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Flawed, but shines nevertheless!

Ninjaboots | June 12, 2014 | Review of The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Game of the Year Edition - PC

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is a great game. It has bugs and it has quirks, but it is nevertheless a great game. Here are some of its pros and cons: Pros: -Complete customization of your character (appearance, class, race, skills, etc.) -'Big' open world (you can run around anywhere you like, doing anything you want, in any order you want.) -Tons of side quests and faction related quests. -Fast Travel is a vast improvement over TES:III Morrowind. -Quest and map markers are vast improvements over TES:III Morrowind. -Many builds and 'types' of characters are viable. Cons: -Interface clearly designed for console (Playstation/Xbox) and not computer. -Since enemies level-up with you, it's possible for them to become much stronger than you (Likewise, you can become stronger than them if you plan in advance how you will level up for optimal ability point increases). -Some NPCs speak with multiple voices (clips from various voice actors with completely different sounding voices), this shatters the 'immersion' a bit. -Resist Disease doesn't function properly (even with 100%, you can still get diseases). -Main storyline is a bit repetitive. -Landscape 'scenery' is a bit repetitive. -Personal Con - In Morrowind, you could put Paralyze on a weapon, in Oblivion, you can't (except a staff, which doesn't deal damage, so I'm not counting that.) Overall, Oblivion is an improvement over its predecessor graphically and mechanically, despite its flaws. There are plenty of patches and mods available to help remove some of these bugs/flaws, and add additional content which increases its replay value greatly. I strongly recommend the game to anyone, particularly Skyrim fans who missed out on it previously, or RPG fans in general.