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Great game with a few issues from porting

Novalis | Aug. 29, 2012 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition NA - PC

While From software has had issues porting a game to the PC for the first time the finished product has come out rather decently . It is far more stable performance wise in areas that had struggled frame-rate wise on the consoles with far lesser hitches and slowdowns. Other then that it it a truly faithful port of the console version. Keys are rebind-able if you are using a keyboard and mouse but a controller is preferred to play. While the textures look quite muddy and bad right out of the box with a simple download of dsfix. (resolution unlocking patch which you put into the folder that the game installed to) The game becomes far crisper and beautiful with tiny little details like nicks, scratches and engraved designs on many weapons and armors that otherwise would be near impossible to see on the default and console versions. The Dlc is amazing and adds to the story and gameplay without changing anything that been in the game thus far and will add new many new layers of enjoyment and fun.