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If you fail to plan you plan to fail.

No57 | Sept. 8, 2013 | Review of Hitman Pack - PC

Anybody that has the slightest interest in stealth action games should jump at the opportunity to try out the Hitman franchise. There's a reason it withstood the test of time with 5 games and more than a decade behind it. This pack is the perfect entry. You get to experience most of the evolution of the franchise starting from Hitman: Codename 47, launched in 2000 and culminating with Hitman: Aboslution launched at the end of 2012. The only drawback of the pack is that it's missing Hitman: Contracts which due to license issues regarding one of the songs in the game it never got a Steam release. Still, great pack, great deal, worth all consideration. Thumbs up!


For tower defense fans

No57 | May 20, 2013 | Review of Sanctum 2 - PC

Sanctum 2 is what you would expect if you played Sanctum. Tower defense FPSs are a very rare breed. The thing is that FPS fans don't have much in this game. As you would expect, the shooting part is not the most important aspect. It is decent, don't get me wrong. It's just that we've all seen better. The tower defense part is interesting. You get 2 kinds of resources. Platforms, which can be used to build mazes to make the enemy go the long way around while they also serve as a base for cannons, gatlings, mine dispensers and all the rest of the towers. The second kind of resources is used to build towers and upgrade them. The gameplay consists of nothing new to the tower defense genre. Monsters come in waves, you get to build before and after each wave, which for the most part don't start until all players are ready. There are certain waves that start within an allocated time frame. The graphics are interesting. Although I would have preferred better looking enemies they do fit in with the overall graphic style. The surroundings on the other hand are pretty darn good. The sun, the mountains, rivers, vegetation are quite the sight. The monsters or aliens, whichever you prefer, come in a nice variety. As in Sanctum, each monster has its own weak spots which glow in orange / red. Damage dealt outside these areas are either lower or none compared to actually hitting the mark. Some of the enemies make your job of hitting the weak spots harder. For example, having armor in the front and the spot in the back, or the Bobblehead doing what you'd expect, bobbling. One of the more interesting encounter are the Boss encounters. Although not that different in design from their smaller counterparts, the bosses have a larger health pool, and what is more important, they have a totally different behavior, choosing to chase down the players, rip walls and turrets apart. The conclusion? Tower defense fans will have a good time with this. Especially considering the price. All that is left is what the season pass will deliver. FPS fans that are impartial or dislike this genre could stay clear but as with most coop games, playing with friends is most of the times more entertaining than alone.


A joke made into a game or a game made into a joke

No57 | May 2, 2013 | Review of DLC Quest - PC

First thing you think when you say a game is a joke is not that the game is good but that it's that bad. This is certainly not the case. DLC Quest oozes charm. When it comes to graphics and music it can't get any more old school than this. Simple yet effective. The story is funny if you take the time and have the mindset to enjoy it. Mechanics? Can't say it has any. You walk, jump, double jump and wall jump, talk to people, shoot and stab. Main drawback of the game is that it's very very short. That's nothing to steer you away from buying it. It's short but full of jokes aimed at gamers and let me tell you this, every gamer no matter how knowledgeable will get most of the jokes. Saved the best for last. The title DLC Quest. This is where most of the jokes shine. In the past decade the gaming industry took an interesting turn from content that used to first be added into patches, then expansions now made into a DLC., or a dozen DLCs. In DLC Quest you get to buy everything as a DLC with in-game currency, gold coins. When I say you get to buy DLCs you seriously need them for everything. At the start you can't jump, you don't have weapons, you can't even walk to the left without purchasing it. Conclusion? Low price well worth the laughs. Not going to give it a 100/100 because I don't believe in it but I certainly would in this case.


Simple title, not so simple game.

No57 | May 1, 2013 | Review of Dont Starve - PC

Terraria gameplay meets The Binding of Isaac creepy style. Don't Starve is an odd game. It has no story, no instructions, doesn't offer much help. This is rarely a good thing. In this case it really really is. You get tossed in a strange, not to mention very dangerous, place with nothing but the clothes on your back. First thing's first. The title. Don't Die wouldn't have had the same impact that Don't Starve has. Being honest, not starving, even though being tweaked countless times during beta, is a lot easier than not dying. The dangers are countless and unforgiving. When it comes to graphics, the style is something to appreciate. Everything seems to have been drawn by a kid with too much imagination and that is actually remarkable. When we look at games we look at certain things like story, graphics, gameplay, mechanics and so on. This being a personal opinion, I mostly look at gameplay and how good and fun it feels. Don't starve does that in style. From collecting twigs and grass you get to weild things from blow darts to magic wands, to wear from Log Suits to Miner hats and Football helmets, from gathering carrots and berries to creating a farm with plots to grow vegetables from quite an interesting variety. On the topic of food, the activities involving it are what you would expect and some which you would not. Fishing and hunting are a very important part of surviving. You get to craft tools that make your task a lot easier from the ordinary fishing rods and rabbit traps to bird traps and blow darts for the more elusive prey. The best part about gathering food? You get to cook it. Cooking can be done at a simple fire that you build to survive the night or at a more complex Cooking Pot which allows you to combine to up to 4 items to create specific dishes from a nice variety of recipes. As I mentioned above, you get to craft the tools and items you need to survive. The crafting system is interesting and it works great. You require certain items to do so. For instance, only building a Science Machine and standing near it allows you to see what you can craft and the ingredients needed. Of course, as you would suspect, that is not the hard part. Actually gathering the ingredients can be quite demanding and more often than not requires you to hunt some of the most dangerous creatures, a lot of the times costing you time and health that could cripple your survival or even end it. The world itself is as it was in Terraria or Minecraft if you will. You encoutner different biomes each with its own rewards and dangers, from grass fields to rocky terrain, marshes and so on. The goal of the game? There is none. You do everything you can to survive for as long as you can. The days survived counter is a testament of that. The in-game time is calculated in days in increments of 3: daytime, evening, night. Daytime is when you do most, like hunting gathering, building, exploring. In the evening the animals go to sleep and monsters start to come out, this being the time you need to get everything ready for night time. The night time is the most dangerous time of the day as your field of view is limited, monsters roam around the world and your sanity gets drained a lot faster. Your adventure time is also split into season. Winter is of course the most perilous season, requiring you to wear warm clothes or being near a big enough fire for fear of freezing to death. On the topic of sanity. Sanity is an interesting mechanic. The more time you spend in the dark or fighting, for instance, your sanity gets drained. The more sanity you lose the more paranoid you become and shadow monsters, for a lack of a better description, start seeping into reality, from them creeping at the edge of your field of view to actually being able to attack you and you attack them. The so called monsters, or should I call it prey, offer quite the challenge. The pigmen for instance are a shy faction but when they tell you to stay away you should listen to them. Although offering them food for instance can make them follow you around, the full moon shows you the really dangerous part of them, werepigs, Werepigs attack you on sight. As such, building your fire in their village during a full moon is not the greatest of ideas. The same thing can be said about Walrus "people?". During winter, the Walrus Camps start spawning Walrus People which behave more or less like the Pigmen. Provoking them by getting too close will get you more trouble than it's worth. The non-faction creatures of the world come again in quite the variety. From Beefalos to Tallbirds, Hounds and Tentacles that come out from the marsh, to Treeguards that intend to revenge their fallen brethren. In the case of characters, WIlson comes out as the main protagonist but he is certainly not alone. The assortment of playable characters allows for different strategies. The other playable can be unlocked in an interesting fashion. You have to die to get experience and you get experience based on the number of days you survived. The main conclusions are that even though permadeath causes you to obviously start from the beginning again and can prove tedious at times, the urge to see how long you survive and adapting your strategies as such provides quite the reward when you see the days survived counter go beyond your last try. The other main conclusion would be that for the current price, the value is undeniable.


More of the same rarely felt better.

No57 | May 1, 2013 | Review of Dead Island Riptide Standard - PC

The first thing people should realize is that this is not Dead Island 2. It's the SEQUEL to Dead Island. The problem with that statement is that in the same manner that Dead Island was first released, at the time of this review, which is 1 week after release, the game itself has bugs and glitches. For instance, as a small spoiler, during a coop game with 2 players, in the Santa Maria Mission we had to drain all the water. The mission went rather smooth but, after it, only the host could see that the basement was clear while the other person saw it as flooded and couldn't access the area. The good parts are still there and so are new ones. The fighting mechanics are the same, which is not by any means a bad thing. Chopping zombies in Dead Island is as fun as it ever was. The new Call Out system does wonders, a bit too many if you ask me, since you can call out items that are hidden behind doors or walls in certain places. I have seen people complain that the variety of quests is not that great. Let's be honest. You have quests to get items, kill, deliver or do certain things. That's basically a summary of quests in any game. Sure, the new Team Quests, which are missions you do for your survivor companions, are just fetch quests but I could easily overlook that considering the rest of the quests, not to mention that the items you need for them I found required no farming, coming across them during gameplay. The feature to import your Dead Island character into Riptide is nice but not necessary. If you don't, you get a level 15 character. The conclusion would be that if you enjoyed Dead Island, Dead Island Riptide is more of the same and adds little novelty. Let's be serious. Boats are listed as a key feature. If instead you did not enjoy Dead Island at all I would steer clear or wait for an offer. Also, my rating is not based on a comparison with today's games. It's based on how well it all comes together toward achieving the goal it set out for.