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Nick101 | May 31, 2011 | Review of Star Ruler - PC

Ok...I never even made it past the tutorial with this. I SOOOO wanted a cool space battle sim....and I read TONS of reviews looking for one and chose Star Ruler, but oh my god it is TERRIBLE. I assumed it would be complex, becuase thats what I wanted, but....the tutorial doesn't even match the simple menu options available! It says to right click and select "Build Ships' but that option isn't even available. Very weird. I can't believe a game would be this poorly developed. But apparently, it is. I've played TONS of RTS games and always found them very intuitive, but this game, is a mess. Totally un-playable. And I'm pissed off because I REALLY was looking forward to playing! Sorry but that's how I feel right now!