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A Legacy like none other

Mystsc | Sept. 13, 2013 | Review of Legacy of Kain Pack - PC

Theres no other setting that captures that wonderous sense of damnation like Nosgoth does, and no other story so philosophically morose like the one of Kain and Raziel. The Legacy of Kain series is a shakespearian epic draped a masterfully crafted game. It shows a maturity that you simply don't see in fantasy games these days, and finds a great balance between thoughtful prose and story, and fun and engaging mechanics. Its got some ofthe best voice acting of its time, and has aged surprisingly well in terms of visuals. The characters and plot are unforgettable, the gothic/esoteric themes are handled with an expert hand, and the gamplay mechanics are some of the most unique in its genre. If you love games centered around the macabre and vampiric as much as I do, you'll be hard pressed to find other games that compare to the LoK saga. At this price, and with rumors of a new entry abound, you just can't pass it up.