Reviews by Neonberry


Charming in a very gross way

Neonberry | Jan. 20, 2014 | Review of The Binding of Isaac - PC

The Binding of Isaac is a unique action/adventure game about a miserable kid who has to face different surreal creatures fighting his way through the basement. It may not look like much, but the game is really addictive and insanely hard. You will die and die again just like in the good old platformers designed to eat up all your spare change. The artistic style of the game shows that you don't need at all to be realistic to disgust the players. Even though every moment of the game is gross and depressive somehow it still manages to be charming and lovable. I have to be honest, I didn't manage to finish the game so far but I would highly recommend it to anyone who is happy to face a challenge and is not grossed out easily.


A strange sequel

Neonberry | Jan. 20, 2014 | Review of POSTAL 2 - PC

Postal 2 stripped all and any seriousness the first game might have had and made an over-the-top violent, borderline surrealistic shooter that probably offends pretty much everyone. It seems like they made the main character as the most badass programmer ever (seriously, this Matrix look and the Grey on the t-shirt is what most young programmers thought was the peaks of cool around that time) and send them off with some menial tasks such as going to the bank or getting milk. The game says it is only as violent as you want it to be, which is true in some way but to be honest to scrape through all the episodes without shooting anyone seems close to impossible. And in the end most of the people who buy Postal 2 are not really into that kind of thing anyway. I understand the irony and how it was meant to show all the annoying little things we have to face in our everyday lives that make everyone a potential time bomb and so on, but to be fair, the game is more ridiculous than funny. If you want to play a mindless shooter with two or three giggles up its sleeve then go ahead, but I would personally save money by not buying it and get something else.


Cult classic

Neonberry | Jan. 20, 2014 | Review of POSTAL - PC

While Postal caused more outrage than financial success it did become a cult classic by being a reasonably good game that is the only one (as far as I know) dealing with the theme of going on a murderous rampage for no appearant reason. The controls are a bit clumsy and the graphics were closer to acceptable than to great even at the release but the game has a strangely unique atmosphere that will either capture you or disgust you. The price is great for the game so if you can make friends with the thought of murdering women, children and pretty much everything else through 21 levels then don't hesitate to pick it up.


Ohh the nostalgia

Neonberry | Jan. 20, 2014 | Review of Worms - PC

The start of a great franchise and in fact a revitalisation of a genre, Worms was a uniquely fun game at its time allowing you to play hot seat and yet still maintaining the flow of action. The graphics is not the most exquisite by now but it was one of the first games that used randomly generated maps so at least there is plenty of variety. It might not be a great game to play alone but if you have a few friends who would also enjoy blasting each other with weapons of mass destruction the game will ensure potentially an unlimited time of fun.


Challenging stealth platformer

Neonberry | Jan. 20, 2014 | Review of Stealth Bastard Deluxe - PC

Even though platforming is not really my cup of tea I have to acknowledge the solid gameplay Stealth Bastard Deluxe delivers. The levels are well designed, the graphics is fairly good (at least it serves its purpose since most people wont expect AAA graphics from indie games anyway) and the gameplay is solid, entertaining and captivating. Besides the stealth part of course there is a fair deal of platforming and puzzle solving to do (I guess this is what the Bastard part refers to). The game is enjoyable and rich, you get a lot of fun for your money. I recommend it to everyone who is up for some cartoonish but pretty though challenges.


True indie gem

Neonberry | Jan. 20, 2014 | Review of Reus - PC

Reus is a new take on God simulators. You get a small empty planet and using your different deities you will have to create the oceans, mountains, forests and all the different biomes. The real game starts when you you create something that is fit for food and people start to form settlements. From here on you have to balance your follower's progression by keeping their greed down and helping them to obtain their goals. It is great regarding the game mechanics - basically you manage things on the highest level and just create the opportunities for the mortals. I would recommend this game to anyone who is interested in some little bit casual strategy that has loads of content in it and has a great replay value.


Interactive story with game elements

Neonberry | Jan. 20, 2014 | Review of To The Moon - PC

Even though To The Moon looks like a classic top down RPG from the early '90s it is in fact a beautifully told story that includes some miniscule game elements (namely you have to find some objects in the house). So if it is not a game let's focus on the part where the game shines. The story is an interesting and engaging one. Even though linear it managed to captivate me and made me play the game through almost in one go. Without spoiling anything I can just say if you want to experience a beautifully told bittersweet story then go for it.


Twisted dimension platformer

Neonberry | Jan. 20, 2014 | Review of The Bridge - PC

The Bridge is a great artsy looking game with solid platforming puzzles. I loved how the game presented itself. Everything looks like a sketch - but well made, and the graphics is looking more impressive than unfinished. The puzzles will make you think a lot and sometimes you might have to resort to trial and error walking up and down to see what happens. I think the game is one of the most prominent member of the new generation of platformers that started with Braid. I would recommend the game for everyone who is up for a little bit of thinking and puzzle solving in a world influenced by Escher's art and/or is looking for some eye candy.


Much more than what you would expect

Neonberry | Jan. 20, 2014 | Review of Kerbal Space Program - PC

Kerbal Space Program seems to be a lighthearted game where you send Kerbins (the little creatures at your disposal) to space and observe the results. Generally its a sandbox game though the career mode will limit your progression and you have to develop all the different parts by research. The depth of the game comes in with the surprisingly accurate physics engine. Since the game is based on Newtonian physics it will allow you to do pretty much anything with your parts. If you get bored with shooting rockets to the moon you can try to assemble a multi-part space station. You can make an airplane or even a boat. Since physics is the main limitation you will have in this game it is pretty much up to your imagination what you would like to do. The game is complicated. If you want to play a simple how far I can shoot my rocket type of game then avoid Kerbal Space Program. You will have to familiarize yourself with at least the basics of physics it uses to be somewhat succesful at your tasks. You need to learn how to best put some object in orbit and how to break out of it - all of which is quite realistic. And when I say realistic, I mean NASA is taking interest in this game. If you like in depth simulations, want to see how your rocket designs would do or want to gain some real knowledge on space travel then the game will be perfect for you. It might take a few hours to get a good grasp on all the governing factors but once you are there you will have total freedom. Cant wait to see how the final version of the game will be.


Fun dictatorship simulation

Neonberry | Jan. 20, 2014 | Review of Tropico 4 Steam - PC

Tropico 4 stays true to the franchise and does what you would expect a sequel to do: keep what's good and add some new great ideas. Being the dictator of a small island you will need to control your people to build a prosperous civilization. I loved the way you can build up your character from different perks and backgrounds and even though its not new, I loved the edict system as well that you use for getting some advantage in a specific field (sometimes at the expanse of others). There is a bit of number-crunching involved - if you are strictly against thinking about your yearly budget and figure out how much you should spend prepare to run out of money a few times (which will also decrease your popularity with other factions). Tropico 4 is a very light toned and humorous simulation, but under the surface it hides a lot of depth and will keep you entertained for a long time once you get the hang of it.


Not the Sims you would expect

Neonberry | Jan. 20, 2014 | Review of The Sims Medieval - PC

Against all expectations The Sims Medieval is not about being a dung collector and working your way up in the medieval society. It uses Sims 3 to create something (somewhat) different. You start off as a king and you are commanding around the people sending them on quests as kings often did. It lies somewhere between the original Sims and and Majesty games. The game has enough content to keep you going for days but to be honest there is not as much of a variety in the vanilla game that it would stay fresh all the way. I would recommend it to people who would like to play a solid but not too realistic medieval kingdom simulation.


Surprisingly good

Neonberry | Jan. 20, 2014 | Review of Space Pirates And Zombies - PC

I had no idea what I am in for when I bought SPaZ. For some reason I connected it to Plants Vs Zombies and expected something in the same tone - and boy, I was wrong. The game is a space simulation where you mine, loot, help out different factions and get deeper and deeper in the galaxy. Even though the graphics may seem a bit simplistic at first glance it the game will quickly suck you in and you will be trapped in a great space mining-trading-shooting game with loads of upgrades, missions and places to discover. I would recommend it to people who enjoy titles like Privateer and X. Even though this game is not THAT complex it absolutely worths its price.


Be the villain you always wanted

Neonberry | Jan. 20, 2014 | Review of Evil Genius - PC

If you are also one of those people who have been waiting patiently for some new game like Dungeon Keeper to come out Evil Genius is yours. You might not control a dungeon of imps and demons but henchmen and ... more advanced henchmen but the basic idea is the same. The game has a lot of content and a lot of depth with lots of different minions to develop and rooms to build in your underground lair of your secret island. The game has a great sense of humour based on the more ridiculous episodes of James Bond and will keep you busy for hours while you carefully plan how to terrorize some money out of the world. The game is great for all strategy/simulation fans and anyone with some sense of humour. And it is an absolute must if you are plotting and scheming your world domination.


Ultimate pirate game

Neonberry | Jan. 20, 2014 | Review of Sid Meiers Pirates - PC

Pirates! is the remake of an early Sid Meier classic where you swashbuckle your way to the top in the Caribbeans. The game is composed of many stages and mini-games for different tasks such as dancing for winning ladies, duelling, ship battles and so on. It is great fun though I felt it getting a bit repetitive at points. The gameplay itself is smooth and easy to pick up and the game has a good, stylized and romanticized atmosphere. I found it lacking depth to some extent but still great for killing a few hours. If you are looking for a pirate game that is of lighter tone or just for some game that gives you a few hours of light entertainment this game definitely worths its price.


All the Goblins you need

Neonberry | Jan. 19, 2014 | Review of Gobliiins Trilogy - PC

Goblins are usually unjustly overlooked in games, written off as the weakest of orcs, being not very smart and smelling bad. It is great to see that some people go against the grain and make wonderful games such as this trilogy. The old school point-and-click adventure is as charming as ever, though some of the puzzles are somewhat beyond any reason or logic so there might be occasions when the player has to resort to the most ancient of adventure-gaming methods (rubbing each item to each usable spot). The game has a great sense of humour and the characters are adorable. Personally I prefer the first game where you control 3 goblins - each with their unique speciality. Kind of like a point and click Lost Vikings - but all of the games are fine. It belongs to the (virtual) shelf of every gamer who likes adventures or wants to motivate the industry to give goblins some better roles than the weakest villains you need to kill a dozen of.


Unique atmosphere

Neonberry | Jan. 19, 2014 | Review of BioShock Overflow 1 - PC

Rarely a game manages to create such a unique story and scenery as Bioshock. The FPS takes place in Rapture, a city turned away from God and turned towards genetic engineering. From start to end the atmosphere is spot on. The ruins of the once utopian city now inhabited by crazy (more or less) people, the Big Daddies and the little girls, the weapons - everything is highly original about this game while retaining the classic shooter formula. You get some special powers as well in time and all in all upgrade your character, though the RPG elements are only to compliment the shooter part. Bioshock became an instant legend - and rightfully so. If you finished Infinite or you are new to the franchise - or you just love shooters or want something with a unique dark atmosphere you have to pick up this game.


A new color of shooters

Neonberry | Jan. 19, 2014 | Review of Borderlands - PC

Borderlands is a psychotic action and loot filled shooter spiced up with RPG elements where the player takes control of a vault hunter in search for legendary treasures. The blend of a standard cartoonish shooter and RPG elements seem to work really well. At some points I got the feeling that I am playing an FPS Diablo with each slain monster (or psycho) leaving a pile of multi-coloured text for me to go through just to find the best gun to blow more stuff up. I haven't tried the co-op mode but based on the single player it must be tons of fun (since I didn't hear anyone mention major issues with it). The characters are well made as well, and the annoying little robot helper, Claptrap even branched off to Poker games and suchlike after his debute here. All in all I highly recommend the game for anyone who is not scared off by violence and crude humor.


Birth of FPS

Neonberry | Jan. 19, 2014 | Review of Wolfenstein 3D - PC

Wolfenstein 3D was probably the first PC game I ever played. Looking at it now it aged really well and still has all the charm it once used to enchant little children (that would be me). You are a hero in a nazi fortress shooting up all the Germans you can find. Corridors, nazis, secret doors, treasures and.... WHAT? A GIANT ROBOT HITLER? Well, yes, this game has it all. Even though it is dated the game still holds up very well and ensures hours of fun while going through mazes of gray corridors and take down The Third Reich. I would recommend this game for everyone, for the great gameplay, tons of fun and undeniable historical significance.


True war

Neonberry | Jan. 19, 2014 | Review of Spec Ops The Line Overflow - PC

I have never been to war but I would imagine it in a very similar manner this epic third person shooter pictures it. Cruel, depressing and without any winners. The game follows a three man firing squad from their arrival to Kabul as they fight their way through hordes of insurgents. This is, however, all a secondary thing in my eyes since the main strength is creating an atmosphere and delivering a powerful story. I do not want to spoil any of the game but Spec-Ops: The Line is probably one of the best war themed shooters out there just for showing that war is rarely about the heroes riding in and saving the day from the evil forces, but it is in fact people fighting people. Everyone should play it who wants to see a tragic story masterfully delivered in the medium of a videogame. Even if you don't like shooters.


Great start

Neonberry | Jan. 19, 2014 | Review of Space Engineers - PC

Space Engineers is at the moment an early-access game that will (hopefully soon) expand to be a full space themed sandbox where the players can build their spacecrafts or bases and can use them to mine, fight, travel and so on. First of all I have to say that the idea is great - and so far the execution seems to be of high standard as well. The graphics is really nice and the physics seems to work quite realistic - which is quite important in a physics based sandbox. So far only the Freebuild mode is available but the developers promise to have a Story mode as well that will also serve as a tutorial. The game is recommended for anyone who would like to experiment with a physics based building game that shows great promise.


The Legend lives again

Neonberry | Jan. 19, 2014 | Review of Rayman Legends - PC

The first Rayman game brought a lot of fresh air into the platformer genre: non-linear level progression, upgrades and one of the most graphically developed characters. Even though Rayman Legends doesn't revitalize the platformer genre it is a great continuation of the franchise. You are tossed into a stunningly beautiful world where you have to fight your way through to.... why again? Well, if you are story oriented, you might want to skip this game since the story is not deeper than the classic Bowser steals the Princess, but if you just want to play for fun and enjoy yourself than you are at the right place. I had no opportunity to try out the co-op mode but I would guess it is also spot on. I would recommend the game to anyone who is in for a bit of all ages platforming fun. Great family game with loads of charm.


Strangely underrated

Neonberry | Jan. 19, 2014 | Review of Prototype - Xbox 360

Prototype tells the story of a genetic experiment set loose in an open-world which in this case is a city. You are fighting the world while trying to piece together the huge conspiracy that gave birth to you. But what are you? Well, a gene-stealing rampaging shapeshifter of course, the product of some top secret experiment. So as such the tools available at your disposal are quite entertaining. Travel through the city with huge leaps, turn your fists into claws, maces, cannibalize the soldiers or the bystanders to get your health back. The game is loaded with fast paced action and great skill development. It somewhat lacks personality but the gameplay experience was enough for me to carry on. To be honest I enjoyed it more than Just Cause, the other big sandbox "thing" at that time. If you want to pick up a sandbox that allows you to take down helicopters and tanks with bare hands you are in the right place. I recommend Prototype for all who likes action games.


One of the greatest game of its time

Neonberry | Jan. 19, 2014 | Review of Max Payne STEAM - PC

Max Payne was a revolutionary game. Not only because it introduced "bullet time" for the first time (slowing the flow of time down while you jump in a room, empty your rounds in the wall and then land between the piles of garbage in the room) but also for its way of storytelling. The "hero" of the game is Max Payne who got tangled up in a messy case, has his family executed and is out for revenge. Pretty basic story if you ask me but the way it is told it brings out a lot of emotions through the story told and the story seen: run down squats with junkies mumbling, fancy bars and probably one of the best written drug-trips of videogaming history. Max Payne is a must play game for anyone who loves the rogue cop kind of movies, shooters or is just wondering about where bullet time comes from.


Stealth and gore

Neonberry | Jan. 19, 2014 | Review of Manhunt STEAM - PC

There are lots of videogames that use extreme graphic violence, but `Manhunt really is pretty much built up around it. You play as a convict put in an unusual situation: you have to hunt down other convicts while the antagonist records it. Basically you sneak around and execute loads of people from the shadows, which then are graded by the level of violence you used. But before we write Manhunt off as just a gore filled slash fiction we have to mention that it also includes solid stealth gameplay, great level and opponent design and a surprisingly good story. I could compare it to a high-end graphics (of its time) version of Hotline Miami with the game taking itself a bit more serious. I would recommend the game to anyone hungry for a stealth-driven game and not grossed out easily.


Childhood gem

Neonberry | Jan. 19, 2014 | Review of Little Big Adventure - PC

It would be hard to tell how much appealing the game would be for me if it would be released today but I spent many hours playing it in its time. It was a new approach to adventure and puzzle games with tons of charm, personality, clever puzzles and engaging story. If you fancy adventure games and never heard of LBA I would recommend to try it for its historical value if nothing else - but I can easily see how it can be appealing for the fresher gamers as well (just pretend that it's an indie game with retro graphics).


A tale told again

Neonberry | Jan. 19, 2014 | Review of Duck Tales Remastered - PC

I have never played the original Duck Tales. At the time it was out I was playing a different game called Duck Tales where you have been able to choose a treasure you want to go for, do the mini-game there (either some platformer or taking pictures of rare animals), fly from point A to B controlling Launchpad and so on. So to be honest I was really disappointed that this game is the remake of that other one. But anyway personal woes aside the game is an ok platformer. Hard to say anything else about it since that is pretty much all that is. If you are looking for a game that is all ages or you want to have it for the pure nostalgia value than I think the price is reasonable but if you would like to just get and play a platformer probably you have much better options to go for.


Great futuristic sub-marine RPG-FPS

Neonberry | Jan. 19, 2014 | Review of Aquanox - PC

Yes, I know it sounds weird, but in Aquanox you control a submarine and do all the fancy Han Solo stuff (smuggling, fighting, cleaning up debris) underwater. In a well executed cyberpunk-ish future world you play as a submarine captain (freelance, lone wolf, just wants to get payed, etc.) and you are starting from rock bottom (literally) to rebuild your fame and fortune by taking odd jobs and upgrading your submarine to be able to take even better paying jobs. The game presents you a well thought-out world and an OK story (maybe the conversations just seem dated by now, but it could have used some extra effort). The game is a classic for all those who would like to wander around in a different setting and see some unique ideas. It is also recommended for people who love science fiction since the world is deep (har-har) and atmospheric.


A pleasant surprise

Neonberry | Jan. 19, 2014 | Review of Dishonored Steam - PC

I haven't heard of Dishonored before playing and wasn't sure what to expect. The experience ended up to be very good, even if somewhat short. Basically it is a stealth game where you control a royal bodyguard fighting to gain his honour back in a plagua-ridden tech-fantasy city. The stealth and the overall gameplay is very solid and the atmosphere is stunning. Your actions and playstyle influence the development of the story (though with one playthrough its hard to say how much). Besides the story being a bit short I think the game is very well made. I would recommend it for all those waiting for the new Thief game and anyone who would like to spend their time in some dark, shadowy world backstabbing soldiers.


To satisfy the fans

Neonberry | Jan. 9, 2014 | Review of Deadpool PS3 - PlayStation 3

With Deadpool becoming more and more popular it was only a matter of time till a game appears. The game is a reasonable hack-n-slash with commentaries from our protagonist. You get a range of melee weapons and some firearms and can use them in fast paced energetic combat. Nothing special really, it is a game that is clearly made for the people who love Deadpool so they can see him in action. Not really a game for someone who doesn't appreciate the character's usually rather reckless and sometimes obscene style. I would recommend this game to Deadpool fans and those who don't have too high expectations for what they kill their time with.


True greatness

Neonberry | Jan. 9, 2014 | Review of Bully Scholarship Edition Steam - PC

The game is exactly what the title implies. You are a young little rascal arriving to a new school where you have to establish your position buy pranking and tormenting your teachers and schoolmates. It is a very well put together game that has much more to it that one would expect. Countless mini-games to emulate your studies and different other activities, you have to balance your relationship with different factions such as the nerds and jocks. All in all it pretty much plays like a school GTA has an entertaining storyline, good humour - simply it is a lovable game. I recommend it for those who want some long lasting light paced fun in a slightly unusual setting.


The delicious cake

Neonberry | Jan. 9, 2014 | Review of Portal - PC

Portal is a mod to Half-Life 2 and is based on a very simple concept: you have a portal gun that can open two portals - you enter one and come out of the other. Now how this is made into one of the greatest games of the last decade? Well first of all it was highly innovative at its time - no-one though of this simple idea (and by definition great inventions are usually simple ideas no-one thought of before). It is full of great logical puzzles that WILL teach you to think with portals. And on top of all this there is a great storyline with a creepy but amusing antagonist that is like a neurotic HAL. Of course great experiences can not be describe too accurately so you will have to try it for yourself. Even if you are not the person who would normally go for puzzle games this one is a must try for everyone, if for nothing else than for being a gaming milestone.


Spy fiction at its best

Neonberry | Jan. 9, 2014 | Review of Alpha Protocol - PC

Alpha Protocol is a hybrid of RPG and third person shooter that gives you loads of options for customizing your character. What is even better, this will eventually effect that gameplay in quite exciting ways. You want to sneak around? Hack? Go straight in and shoot everyone in the face? It is up to you. Even though this is nothing new in the gaming world it is always a welcome addition if executed well. What I most liked about the game is the dialogues. You have only a little time to choose and what you say will affect your relationship with different people - that might help you out or not later in the game. Maybe the game did not reach its full potential but none the less it is a great game with a lot of great ideas and great replay value. I would recommend it to all those who love Bond, Bourne and Bauer and would like to find out what it might be like to be in their shoes.


Why all the hate?

Neonberry | Jan. 9, 2014 | Review of The Bureau XCOM Declassified - PC

I don't know what the game was originally going to be like but what it ended up to be is a great solid third person shooter. I know, XCOM supposed to be turn based and tactical and so on, but if it would have been a shooter - well, this is exactly how I would imagine it. And how come everyone got outraged about this but not about UFO Enforcer (another game that I enjoyed a lot). Anyway, you are playing as agent Carter and the game is set in the 60s at the birth of the XCOM project. It is pretty much a standard cover based shooter where you are able to order your teammates around, collect alien weapons for personal use and generally shoot stuff up. And you have some gadget that gives you some supernatural powers such as telekinesis. The story seems reasonably even though the main character is somewhat cliche'd (it will come as a surprise to none if i will tell you that he's a lone wolf by nature who often bent the rules in the past to get the job done). I would recommend the game to anyone who can get over the fact that it is XCOM and yet not a turn-based tactical game.


One of the best remakes ever

Neonberry | Jan. 9, 2014 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown Overflow - PC

If XCOM - Enemy Unknown would have first been released today it would - and should - have been exactly as it is to deliver all the glory it originally did. Almost all the features of the old game are perfectly executed and/or changed to suit today's standards. Generally you manage a secret organization that fights off aliens. The game is composed of two main parts: the base part where you manage resources, research, build and arm your troops - and the combat part where you manage your small team in a turn-based tactic manner to eliminate the alien threat. The game can get pretty difficult and you can choose a bunch of options to to make it more difficult - Ironman for a single save slot (you will find out why this is terrible when they shoot down your best sniper), random skillsets for the units (who level up of course and get some pretty awesome perks), random unit stats and development (as it was in the original) and so on. In the end you can make the game pretty much as it was in its first incarnation (except you have a different movement system so no way to get rid of the auto-crouch). The only thing I find annoying is that if you haven't pre-ordered the game then you have to buy a DLC to be able to customize your troop's appearance. The game is recommended to everyone who likes aliens, turn based tactics, future-tech and saving the world.


Necessary but unimpressive

Neonberry | Jan. 9, 2014 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Gods and Kings - PC

As a fan of Civ I do think that this DLC is somewhat on the silly side. Yes, it gives a tons of new features - most of which was there in most of the previous games - such as espionage. Don't get me wrong, the DLC spices the game up a bit, but not as much as let's say BNW (the next expansion that build on the religion a lot that was introduced as a new feature but in GnK it is "only" giving you some small bonuses). All in all I think it is a necessary addition to all who plays Civ 5 regularly but it is more of a pack of extra nations, maps and such than something that radically alters the gameplay.


A classic reborn

Neonberry | Jan. 9, 2014 | Review of Fallout 3 - PC

Fallout 3 is a great continuation of the franchise. At first I was really baffled by how it is possible to successfully convert a turn-based top-down game into a first/3rd person shooter, but it was absolutely well executed. The atmosphere of the nuclear wasteland, the vault, all the survivors are just as good as in any of the previous games. The story, while not as great as in the first game, is still very decent with some choices that will influence the outcome. The gameplay is solid and the character development is as good as ever. And all this while maintaining the quirky humour of the Fallout universe. I would highly recommend this game to anyone unless you hate RPGs or science fiction. If this is your first encounter with the Fallout games it is a great game to start with as well.


Great classic

Neonberry | Jan. 9, 2014 | Review of Another World 20th Anniversary Edition - PC

If you ever wonder how videogaming was 20 years ago - no tutorials, no autosave and so on - here is your chance. A classic story and a revolutionary game of its time, Another World kept many of us (old people) pinned to our PCs swearing the night away trying to make our way through the levels. The game itself is a "remastering" of the original which is a kind of platformer (in a pretty loose sense). Now with the rise of indie platformers I think they couldn't have chosen a better time to re-release the game. Surprising as it is for me the graphics held up pretty well through the two decades. It seems they changed little about the game - and that's the way it should be.


A superb MMORPG

Neonberry | Jan. 9, 2014 | Review of The Secret World - PC

If you are tired of the endless clones of fantasy MMOs that keep flooding the market here is something exciting for you to try out. The modern day setting of The Secret World is and engaging, good looking one full of the urban legends and stories of old. There are a few innovations besides the traditional go there and kill 20 of whatever. The game for example involves puzzles. And by puzzles I don't mean talk to 5 different people and the character will piece it together. You WILL have to do research on the internet to figure them out (or check up a walkthrough). The skill system is also quite an interesting one. Without going into an in-depth explanation I just tell one of the aspects I loved about it: everyone can master all skills so you can easily switch between different roles (provided that you have the right gear). And let's not forget the best part: being a modern day MMO you have a cell phone. Yes, a cell phone that will save you from running across half of the world to retrieve the rewards for your quests. So all in all The Secret World is one of the greatest options for someone who lusts for something new in the genre and is not afraid to spend hours with trying to figure out which musical notes are missing from which composer's which piece.


True space opera

Neonberry | Dec. 22, 2013 | Review of Endless Space Gold Edition - PC

Do you remember the times when you stayed up all night and played Masters of Orion 2 being unable to just finish the game because by the time you realized you should get off the computer you already clicked next turn and there was just so much to do again? Well, it doesn't matter, because even if you don't for whatever reason you can get the same experience now with Endless Space. The game is not too hard to master and yet there is still a fair amount of micromanagement, good diplomacy, surprisingly good AI and 4 massive tech trees. The game would be perfect but - and now I will just talk about the buts, so you can decide if you can live with the flaws. There are just no space battles. I mean of course, your ships can orbit the same system as the enemy fleet. You can attack them. And then you get a video where ships are shooting at each other and you can choose some cards to try to give different buffs to them. That's about it. It is pretty much as if you would just put it on auto-combat all the time. Ship customization - you might find it a bit limited. You can still customize the ships quite well but can not change their design (each size has one look per race) so no fancy looks for your latest star destroyers - they will have to look pretty much like the one before. Some technical difficulties, such as a fairly unstable multiplayer. For all the science fiction, 4X and strategy fans the game is still a must have unless you find any of the above mentioned extremely off-putting.


True Batman experience

Neonberry | Dec. 22, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham Asylum - PlayStation 3

Whether you are a DC fan, a lover of stealth games, beautiful graphics, action packed open world settings or even puzzles, you have to try this game. As the first installment of the franchise it presents the Dark Knight in all its glory. It has a great lineup of villains, solid stealth parts, extremely well executed fights, tons of bat-gadgets, unlockables, puzzles from the Riddler and probably a lot more that I am forgetting. The controls are simple but have a fair deal of depth, and even with the basic 2 button fighting there are a lot of tricks to master. The graphics is just stunning (well, was at least when the game came out) and the story is captivating. Even if I wanted to it would be hard to find something to complain about. But I don't want to. It is an excellent game.


Highly recommended - especially for RPG fans

Neonberry | Dec. 22, 2013 | Review of Shadowrun Returns - PC

Shadowrun Returns is a pleasant surprise on the RPG palette. Even though lacking superior graphics, any kind of voice acting (so if you hate reading, you might want to look elsewhere) and a huge budget behind it the game is gave me back the tabletop RPG feel much more than any other in the last few years. No wonder though, it was made by Jordan Weisman who originally created the tabletop game. However it is more than a game from fans for fans. I, for example, never been into Shadowrun (always found Cyberpunk2020 more appealing) and yet still, I love the game - the atmosphere, the story and the level of background you can get if you interact with the characters. The classes are also quite diverse so it gives you plenty of choices how you want to play (however I would recommend to always have a Decker on the team so that you can access the Matrix parts). One of the best thing about the game is the modding. If you want more after finishing the original game, you can just get some free adventures instead of waiting for pricey DLCs. Or just make your own adventure. I am well impressed by this game, because it shows that a good game doesn't necessarily have to be shiny or AAA to create an atmosphere and drain you in. I recommend it to everyone and anyone who likes turn based tactical games such as Fallout 1-2 or the cyberpunk style.


How to Zombie Diablo

Neonberry | Dec. 22, 2013 | Review of How to Survive - PC

How to Survive is an action RPG about - what else - killing zombies and building your own weapons to do so. It is not a dark, desperate struggle for survival - more a lighthearted zombie hack-and-slash. To be honest this game seemed much more fun before I actually played it. Sometimes it gets annoying how much of a console port it is, but if you don't mind the lackluster controls it is a decent game. You find all the standard zombie stuff - the standard zombie, the runners, the fat ones that blow up and so on. In the the game end it is just one more in the horde of zombie games, nothing really special about it - and there are plenty more better zombie games out there even close to this price range.


Pretty good

Neonberry | Dec. 22, 2013 | Review of Dead Island - PC DVD

Dead Island holds no surprises. If I say it is a zombie-survival game with RPG elements, you can pretty much imagine what it is all about. You are stranded on a zombie infested island as one of the four characters and have to fight your way through the hordes of infected to complete certain missions. You salvage, kill, salvage, kill, assemble weapons and kill some more. Each character has unique skills and specializations for different classes of weapons and I would say the skill trees are pretty well made. The real fun is the multiplayer component - you can join other players at any time if they are close to your progress - which makes the slaughter more interesting - and a great deal easier. If you like the genre and have a few friends to play with (or are willing to join mostly unresponsive fellow players who will kind of just mind their own business) the game will ensure you hours of fun, but don't expect anythg revolutionary.


Post apocalyptic nuclear greatness

Neonberry | Dec. 20, 2013 | Review of Fallout 3 - PC

Fallout 3 brings one of the best RPG franchises into the third dimension with stunning success. The game radiates (heh-heh, get it?) the atmosphere that the first two parts introduced: the post nuclear desert littered with towns built from garbage where you have to fight and salvage your way through miles and miles on your quest helping out or exploiting the other inhabitants of the wasteland. Few games in the RPG genre combine atmosphere, choice based storytelling and gameplay as succesfully as Fallout 3 (and 2 of these few are Fallout and Fallout 2). It is a classic game that belongs to the shelf of every true gamer.


To complete an epic game

Neonberry | Dec. 20, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Brave New World - PC

Brave New World is a very welcome addition for those who want to expand the late game possibilities of Civ V. It introduces trade, dramatically upgrades the world congress, changes the way you use Faith and the City States and radically reorganizes social policies by introducing Ideologies - besides bringing new civilizations, buildings and maps into the game. I saw a few threads on different forums asking which DLC should people buy, Gods and Kings or Brave New World, and I would say getting G&K without BNW makes much less sense than the other way around - so if you are determined to get only one then I would go with this (however I do own both and I would recommend to follow my example to anyone who likes the game). Now the only question that remains is what the third DLC will be? (hopefully Alpha Centaury or some cool stone age expansion)


Still THE best 4X franchise

Neonberry | Dec. 20, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

If at this point you need introduction to the general concept of Civ than you either are very new to gaming or you avoided strategy games on purpose for the last 25 years. To quickly recap it is a game based on a boardgame from the early 80s where you have to expand your empire, develop technologies, conquer the other nations and maneuver diplomatically through the ages. Civ V didn't dramatically change the formula but it did refine it. It made the game somewhat more accessible (or less complex if you prefer) than Civ 4 but there is still plenty of strategical depth to keep playing it. Simply put it is one of the games that you can replay as many times you want and it just wont get boring. You want to be a military superpower? The advanced civilization ages ahead of everyone else? The most commercially succesful? Or you just want to schmooz your way to the top and piggyback the other nations? You can do it all or mix it anyhow you want. I think this game is a must have for anyone loving strategy games - whether you want to play alone or with friends.


Not sure if would recommend

Neonberry | Dec. 20, 2013 | Review of Godus - PC

Godus is an early access game that already sparked a lot of controversies. The gameplay itself consists mostly of a huge amount of clicking. Click on trees to chop them, click on stones to mine them, click on terrain to change it and so on. Looking at where the game is heading it might turn out to be fairly good if you have a strong finger on the mouse button. It is a god simulation where allegedly you will have different tasks through the ages. So far only the first two ages are ready where you expand your tribe most of the time so it would be too early to judge how this turns out. So gameplaywise it is not too bad (if we keep it in mind that it is early access) - I personally have some other issues with it. Mr. Mulyneaux the mastermind behind Populous and Black and White decided to use Kickstarter to launch the game - you know, that site that is for small startup developers to be able to launch some projects if they don't have the capita to do so. I think it is pretty unethical from someone who designed some highly succesful games before. Then they started to sell the game as early access, though it will be free to play. I could see the point of this, communicating with the community to make the game better, "buying" the privilege to be part of the development. The problem with this step is that as far as I know the communication between the devs and the players is pretty weak at best - so the whole thing kind of looses the point. To top this all off the game, once its ready will have a shop where - you guessed it - you can buy gems that will be necessary to unlock later game content. Now it seems to me that the main focus of the game is cashing in as much as possible at the startup, development stage and after the release. I have funded games at Kickstarter. I have bought games. I have played freemium games before. but if you ask me to combine all these three has only the goal of milking the same cow dry. So if we forget about all my ethical concerns and the fact that the game will be free once its ready, well, I would recommend to get it if you are extremely into god simulators. It is a fairly good game - not brilliant, but good for wasting some time. But to be honest I think its smarter to wait for the ready and free version and invest your money into some other game .


Punk fantasy? Punk fantasy!

Neonberry | Dec. 20, 2013 | Review of Zeno Clash - PC

To be honest I didn't know anything about the game but the setting of a "punk fantasy" world sounded intriguing so I picked it up. The game itself is a first person brawler and to be honest I am not really a first person kinda guy so I struggled a bit in the start and it was only the artwork of the game that kept me playing. About at the half of the game however, when I got used to the controls and gameplay the game turned from struggle into enjoyable fistfights in one of the most original worlds recently created. When you picture the punk world you shouldn't think of Blink 182 or Green Day but more like something that happens on the back alley at a GG Allin concert told you by Rudimentary Peni. The game IS twisted so if you are weirded out easily then you might want to skip this one - however in every other case I highly recommend it. The story itself is pretty good, for some reason it reminded me a little bit on House of the Dead: Overkill, though far less extreme. The only sad thing about it is that it is really short, but hey, as Blag Dahlia once said, it's better if a band rocks for 10 minutes than if it sucks for an hour.


One of the best sequels

Neonberry | Dec. 20, 2013 | Review of Poker Night 2 - PC

Sadly a lot of sequels fail to reach the greatness of the original games (movies, books, you name it). In the case of Poker Night 2 however this is far from the truth. The gameplay is pretty much the same as with the previous one: you are led to the Inventory where you play Texas Hold 'em with different videogame characters. One of the things that made the atmosphere a lot better for me is GlaDos from Portal. It is hard to explain why the game is good, it is sort of an experience you have to go through. If you don't mind to spend a bit of dough for a few good laughs and some insight of what Claptrap and Max is doing when they are not starring their own games then pick it up without hesitation. However if you are a poker enthusiast probably you can find some better options. Anyway to sum it up it is a very well executed game - just imagine the storytelling capabilities of TellTale games being used to entertain you with some funny talks around the poker table.


Just for fun

Neonberry | Dec. 20, 2013 | Review of Poker Night at the Inventory - PC

If you are a hardcore poker player this game is probably not for you. However if you are a hardcore gamer and would like to play a few fun games with some videogame characters, look no further. Poker Night leads you to the Inventory, a club where videogame characters spend their free time and hang out with each other - and you. The game itself is basic Texas Hold 'em but what makes the experience good is the conversations the other players are having while you play. It has hours of conversation that can be pretty entertaining and has a bunch of unlockables that you can actually use in some other games as well (such as skins). I would recommend the game to anyone who is fine with spending a few quids (or bucks) for a few hours of entertainment and doesn't mind to play some poker to get through it - but keep in mind that the focus of the game is the conversation and not the actual poker.


Ok with a discount

Neonberry | Dec. 20, 2013 | Review of Dwarfs - PC

I picked up Dwarves?! on a sale and while the game is not bad I think I would have felt sad if I have payed the full price for it. It is compared to Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress by some, but to be honest digging a dungeon and having dwarfs in it is pretty much where the similarity stops in my eyes. To me the game seems too casual for hardcore game fans and too hardcore for casual game fans (even though one might call this the golden middle as well). Truth be told the game is fairly well put together, the graphics is simplistic but good, the voice acting of the Tutorial Dwarf guy is surprisingly good and even the writer of the game managed to make me laugh out a few times with the tutorial text. Still, I would not recommend this game since it failed to captivate me and I got bored with it pretty fast. But if you still think it worth a try then you are in luck: you can pick up the free version on Steam for (behold) free and play the tutorial through to see what it is all about.


How unlimited?

Neonberry | Dec. 20, 2013 | Review of Scribblenauts Unlimited (1) - PC

I first met Scribblenauts on the DS and I was very impressed by the freedom the game gives you. It reminded me of a cartoon I watched in my childhood: two kids with a magic pencil, whatever they drew coming to life... and that's pretty much what the game is all about. You are facing a problem, you open your magic notebook, type in something and the item/person/animal appears so that you can use it to solve the problem. A few years later I bought Scribblenauts: Unlimited. I have to admit they did make some improvements in the game. Now there is a story (well, kind of), and ... well, that's about it. Besides that it is pretty much the same old Scribblenauts. Yea, I'm sure they put in EVEN more items into the dictionary, tweaked how different things react with each other and so on, but in the end it is pretty much exactly the same game. Not a bad one by any means, mind you, but if you wanna see how the franchise evolved, you might want to sit this one out and wait for the next sequel. If this is your first Scribblenaut game (or you are enthusiastic about the superhero DLC which is extremely tempting I have to say) and/or you want to do it on the PC then by all means buy this game.


Great co-op for lovers of steampunk

Neonberry | Dec. 19, 2013 | Review of Guns of Icarus Online - PC

Guns of Icarus tries to - and actually does - capture the essence of hot air balloon battles. It is an online game with very heavy emphasis on teamwork. You can choose from three roles: Pilot, Gunman or Mechanic and become part of the four man crew of an airship that is pitted with and against a few others on atmospheric maps. Then the battle starts and people will start to shout at each other, run from turret to engine, engine to other turrets like crazy to mend the ship, put out fires and shoot down the enemy aircrafts. It is hectic at best, but very enjoyable if you play with a good team (some said that it is good only with friends but I would disagree since I met a fair deal of very nice players who helped to improve and forgave my mistakes). The experience is a bit like 3 legged running (the one where two people have one of their legs tied together) - if one person messes up, the whole team will go down. Anyway the bottom line is that it is a very good co-op game with a lot of detail and regular updates (so far) and well worth its price.


A timeless masterpiece

Neonberry | Dec. 19, 2013 | Review of Psychonauts - PC

I played Psychonauts about 4-5 years after its original release and it was clear from the very start that I am facing a timeless classic. The game did manage to merge a strange story with original gameplay within the frames of the classic 3D platformer genre and create something unique. This game is one of those that make a strong argument for videogames being more then "just" games, being the next generation of storytelling. I do not really want to go into details about the story or the gameplay - I didn't know anything about either when I first started to play and I was just amazed so I hope others will get the same experience. But just that I don't leave you empty handed the game is a cartoonish story in every aspect about kids but not at all only for kids.


A tribute to the classics

Neonberry | Dec. 19, 2013 | Review of Deponia Steam - PC

Deponia is a great tribute to the classic point and click adventure games, but sadly not much more. It starts off great: the artwork is very atmospheric, the characters are fairly well though out (even if not overly original), dialogues are good with plenty of options and background information to find out. The puzzles are challenging but solvable and the jokes are pretty funny (most of the time). As the game progresses it seems that the end of it was kind of rushed a bit, but it still keeps up alright. The steampunk setting is well executed but is "just" the setting mostly - the characters and events could have took place in any other just as well. I would recommend this game to all lovers of classic point and click adventures - though don't expect it to revolutionize the genre. It was the first game I played from Daedalic and it absolutely caught my interest in the rest of their adventure games.


A short but entertaining journey

Neonberry | Dec. 19, 2013 | Review of Journey of a Roach - PC

Journey of a Roach is an interesting, even if somewhat short adventure game. It follows the road of two cockroaches to the surface in a post apocalyptic world. The gameplay is fairly interesting since it uses the main character's ability to scale walls so the player can expect run on all 6 walls of rooms looking for the next puzzle or solution. The dialogues, a trademark to most adventure games are a bit simplified with no real words being spoken, but the exchange of thoughts are stylicised pictures. I would recommend the game to those who want a small, light and fairly entertaining, even somewhat unique adventure but it could disappoint some who expect a game that has the length, difficulty and options of Monkey Island or DoTT.