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Industry Leading Strategy Game

Nickxc88 | June 25, 2013 | Review of Civilisation V GOLD - PC

The civilization 5 gold edition combines all previous DLC into a nice bundle which saves civ fans a decent amount of cash, instead of buying each DLC component individually. Most notably, the God's and King's expansion is included in this edition, which adds two completely new dynamics to the game, those being religion and espionage. Religion is somewhat similar to social policies in that upon accumulating enough religion points a civilization can found or enhance a religion composed of 5 core attributes that provide bonuses for cities that follow that religion, regardless of which civilization they are in. Espionage has changed the city state game in that spies can not stage coups and rig elections to increase your influence in that city state. Spies can also be used in rival civ cities in which they can steal technology and provide intrigue about production, planned attacks, and other things. Counter espionage can also be used in your cities to ward off enemy spies. All of the base content from the original Civ 5 game is provided in this edition as well. There are still cultural, conquest, scientific, and time victory conditions, as well as well over 20 civs to play as thanks to the DLC provided. Civ 5 has excellent core game play mechanics, however the AI has been known to make stupid or illogical decisions from time to time. While this doesn't detract from the overall experience, it can be annoying. For example many aggressive oriented civs such as Germany, India, or America will always seek expansion and usually will declare war on you once or twice even if they don,t have a likelihood of winning, or any other serious motive other than conquest. That problem doesn't upset many players however it also leads to the issue that even when playing for a cultural or scientific victory it is crucial that a strong military be kept or else you risk being conquered, even if none of your actions are aggressive. Despite this Civ 5 still has excellent game play mechanics and always delivers a unique experience with each game played. Graphically Civ 5 is much more pretty than its predecessor Civ 4. The environment is crisp, smoother, and much more realistic looking. Another nice addition is the animated sequences that trigger when you talk to the leader of another civ. These are extremely well done and a huge plus over the Civ 4 leader screens. Learning to play civ 5 can be a challenging task, as the complexity of the game is intimidating to many new players. The in game tutorials help, but the real knowledge is gained actually fending for your self against other civilizations. Civ 5 is an excellent game that sets the standard for other to strategy games to follow. Players are given micromanaging control over 95% of their empires, which is extremely noteworthy strategy wise because players can shape the functions of their empires to their liking. Civ 5 is a industry leading strategy game that is very enjoyable once the initial learning curve is progressed through.