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Engrossing and Atmospheric

MyDingALing | Oct. 19, 2013 | Review of LA Noire Steam - PC

LA Noire is a great addition to Rockstar's ever growing catalogue of Third Person Role Playing Games. Initially, it appears to be neither as exciting or as action packed as previous titles (Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Autos, Etc.) LA Noire instead relies on it's in depth storyline and intelligible problem solving which brings a great change to the running and gunning nature of the Grand theft Auto series. The overall gameplay is great, from simply wandering around a suspect's house looking for clues, chasing a criminal on foot to intercepting a bank heist amidst a heavy gun battle, LA Noire proves to be just as thrilling as it's modern setting counterparts. I highly recommend this game to any followers of Rockstar's previous games or anyone looking for a well written, well designed game set in a fascinating era.