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Ride to hell, right to fall

Oldnoobie | June 20, 2013 | Review of Trials Evolution Gold Edition - PC

An excellent surprise for an arcade revival of Motocross Maniac (Gameboy) : you juste have to rotate the pilot front/rear, to accelerate or break. Despite those basic controls, the levels are very differents, very beautiful with various environments, and full of things to escalade, with jumps and frightning dives. It's really an addictive game, based on fail & retry, with a perfect gameplay : easy to learn, hard to master. It can be played with just a keyboard, even when you just have 15 minutes to kill. You can also download tracks created by fans, increasing the number of levels to ride. The feeling is so good that you are always thinking " I said I stop at 9' PM, but just one more try..." and midnight comes in a second ! Only one inconvenient : the slow and ugly Uplay launcher, for quick sessions.


Could be so much more...

Oldnoobie | June 17, 2013 | Review of GRID 2 POST - PC

GRID 2 is here with too little opponents in his category, so we easily want to be kind with this game. But its defaults and bugs always came in the play session to remind us how it's not a great game. The vehicules' physics is awful : sometimes cars seems to be stuck to the road (lateral collisions), sometimes cars quickly lift up in the air, after a little collision. You can also be stopped by a simple roadsign... Driving sensations aren't very fun after a couple of hours, cause this game is really too arcade, more than GRID 1. I have deconnections, bugs, lags, crashes at all my multiplaying sessions, each hour. Cars paintings sometimes disappear... My 2 friends have similar problems online, often we can't even join a same session... And we have to consider that GRID 2 offers no cockpit view, no "disable" driving assistances, a marketing bullshit "True Feel" driving, too many cars but already DLCs to increase the paddock... Mechanical damages are no longer localized... Quite a good arcade game despite bugs, an awful successor to GRID1.