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16-bit glory meets HD for one of the best RPGs you'll play.

NightGamer01 | Nov. 19, 2013 | Review of Chronicles of a Dark Lord Episode 1 Tides of Fate - PC

Having played and been fond of the glory days of jRPGs like Chrono Trigger, Lufia, Final Fantasy IV, and Lunar: Silver Star Story this title took me back to those days with a vengeance, but it was the game's presentation that took it to a whole other level for me. Gamers who have played RPGs like the ones I mentioned above will be able to pick up and play this title with ease, there's not much different in terms of gameplay that will confuse anyone, and that's actually a really good thing. Battles utilize a modified and smoother ATB system to great effect, and there's some great exploration opportunities here. I also have to say, I'm a big fan of the Mode 7-like effect the devs used for when you explore the overworld. Honestly though, what really took me for a loop was the enhanced graphics and battle sprites. I went into this expecting 'the usual' from games similar to this, and oh boy was I wrong and in the greatest way. Somehow, the devs enhanced everything, and the battle sprites in particular are just beautiful to look at. A couple other things I want to touch on are the story and the music. The story is phenomenal. Simply put, it's going to suck you in and not let go. The writing for the characters is outstanding, there's a lot of depth there though I do wish there was some more backstory for more of the end-game party members. There's also some great bits in there during the story that will have you laughing like hell, and other times where you're so riveted by the seriousness of what's going on that you won't even realize you've played an hour of the game that's how great the pacing of the story is. Finally I have to touch on probably one of the greatest aspects of this game besides the story, and that's the soundtrack. I mean, this game's soundtrack is right up there with the likes of Final Fantasy IV and Lunar for me. A huge bonus for me in particular, is that this game has a regular battle theme that you actually look forward to hearing on a consistent basis unlike so many other games. Oh and there's a particular boss battle theme in this game that's pivoted itself right to my top 10 boss battle themes. So overall, this game deserves heaps of praise and so do the devs. Once you experience this game for yourself, you'll be addicted just like I was. Just don't expect an easy game though, while it's very balanced, the bosses WILL challenge you.