Reviews by Ortzz


Good Fun

Ortzz | Sept. 25, 2013 | Review of Dont Starve - PC

A well made and well thought out game, a must buy for fans of survival/crafting games. The hand drawn graphics are a plus. What kept this game from being a great game for me was that despite all the thought and imagination the developers obviously put into the game, it just feels like a giant grind at times. The grindy nature of Don't Starve does make it good for listening to podcasts while playing or maybe even watching t.v. if you're into that. Overall, it's the perfect time burner game and if you are in desperate need of one Don't Starve is a well polished choice.



Ortzz | Sept. 19, 2013 | Review of Brothers A tale of Two Sons - PC

A unique game that is a strong plot driven experience. I personally loved, but see how it could not be for everyone. What makes it's central characters and plot so good is that they are both reflected in the mechanics. You control one brother with the right analog stick, and the other with the left analog stick. At first, this is very difficult and the brothers don't seem to work well together, but as you get better at the controls, so do the brothers at cooperation. It's really cool to see gameplay mechanics tell a story along with cinematics and other traditional plot elements. The graphics are another standout point. The water effects and the lighting in paticular are impressive, especially for a game on the budget of this one. There are some weaknesses though. The only graphical option the game has is resolution (at the moment), meaning if you have a lower spec system you might be missing out on this game. Also be aware a controller is basically required for this game. It is overall a fairly weak port for the lack of options it provides. But if you have a good PC and a controller and like story driven games, this could be a good pick up.