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Good for a weekend.

OneCoolGeezer | May 26, 2013 | Review of Star Trek NA - PC

This game is pretty okay, the graphics are not that good, but it still manages to make you go, "Wow, that actually looks pretty cool." The gameplay is just like any other Co-op games, and with a solo player, the partner AI is sometimes retarded and goes in the other way or just sits there. Most of the time, he's pretty good at shooting at people behind cover or killing a few goons. The voice acting is okay, and the story is pretty cliche. I'm not going to shout out any spoilers, but the story can be found out pretty easily. Most of the game is fun though, so I'd buy it if it was like, 15 dollars or 10 dollars. No more than 15 dollars I'd say, and that's pushing it. In all: 65/100.


Pretty Good.

OneCoolGeezer | May 26, 2013 | Review of Hitman Absolution NA - PC

As a long time fan of this series, this one was pretty okay. I loved the graphics and the art style of the game, and how the gameplay feels. At first, it may seem a bit too easy if you play on the easy difficulty, but once you go to some of the real missions, it gets a bit hard, which I happen to like. Everything about the game is polished, voice acting is solid. The two few gripes i have with this game is the disguise system. In the older games, if you had a disguise you could go into certain areas (walking and not being a total dumbass of course) and the guards wouldn't give two shits about you or who you were. Now, you have to use instinct or else they get their panties in a bunch and ask you to show your face. Which in my opinion, is pretty stupid. I preferred having common sense and not going into restricted areas without the proper costume. Another thing is to not get too close to guards. But this game's radius to guards is a bit weird. My other gripe is the stealth system. It's based on points and is really annoying when you want to just shoot it out and are punished for it. Or, if you HAVE to go through someone to get to the next part, and are punished for it in points. Those are my only gripes. All in all, the game is pretty good and anyone who is a fan of Hitman should give it a try.