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A well designed driving Simulator

MysticB121 | April 29, 2013 | Review of Euro Truck Simulator 2 STEAM - PC

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a game which puts you in behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler in Europe. At the beginning of the game you borrow a truck to make deliveries till you can take out a loan or save up for your own truck. Once you have the money, you can invest in a truck from various different companies and hit the road on your own taking jobs where ever you want, or just free driving, eventually saving up for a bigger garage and more workers. The in game radio allows you to sync up to real radio stations on the internet, or loads your own music, and allows great immersion as you drive across Europe. The AI drivers in the game are surprisingly well programmed. They act like real drivers and will pass you, cut you off, and even slam on their brakes for no reason. (Don't you hate that?) Graphics are beautiful and some of the scenery is amazing making driving around and looking at all the signs very enjoyable, but also has a lot of graphical settings allowing the player to tone some settings down if they don't have a good rig. Controls are very well thought out and allow you to remap any button to your keyboard, keyboard & mouse, controller, or steering wheel with ease, and adjust sensitivity on steering and other controls. Keep in mind, this is a driving simulator, if you aren't the kind of person who likes endless hours of driving this game might not be for you. Although, if you are like me and like to chill back, listen to some tunes, and drive then this game might be for you. Overall, I give Euro Truck Simulator a 90/100. It is a fantastic game that is still very much in the works with new truck licenses and has a ton of user content being worked on every day. If you have ever played any of the other Truck Simulators this game is a must have.