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Devs Might Ruin Only Gem They have

Nuuance | April 30, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 NA New - PC

Borderlands 1 was a bit of a cult hit I never caught on to until about 1 year after it dropped. I'm quite glad I got a chance to play it too, but when I think about Borderlands, the only real thing I think of is the Knoxx DLC. This DLC defined Borderlands & still remains as one of the most well-known and well-done DLCs ever. In fact it's so easy to forget it is not part of the original game. After something like that, the stakes for borderlands 2 were understandably raised. Did Borderlands 2 live up to the hype? Short answer? Yes. Long answer? No. When Borderlands 2 dropped, there was so much excitement. Most likely this was the only game of 2012 besides Guild Wars 2 that elicited so much fandom & both were worth it. However, because people were so hungry for Borderlands 2, people devoured the content impossibly fast, and even finished the game with multiple characters fully leveled short of a week w/inventories full of rare weapons. Having done this, many quickly got bored and just stopped playing. The same happened with Guild Wars 2...people leveling to max level in about 2-3 days (but still played). Anticipation for games has proven to be a both a blessing & curse...and BL2 wasn't exempt. After figuring out weapon drops and such, items were further hunted as usual, and people stopped playing when they were burnt out from farming. A DLC would pop up, then the cycle would happen again. The only thing was the DLCs weren't that good. The 2nd one was alright, but none of the 3 DLCs really have weapons people truly cared about that the primary game didnt. Expectedly, disappointment ensued. Just recently the level cap was raised, forcing players to finish the game THREE TIMES just to level up completely. It's ridiculous. All the weapons people farmed so hard for are now invalid & lackluster "pearlescents" from the first game have been thrown in. What these devs can't get through their thick skulls is to make the weapon skins DIFFERENT. They've stuck to the same ones since release and people ask for more, but they don't deliver. It's pathetic & people know it doesn't take mug to make new weapon models. Borderlands 2 has one more DLC for season 1 pass. This will be the last if there's no season 2 pass or it isn't received well. People have been CONSTANTLY asking for things on the forums but no one seems to listen & it's beginning to get on people's nerves. Borderlands 2 is a wonderful game w/good RPG, FPS & co-op aspects, but the devs are screwing up every chance they have to really fix things and isn't helping. DLC4 has to be good or else. But aside from all the doom and gloom, this game was a great game and has a lot of hilarious writing and precious moments. The villain is amazing along with everything else. should definitely buy it but the DLC has been horrific. Just being real. This games barely a 90 of 100