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Simple, Fun, and Funny

NateD | March 16, 2013 | Review of Zombies - PC

The action is pretty intense, and the cut scenes are genuinely pretty funny. The music is surprisingly good. It's not very hard though, and the collision detection can be a little frustrating at times when bumping into objects or getting near zombies. The levels can become a little repetitive but it's worth it to get to the next part of the uh, story. The graphics are what you would expect, but can be endearingly humorous and fit well. This game has a lot of character and is pretty addictive. Would recommend for someone looking for something with a lot of straightforward action and good humor and music. Also, if you have ever worked in a large corporate office with cubicles, this game can feel fairly therapeutic as you run through the office smashing everything in sight on the way to the exit, picking up helpless coworkers on the way. Overall pretty satisfied with my purchase.