Reviews by Oscillopsia


Stunning and Amazing Game Overall! (My Game of the Year, so far)

Oscillopsia | June 17, 2014 | Review of Wolfenstein The New Order POST - PC

This game has brought back an amazing series with the graphics of today and a gripping story. The gameplay is great, you can be stealthy or you can fight those dam*** nazis guns blazin'. Personally I believe the graphics are great. Also you, you can't forget the gore... and sex,,, But anyways overall the focus on the singleplayer was great since there was no multiplayer. A multiplayer patch would be pretty cool but hey, this game is still beyond amazing. Also this game game is one of the best bug-free quality releases this year. The game engine is great and the voice acting is also of high quality. The game is solid, polished and just plain magnificent (just like the gun fights). Everything is great about this game except killing dogs... So far this game is my game of the year (yes, to me, it ranks higher than watch_dogs... so get this game!!). This game really deserves the spotlight. GET IT.


A Spectacle Everyone Must Experience!!

Oscillopsia | June 11, 2014 | Review of Portal - PC

Can be frustrating at times but is a great game game for the price, and hey frustration is the name of the game for puzzle games. After learning the ropes, it isn't as hard! There is phenomenal voice acting from GLADOS, her dialogue is very humorous. The main story isn't very long, I finished it in just over an hour, but the challenge chambers will keep you playing way after the story is complete. I would recommend this game to anyone, I'd give 11/10 if i could, one of the best games I've ever experienced, and once you finish, have Portal 2 on hand, the fun doesn't stop here...