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Deep and dark RPG

OverkillerlSRBl | June 20, 2014 | Review of The Witcher II Assassins of Kings - PC

The Witcher 2 is more than a worthy follower of the first Witcher, it has everything that made the first game memorable, but on a bigger scale and production quallity. The depth of the game is huge, behind everything the conflict is warming up and kingdoms are on the edge of war, with Geralt in the middle of it all trying to make the best out of it while chasing the "Assasin of Kings". The story is deep and full of choices, there is a bit of humour here and there but the setting is generaly dark and everything you choose has a consequence and a separate branch in the story, so one playthrough will not be enough to see everything. The combat is this time around much better but still rather challenging, the game is best played on a joypad. Graphics and audio are something that is absolutely amazing and some of the best in the last generation of gaming, it will blow anyone away. Overall, this is more than worth getting, you will not regret a single second spent in the game nor a single cent you paid!


One word : Art

OverkillerlSRBl | May 13, 2014 | Review of Spec Ops The Line Overflow - PC

A third person shooter set in Dubai? Meh That is the initial thought, however as the game goes on and on you realise what it really is. A story about humanity, sacrifices, war as it is and horrors of it, and mental breakdown of the main character, and in the end....catharsis. Its story is inspired by the book Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad and it does well to translate that to the game story. The story is the main, hard to say but for me it was the ONLY reason i played this, and it justified every second and penny spent. Its a MUST PLAY for anyone who has the mental strength and maturity to finish it and understand it.


A rather mediocre game, and a bad stealth game

OverkillerlSRBl | May 12, 2014 | Review of Thief Steam - PC

This game promised alot, multiple ways of approach, interesting loot, big and beautiful city, interesting stealth mechanics etc. However it is not nearly as good as it was supposed to be. The city is divided into zones, with loading screens and same animations over and over again, the missions are hardly interesting at all, but there are some motivations in loot and discovering secrets, but the lore is really empty, so documents won't matter much. The stealth mechanics are rather solid and make up for the name of the game, but its ridiculous for a master thief, Garret, to steal forks and cups. The combat is so dull its rather idiotic to even get in it, its only some fun when playing full-stealth approach. The story is so dull and inconsistent, that its pointless even to try to understand it, characters are dull and boring and nothing ever makes any sense. Overall i wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but as it is it is a solid game, despite all its flaws, yet there are many better ways to spend your money, save yourself the trouble, get Dishonoerd :)


A sweet, but rather different fruit

OverkillerlSRBl | May 2, 2014 | Review of LA Noire The Complete Edition Steam - PC

This game is one of those that have alot of interesting ideas well realised and implemented, however it mixes it with the common rockstar game-style and you get a great coctail of fun and story! It mixes investigation with action, there is everything, every part of detective work is thoroughly included and well done, first off you collect evidence, then based on evidence you question suspects and witnesses, which with collaboration with your colegues will slowly lead you to solving the case, then goes the action which is rather well done. Its not one of those who give you a mouthless degenerate for a protagonist, nor is the one which gives you a full developed character you understand, its really undefined when it comes to the main character. You will have a great time, get it now and enjoy the ride!



OverkillerlSRBl | May 1, 2014 | Review of Bastion Steam - PC

This game wil suprise you in many ways, as it has fairly simple stylized graphics, and not too complex combat and movement yet it has that "something" which will just blow you off your feet. My wild guess is that the story and atmosphere made me feel like that, and actually they are both great, but i am not sure whether that gives the game that feeling i expirienced. It is in its core an action rpg with different weapons and spells, all of which are really fun to use and will give you that satisfying feel, the combat itself is very well done too. I absolutely recommend it to everyone, this little guy packs a big punch, and i loved every second of it!


Pretty Awesome, indeed!

OverkillerlSRBl | April 30, 2014 | Review of Awesomenauts - PC

You'd be dead wrong to overlook this game as a time-killer or think it is simple just because it is 2d, it however packs a decent amount of complexity and content to keep you playing, and playing, and playing. First off the basics : It is a 3v3 MOBA, the goal is to destroy the opponents drill. To do that you will have to destroy towers, for which you need your minions. You have a variety of character choices, each with his own quite original and unique abilities, there is a "jungle" with creeps that when killed give you health too. It sounds and seems simple, but you will be amazed by how deep it is, even better when played with friends!


Impressive step-up from the first game!

OverkillerlSRBl | April 19, 2014 | Review of Portal 2 (1) - PC

Portal 2 is a game that advances so much from the first one, which was really good, it amazes in many ways. First off the gameplay, if you haven't played the first gameplay consists of using a portal-gun which creates 2 portals to walk through, laws of physics apply, and sometimes requires you to use the objects in a test room (boxes, lasers, liquid, pressure plates etc), your only enemies will be turrets which only react in their field of view and will shoot you down. Next up, it has a story! And a damn well written story that is, with lots of humor and plot twists, you will enjoy it! Also worth noting is the really good graphics and nicely designed levels. The campaign lasts for around 8-10 hours and will take you to an amazing ride. But, it also has a GREAT co-op mode in which you have to play with a friend and overcome equally or more challenging tests. Best valve game so far, worth alot more than it costs right now!


Must-Play Action Adventure

OverkillerlSRBl | April 19, 2014 | Review of ENSLAVED Odyssey to the West Premium Edition NA - PC

Enslaved is a game which first came out on PS3 and XBOX 360 and it was very unjustly underrated, now its on pc too and its a must play! It mixes a good third person action with simple platforming, pretty graphics, and amazing story. Its based on an old legend, put in a modern-post apocalyptic, overgrown environment which will take your breath away. It never gets repetitive, even tho the combat is not very complex, and i suggest playing it on higher difficulty levels, due to not being very hard. The main reason you will love the game is its great story and the bonding between the mighty Monkey and smart, but frightful Tripataka. The basic plot isn't actually complicated, but all combined it makes this game a great ride. Get it, you won't regret your money