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Big disappointment

ObiBenBinomi | Feb. 10, 2013 | Review of Dead Space 3 POST - PC

I loved the first two Dead Space games. They had some nice horror and more than just once I thought "What the hell???". The story was nice, the visions were creepy. Yes, DS2 fell a little shorter on that compared to DS1, but it was still very well made. To promote Dead Space 3, EA released a video called "A journey through terror - Part 1", where they showed some of the most intense scenes of 1 and 2. If you saw this video: This is exactly what you WILL NOT (!) GET in Dead Space 3. Yes, technically speaking it is a very well made and good looking game. But is it still creepy? HELL NO!!! The sound is very well made from time to time, which builds some tension. But then again, enemies jump out right in front of you. You simply walk through the game and shoot everything that tries to kill you... which is essentially... everything. I do understand that companies want to get new audiences to play their games, so I wasn't disappointed with Dead Space 2 at all, like some others were. But this time I felt like I wasn't even willing to finish the game. I did because I paid for it, but then again... fans of the franchise don't miss anything special. If you're looking for a straight shooter with a very good weapon crafting system, you'll probably have quite some fun with Dead Space 3. But if you're a Dead Space fan because you liked the mood, the story and the shocking events, this one will put you to sleep in no time. Already one of the biggest disappointments in 2013. (If you ask yourself why I give a 70 then: Because technically and from an action oriented point of view, this game does a lot of things right. It's just no Dead Space anymore.)