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Hated because that's the cool thing to do

OMGmyFACE | June 8, 2014 | Review of Kane and Lynch Pack

Are the Kane and Lynch games stellar? No. Did they revolutionize the medium? Kinda, yeah. What you have are characters completely unaffected by the moral outrage fad that's taken over the industry. These are relatable but unlikeable people dealing with situations they put themselves in, gambling with fate and losing. Not a single thing about either of the two makes the case for an enviable life but by the end, you're glad you played a game that explores a real grimy version of camaraderie amongst killers, the kind of non-friendship I wish more characters in action dramas had. A "bros" game that isn't Army of Two - there isn't any high-fiving here.

The first game is most famous for the corruption in the videogame journalism (ha) business that led to Gerstmann-gate, which then led to Giant Bomb in its prime. And the second game is most famous for being the sequel to the game everyone hated because that's what r/vidya wanted you to do. But to truly understand K&L, you've gotta play it and since it's always on sale, you don't have an excuse. Most of the flaws have been or can be explained through devil's advocate nitpicking, such as calling the unforgiving shooting (which was improved in the second) and the weak cover system (which was improved in the second) more realistic and the shakycam in the second game can be turned off. Altogether, the games are 7/10 titles but treated like 5/10s, which of course is how you get people reviewing it in the 2/10s.

It's not Heat or Collateral but I'll take any game that comes close, personally.


Not worth $10 (until that new map/mode patch) but terrific fun!

OMGmyFACE | April 18, 2014 | Review of Goat Simulator

Look, It's a fun game. A buggy, ragdoll playground with Tony Hawk Pro Goating-style challenges? How can it not be? It's true absurd comedy and not just reliant on memes or references like the vast majority of all "humor" in the vidya culture/industry, something you can genuinely get some laughs and guffaws with. However, once you become the Goat Queen and summon the UFO and gain your dark Satanic Goat powers and rage your damn mind off while playing Flappy Goat... that's it... It's a good stress reliever if you're going for some sick air as a goat but it's fleeting and then you're right back to wanting to play or watch something else.

Do I regret my time with it? No. Do I regret paying $10 for it? Eh, not really. I definitely wish there was more to it but I can't say I wasn't satisfied. But if you're trying to get a bang for your buck, wait for the upcoming free DLC or a sale. Or watch some of it on YouTube and hopefully you'll get a video without terrible Let's Player commentary. Fair warning: weird so random lol humor tends to bring the Pewdiepies out and you'll be lumped in with them when you buy this.


"Dangerously cheesy!"


This game was a blast. Slicing enemies into hundreds of little pieces as rock music (complete with hilariously serious vocals) blares. MGR:R almost seems like it was made as a response to the gamers who complained about style of substance or how much they hated QTEs because those are pretty much all you get in this title: 5+ hours of running around, flailing weapons at people, until it's time to mash a button or two. And, you know what, it was great for that reason alone.

Metal Gear Rising is to video games what Crank is to film. Sometimes you want to debate whether or not video games are art, sometimes you want to rip off a giant mech's armsword and use it to slice through the rest of it as someone in your headphones yells DmC-grade angsty lyrics at you.


Not bad, not excellent, just right.

OMGmyFACE | Feb. 5, 2014 | Review of Shadowrun Returns

I like to give scores to reviews that reflect how much in terms of percentage I feel the game is worth. 79% is about right. It's way better than the Vista FPS (which I still harbor great resentment towards since it was announced days before I got to pitch a better version at PAX - yes I'm mad!) but I felt it was inferior to the Genesis and SNES titles from way back. While the style of the gameplay harkens back to the old-school with its isometric strategy RPG system, it also suffers from quite a bit of "modern game design." There are a few cons to the pros but they're worth mentioning if you're thinking about tossing $20 at this.

  1. Aside from the cheesy dialogue that befalls the typical video game protagonist (choice A: bravado, choice B: snarky condescension, choice C: heroic promise, choice D: Malkavian), your character doesn't actually have to do anything if you're good enough at controlling the rest of your party. Makes it less of an RPG and more of a PG.

2a. The autosave feature they're proud of is not something you're going to enjoy as it saves between scene changes only - forcing you to keep whatever terrible choices or equipment you've got at the time, which could be justified as "challenging but not unfair" if it weren't for the fact that you can't prepare for them at all. Once you're done with a battle, it's either immediately into the next one or you're in a story node.

2b. Those autosaves stay on your computer forever, even when you're past the point of being able to load them, which will clog up an invisible temp folder on your boot drive if you don't check on it.

  1. The campaign creator is the reason the game is more than $15 because the story they put in was way short. 10 hours. Maybe more if you're playing with a Decker, which the main campaign isn't suited for because guns and fireballs rule all even in the cyber age. If you don't see yourself dabbling with the creator for too long, maybe wait for a sale.

All that said, if you're still interested, by all means try it out. It's rare we get a high-falutin' cyberpunk RPG experience with all the grit and freon glow you want out of a game that bears the Shadowrun name.