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Great game, fantastic atmosphere

OnesQuared | May 20, 2013 | Review of Metro 2033 (1) - PC

This game is one of my favourite game out there as it has great atmosphere and game play behind it. The game is focused on making the right decisions, to make the shots count. Not to go guns blazing and shooting the living hell out of everything you see. Some encounters are meant for you to take it slow and steady and looking at the surroundings and making sure you listen to all the things the npcs have to say. Some of them will give you a great advice which will immensely help you on your journey. There are some flaws however, there are glitches but it was rare thing out of the few plays I've done but nothing too serious that would ruin the play through.


Amazing game and amazing prequel to the metro 2033

OnesQuared | May 20, 2013 | Review of Metro Last Light Overflow - PC

Great game, I loved both metro 2033 and metro last light, the story is fantastic and the environment and the atmosphere is astonishing. The game presents the post-apocalyptic world very well as people struggle to go on their daily lives and survive in the harsh environment. It also shows human nature quite well, even if there is an apocalypse people still fight one another for their own benefit and gain. There aren't too many weapons because this game isn't your shoot em up as you please, you should pick your fights and shots with some thinking as it can get dangerous after you spent all your ammo. There are some things that aren't that great, like how ranger mode is a downloadable content, when ranger mode makes the game shine a whole lot better. If you want the best experience of this game I suggest you buy the ranger mode for more thrill