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A timeless classic

Oublieux | Aug. 20, 2011 | Review of Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition - PC

Deus Ex is one of those immersive games that, despite its age, always seems to be able to rope you in. What makes Deus Ex so loved is how utterly open ended the game is. Do you want to go pure stealth? Go ahead. How about running in with guns blazing? That works too. Take it a step further and you can even beat the game without killing a single soul. It's the fact that you can approach missions is so many ways that makes the game a classic; even modern games nowadays that are touted as "open ended" fail to deliver the sheer number of ways Deus Ex can be beaten. Of course, as the game has aged, the graphics leave a lot to be desired. This is where some advantages of PC step in. If you want to pretty it up a bit, mods are widely available. It's why after all this time, Deus Ex, even now, holds up as one of the greatest games to be developed.


Humorous, tongue-in-cheek game

Oublieux | Aug. 16, 2011 | Review of Magicka - PC

Magicka is not your ordinary game. The fun doesn't come from the game itself, but rather, the hilarity that ensues from the consequences of your own actions. These actions originate from the spell system that's in place: mash a series of elements with their own individual keys, then unleash a powerful spell composed of multiple elements to destroy your enemies. But... really, more often than not, what happens is that you end up raining meteors on yourself or your co-op partner, laughing maniacally at how ridiculous the situation is. You will find yourself planting healing mines, accidentally setting your co-op partner on fire, hitting the wrong buttons from panic (resulting in disastrous wrong spells), and even find yourself doing this on purpose because it's just so ludicrously amusing. Give this game a shot. It's not for everyone. It's not a big name game. It is, however, a belly full of laughs and hysterics.


A great improvement over its predecessor

Oublieux | Aug. 12, 2011 | Review of Assassins Creed 2 Deluxe Edition - PC

I'm a hard to please guy. The first Assassin's Creed was a game with an interesting lore and mystery behind it, but ultimately fell short because of one thing: repetitiveness. Assassin's Creed II addresses this shortcoming wonderfully, offering much more variety to the missions you obtain from the oft-touted assassination missions, glyph missions, flag race missions, all the way to slightly puzzle based crypt missions where one searches for hidden treasures. Most satisfying is the improved parkour system. Altair has nothing against Ezio and his nimble climbing ability. Ezio will swing, jump, slide, and gracefully scale any building without so much as wasting a breath. Part of what makes Assassin's Creed II fun is just that, the awe at reaching the peak of a huge tower to see the landscape beneath you. Despite the high praise I give it, the one problem with Assassin's Creed II is that it is so mysterious and the plot pacing so slow that sometimes I wonder cutting away the fluff and focusing more on the lore would do it more good. It's the lore that ultimately drives people to play this game, and it's one hell of a story that's hiding behind the Assassin's Creed series.


A Diamond in the Rough

Oublieux | Aug. 12, 2011 | Review of Alpha Protocol - PC

Alpha Protocol isn't perfect. It doesn't have the latest, eye-bleeding graphical eye candy or tech that some modern games do, its story is rough around the edges and sometimes laughter inducing, and the voice acting is passable at best. ... However, and this is important, the game is ridiculous amounts of fun. And, that's precisely what matters most. I call this game a diamond in the rough because it has so much more potential than the final product gave us, but you can see it from the dialogue system similar to Mass Effect's but time-based, from the multitude of skills that are at your disposable to upgrade and create any kind of character whether it be stealth, hacking, or simply balls out run and gun, to the choices that genuinely affect the outcome of your game and finale. I honestly haven't been so engrossed in a game in a long time and Alpha Protocol just hit that spot. The gameplay is just so satisfying and feels rewarding despite the occasional quirks where the enemy AI seems clairvoyant due to some slightly shoddy programming. But such minor gripes aren't going to stop me from playing a game that's absolutely fun. You want to know how fun? I started a second playthrough immediately after having finished the game the first time. I don't think any game has ever done that to me.