. It will make you feel like you're alone against the horde of undead that lies before you, especially in single player. The combat in Dead Island is very diverse and tons of fun. Slicing off limbs and bashing heads in has never been more satisfying. Even after hours of play, experimenting with the huge amount of melee weapons scattered throughout the island is incredibly fun. The guns are a different story altogether though. The feel rather clunky and are not quite as fun to use. When you first get your hands on a pistol, however, I guarantee, you'll feel amazingly powerful. On top of that, there's a leveling system in which player can customize and improve their abilities after each increase in level. It's fairly standard stuff, but it adds a nice layer of variety to the game. The best thing about Dead Island's gameplay is the way it forces players to pace themselves and strategise rather than run and gun through the game. Resources are scarce, health does not regenerate, and weapons can break if not taken care of properly. One of Dead Island's most glaring flaws is the lack of variety in both the story and side quests, they leave much to be desired. Most are simple point A to point B style fetch quests and they get old rather fast. Not long after you start the game, you'll begin to find yourself skipping the side quests altogether.