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Splinter Cell: Redeemed

Omaeka | Sept. 2, 2013 | Review of Splinter Cell Blacklist - PC

I was skeptical about buying this, because despite how great it looked in the advertisement footage, the change of voice actor for Sam Fisher seemed like a total fan service failure. I purchased a Nvidia GTX 670 and along with it came Blacklist, which I didn't even know about until the card arrived! So after swapping out my tacky 7950 and replacing it with the 670, updating the drivers and running a few benchmarks, the first thing I did was redeem Blacklist through uPlay (a painful process) and after 10 minutes I was hooked! The introduction level is quite boring, as it is the standard overly Hollywood-ized experience with a tutorial to bore you to death with, however as soon as it is over and you disembark on your first mission to the Middle East, the game comes alive. It is a fantastic title with AAA quality graphics and brilliant optimisation, you do not need a powerful computer to get this game looking good, a 5xxx AMD or a 5xx Nvidia range cards with an i3 or better would be more than enough to play this game with most settings maxed. It retains features from Conviction, however on perfectionist difficulty (the only difficulty worth playing) the horrible mark & execute system is disabled, which is nice. The cover system is back, but I always thought that was a strong point of Conviction, as it adds a lot to the way the game works. If you are behind cover and an enemy is between you and another cover that you can switch to, you can take him out very easily during the switch. Animations are fantastic, as is the voice acting and story. There are also some very light RPG mechanics in the mix, with customizable weapons with upgrades, many different combat suits and monetary rewards for completing missions and side missions. Despite a fantastic single player experience, coop is where the game really shines. Games are easy to find and teamwork is possible without direct communication, which is always a great feat. Spies vs. Mercs returns from Double Agent and it is better than ever with customizable classes, a brilliant first-person shooting mechanic for mercenaries. and spies control exactly the same as Sam Fisher does in singleplayer and coop. There is a new mode in Blacklist, a standard deathmatch where you can choose to be either a spy or a mercenary and go at it in the very well designed levels which leads to some interesting experiences to say the least. All in all, Blacklist is the ultimate Splinter Cell experience and delivers a magic long forgotten since Chaos Theory. Despite the change in voice actors, any fan of the series would be insane to pass this up! Graphics: 7.5/10 Gameplay: 9/10 Story: 8/10 Dialogue: 7 Voice acting: 7 Multiplayer: 9.5/10 Level design: 9/10 Engine: 9/10 Replayability: 8/10 Value for money: 7.5/10