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Mixed quality

OnBoard | Feb. 25, 2013 | Review of The Lord of the Rings War in the North - PC

LOTR: WITN would need some polishing to make it a great game. You got absolutely horrid looking menus that are more 8-bit than year 2011. But you also got great looking charters, like the eagles that have great lip sync too, unlike main charters. Some of the game is way too dark and some of it is washed out, but on most parts it looks ok. No AF or AA ingame, so enable those on drivers to make it look better. Gameplay it self is very solid on co-op, you need others to survive and challenge seems constant. We've yet to feel over powered and you need the loot/shop for better ones, unless you like dying. Sometimes your hero just likes to hit air or miss and it can get a bit frustrating, but combat is solid most parts. Downside for me, from which I took few points of is that NPCs like to talk.. ..a lot. The game seems very long and everyone is talking a lot and if you are going to listen all of it you won't finish it anytime soon. But you also got LOTR story and heroes from the films (some looking exactly as their movie role models, some not so much) to keep you in the loop/interested. If you got a co-op partner, give it a go, SP might get a bit boring at some point.