Reviews by Muzicjohn


Simple, but...

Muzicjohn | June 21, 2011 | Review of Alien Shooter - PC

This game is simple, graphics are bad, but I finished it many, many times and I still like it! Shooting at aliens with all this weapons is so enjoyable and fun, that I don't need anything more, for this price it is really good choice, just buy it! ;]



Muzicjohn | June 21, 2011 | Review of Ninja Blade - PC

Effective graphics and epic fights! Reflex required! This is a bit s-f game, because, for example, you'll have to stop plain with your own hands, but if you like mood like this, you will enjoy it! I had lot of fun and I recommend it!


Fun at the beginning...

Muzicjohn | June 21, 2011 | Review of Zombie Driver - PC

First look - woohoo, GTA with smashing zombies, this is so cool! Weapons installed on my car? Great! Second look - ok, why all missions looks the same? You have new cars and a bit different objectives, but you have to do same thing all the time - smash zombies with your car. It's enjoyable, but when you play it 20 minutes every day, not more.


Fun, but...

Muzicjohn | June 21, 2011 | Review of Dark Sector - PC

Idea with this funny throwable blade is cool, but this game was too bloody for me. This is solid action game, nothing addictive or genius, but it isn't boring neither. If you are not vulnerable to blood, you will enjoy it!


3 platformers in one

Muzicjohn | June 21, 2011 | Review of Trine - PC

This is oldschool game, but with a nice modern graphic, so I love it! Three characters in one, each with unique abilities, have to beat all mysterious levels. Sometimes you just have to smash tons of skeletons, sometimes you'll need to use your brain to obtain hidden bonuses. Enjoyable and fun!



Muzicjohn | June 21, 2011 | Review of Sid Meiers Pirates - PC

Colorful graphics, nice sounds, enjoyable sea fights, duels, even dancings! This game is really fun to play, and it's for people in age 3-99. If you want to be a pirate (but you don't like to see pools of blood), this is the best choice, really!


Medieval sandbox!

Muzicjohn | June 21, 2011 | Review of Mount Blade Warband - PC

Yes, you can do what you want! Want to buy some goods and trade them? No problem, go and try to get rich. Want to pillage willages? Go and be cruel! Or maybe you want to defend poor people and establish a new "government" (king)? Yes, go, hire your army, upgrade it, fight and do your goals. This is game for those who have hundreds of hours of free time, just play it!


Really nice

Muzicjohn | June 21, 2011 | Review of Heroes of Might and Magic V - PC

HoMaM V is a lot better than HoMaM IV. It's hard at the beginning to use the new map, but with ALT option (active objects are shining) you can find all what you want. HoMaM V have really great story, unique skills of heroes are pretty complex and interesting, and game isn't boring at all. Recommended for all HoMaM 3 (and other RPG and strategy games) fans!


I'm proud of it!

Muzicjohn | April 20, 2011 | Review of Painkiller Black Edition - PC

^^ Yes, I'm from Poland and I have to admit, that we didn't made many good games. That's why I'm happy that Painkiller was created, cause it have all "big titles" elements: very nice graphics, music, sounds and gameplay. If you want, you can download demo, I'm sure you'll want to buy full version after few minutes of playing. This game is great. Only story is very stupid, but who cares about story in game like this? ;]



Muzicjohn | April 20, 2011 | Review of Mafia - PC

I'll never understand, why this game have so big metascore. It's full of bugs, people in city acts like idiots (for example: tram driver crush police cars if they stay on his way). And the whole police exist only for catching our character, crimes made by others does not interest them. Shooting system don't have any new elements, we've seen this before milion times. Only the story is pretty nice (I mean - still isn't perfect, but it's better than stories from other games). For me it's just usual, not bad game.


True HoMaM is back!

Muzicjohn | April 20, 2011 | Review of Kings Bounty The Legend - PC

This is what HoMaM IV should be. This game have same adorable battle system from HoMaM III and adds more RPG mechanics and less economical/strategic, so it's great for me ;]. Graphics are colorful and pretty, sounds and music are pretty nice. There are 3 characters to chose and a lot of units to buy. If you are HoMaM fan, you have to play this one, and even if you're not - you should try it, because this is just solid, good game.


Russian style ;]

Muzicjohn | April 20, 2011 | Review of Spells of Gold - PC

This is (as u see) very ugly game. And it's very archaic. Sounds are awful. Etc, etc. But game is still playable and have some strange russian magic ^^. Don't know how to explain it, but I spent some hours with this game and wasn't that bad, game is still giving fun, even with all those defects. It's hard to rate it, but if there will be any "hot deal" for this game (because 12,95 is a lot too much) and you are a bit crazy (just like me), you can try it ;].


Solitaire? Are you kidding?

Muzicjohn | April 20, 2011 | Review of Jewel Quest Solitaire 1 - PC

Well, solitaire is a card game, which is played by our mothers and sisters. This game is the only reason they turn on computers and use Windows. At least many people thinks like that ;]. And here we have example of game based on solitaire which is...pretty addictive. Again - it's hard to say why, but all this different levels, funny bonuses, enjoyable graphics and animations are making this game really nice. I'm RPG fan and I enjoy solitaire, it's weird and I can't explain it, but I want more!


What the...

Muzicjohn | April 12, 2011 | Review of Gain Ground - PC

This game is pretty weird. It looks like made by teenager in The Games Factory or something. I know, it's pretty old, but gameplay is strange and I really don't know how to play this game with pleasure...Small, static levels with enemies, which act like robots, characters without real personality, creepy shooting system...Only for those, who played it years ago with pleasure (if it's possible), if you're looking for still-alive-classic-game, DON'T play this one.



Muzicjohn | April 7, 2011 | Review of Sword of Vermilion - PC

Unfortunately this game is really hard to play now. This is very old RPG and its mechanics are unacceptable today. Maybe years ago someone could play Swords of Vermilion with pleasure, but it's quite impossible now. Only for fans with sentiment to this game, if you didn't play it before - belive me, you don't want to play it now.


Roguelike from SEGA!

Muzicjohn | April 7, 2011 | Review of Fatal Labyrinth - PC

Ah, I like this game so much. I'm playing it on my portable SEGA when I'm in a long travel. It's so addictive, if you're doing well, game may take about 3-5 hours. Each game is a new adventure, because levels are generating randomly. You will fight lots of enemies, find many weapons, shields, potions, spells, etc. and you will become stronger and stronger. If you can stand archaic graphics and you're RPG's fan, I'm sure you will enjoy it!



Muzicjohn | April 7, 2011 | Review of Columns III Revenge of the Columns - PC

First time I tried this game, I thought it's pretty boring. That's what happens when you play the game and don't even know rules ;]. After second try, I played long time, until AI beat me. Game is pretty fun, have nice music, different characters to beat and AI is getting smarter every level of pyramid, which we're exploring. There is several ways to beat opponent and you have to figure it out, which is the best, because in further levels AI won't forgive you any mistake. Columns III is solid, logical game.


Golden Axe in space!

Muzicjohn | April 7, 2011 | Review of Alien Storm - PC

That's right, if you played Golden Axe before - Alien Storm have same mechanics, but instead of killing goblins, you will exterminate ugly aliens. Again: three characters, energy (like magic) system, bosses, co-op mode. But there is something more, sometimes you can enter a building and then game changes into a shooter! It's hard to aim with pad/keyboard, but it makes this game a bit fresher. Between levels we enjoy another surprise, a short "running" mode, in which we can just move up/down and shoot. So game is still playable, but I recommend to play it with someone in co-op mode ;].


Best Sonic ever! ;]

Muzicjohn | April 5, 2011 | Review of Sonic Spinball - PC

I have this game on my SEGA Megadrive Portable and I play it mostly. I don't like other Sonic games, but Sonic Spinball is really great. Levels are pretty big and have many secret places. You have to figure it out, how to finish all of them, and it's not so simple. To beat all 4 levels you have to play this game really long. And this is good, because game isn't boring and you still want to try one more time. Try it ;].


Great game!

Muzicjohn | April 5, 2011 | Review of Flicky - PC

I have this game on my Sega Megadrive Portable, it's seems to be easy (and for kids), but this is only illusion. First levels are simple, but after game is pretty hard and challenging. One play longs only few minutes, so it's great when you don't have much time and only want to relax a bit. And I have to say that my girlfriend likes to watch those cute birds jumping all over level ^^. I recommend it for players in all age.


Sequel of classic game

Muzicjohn | April 5, 2011 | Review of Golden Axe II - PC

Golden Axe 1 was extremly enjoyable game. Golden Axe II is pretty similiar to his older brother, but have new levels, more enemies, more bosses, and, what is important, is much more difficult. Enemies are smarter and tougher. For me this isn't an advantage, GA2 still can give you lots of fun, but I'm getting a bit frustrated, when I'm playing it. This is the reason why I like first part of Golden Axe more. Anway, if you liked Golden Axe, you'll like this one too, but be sure you are calm, before you'll play it ;].



Muzicjohn | April 5, 2011 | Review of Golden Axe - PC

Golden Axe is a great game, which still give me a lot of fun. It's hard to explain why, game is pretty simple, but after all this years I'm still playing it with my brother in co-op mode. Three characters, magical spells, lots of enemies, ridable dragons, giant bosses, all this elements makes Golden Axe an timeless game. If you really love games - you will enjoy this one.