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NostalgiaLane | Oct. 16, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

Bioshock Infinite is a flawed game which elevates games as a story-telling medium as high as Columbia itself. For the first three-quarters of the game I had a mixed feelings about this one. The city of Columbia is beautiful, but eventually is experienced as a long narrow corridor. The themes of racial discrimination, American exceptionalism, fanatical religious teachings, income inequality and violent uprisings are there, but are left as themes, and undeveloped themes at that. The chatter of the citizens is atmospheric, but too rare, and the citizens themselves are wooden figurines without emotion. Even Elizabeth, for all care and labour the designers have put into her is far from the girl we've expected since gameplay video at E3'11. Yet, for all its shortcomings, Infinite shines in the last quarter of the game. The asylum part was my personal favorite, tragic, yet nuanced and beautiful at the same time. And its main point that you can't wash away your sins, but have to live with them and let them make you better is delivered so masterfully, that you are left pondering it long after the credits and the ending scene. Surely, it's a variation on the Planescape theme --What can change the nature of a man? Regret. but that doesn't diminish the game in any way. So while I'm longing for what the game could be, I still find it hard to give it anything below 9. It's not perfect, but you would do yourself a disservice if you miss it.