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crazy balls

PLAYS | July 13, 2014 | Review of Borderlands 2 Psycho Pack DLC - PC

“it's game about guns. why on Earth, why on Earth would you want to keep meleeing everybody? it's such an absurd idea” - TotalBiscuit well how wrong was that statement lol. having played over 500+ hours, and having played through all three difficulties on all six characters, KRIEG IS AWESOME! as in fun, enjoyable, actually gave a new less of life to the game. caveat emptor (buyer beware): “meh, this seems like a waste of money” is a common thought at first. and it does suck you have to play extra for Krieg (unless you brought the GOTY edition) but around level 31 you can unlock “Release the Beast” in his MANIA skill tree. soon as you understand what this does, you’ll start playing Borderlands 2 in a totally different way than you have been.



PLAYS | July 13, 2014 | Review of Deus Ex Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors Cut - PC

i adore the Deus Ex games, even the one whose name should not be mentioned. i am happy to say this is a great follow up to the gaming series. like most hardcore fans of the game there’s only one real way to play, and that’s a no kills play through. *i personally up the difficulty to the highest setting because i am actively avoiding confrontation. this is the Directors Cut version of the game, looks great and can be played on Windows or OS X. i mentioned playing a non lethal play through. with the original you weren't able to beat the boss fights without fighting. the first boss you could by throwing things at him and shocking him repeatedly with your stun gun, only for a cut scene showing him riddle with bullet holes.. not good. with this version they have “fixed” the boss fights. there’s now an alternative way to beat each boss. the game plays nice, looks nice, sounds nice. the visuals are great but the music in the game really impressed me. i’ve played the game many times so for me i wanted to play through again hearing some of the games documentary commentary from the people who made the game. there’s also improved textures which is also great for us PC owners, but the best part is the new game + mode in which all your augmentations carry over. so perhaps you weren’t too confident to stealth your way through the game the first time, playing through again with all your augments at the start is at least worth a try. caveat emptor (buyer beware): as much as i like the Deus Ex games, specially this one. i would rather play the original non directors cut version of the game. Steam no longer sells it but GMG still does. it’s just the little differences, the Gold/Yellow tint to everything is now gone. i liked that, i liked how the people looked, how the cities looked. the textures are “better” but i would rather the feel of the original.


the best Max Payne game there has been, full stop.

PLAYS | Oct. 30, 2013 | Review of Max Payne 3 Steam - PC

massive fan of the Max Payne games and i absolutely loved this, the story, the gameplay, the setting is nothing short of amazing. it is gritty, there's no mercy and the dark turns the story takes is fantastic. the setting in Brazil is perfect. i am a fan of Brazilian culture but even so, as an English speaker hearing nothing but Portuguese (the Brazilian language) being spoken makes you feel like Max, like you're in a different world where you don't know what is going on. i personally think this adds so much to the isolation of the character. midway through the game.. when you leave the favelas.. i was kind of annoyed with what happened. i stopped playing and thought i didn't want this to happen.. but then i remembered this is a Max Payne game. it was after that point i stopped messing around and became so hooked within the story. Rockstar, like with their GTA games have included the perfect game music. when Marcello pushes open the nightclub doors, when Max walks through the favelas, the airport level when the music kicks in makes you feel like a superhero. no question this is a dark game with plot twists but i think this was just incredible. nothing beats thinking you can bullet time through a door only for it to be a door that can't be opened and fall flat on your ass lol. you can't really skip cut scenes, even on an ssd it'll still say loading but then again why would you want to? the multiplayer is too difficult! i am normally really good at these things but i avearge out at 1 kill per 10 deaths when playing online. maybe that's just me. true fans of the franchise will love this experience.


not GTA, but not trying to be either

PLAYS | Oct. 26, 2013 | Review of Mafia II Complete Pack Steam - PC

i wouldn't say it is a movie based game but you should play this like you're playing in part of a drama. it is open world but you're part of a story so i would say to people who play GTA or Saints Row to not expect the same kind of game. i love the setting of this game i mean what a fascinating time in American history. if you have an Nvidia graphics card then turn PhysX on and run the benchmark. if you're not sure then try the demo on Steam. i liked it and would say you should try it, try something different.



PLAYS | Oct. 26, 2013 | Review of FUEL - PC

the game world is huge. i think it is a very good racing game but i like to go into free ride and just drive around when i am listening to my podcasts or audio books. the does use GFWL which is never fun but seeing as Microsoft is killing that DRM next year i think this will be all the better for it. the "gameplay" is ok to good tbh but enjoyable.. enjoyably difficult and frustrating. those games where you really need to stay focused, yes this is one of them. runs great, and looks great playing on PC but like i said the size of the world map is MASSIVE! if you live in the US 14,000 sq km is the size of Connecticut.


my first Borderlands game..

PLAYS | Oct. 26, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Overflow 1 - PC

was curious about why people liked this game as well as the first one so gave it a try because it was on sale. thing is, as of right now i have 155+ hours played according to Steam. normal mode (first play through) that was alright, second play through on true vault hunter mode is so fantastic! the loot drops, the difficulty, the challenge, the hours you'll waste away playing this game . single player? not everyone likes to play with others i get that but there's a few missions which are really difficult to run into alone. fortnightly if you get stuck at any point you can select match maker and other people whom are also at the same point as you can join your cause and help you throughout your mission. i liked this game, i enjoyed myself playing it, so give it a shot.


VERY dark games

PLAYS | Oct. 26, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops The Line The Darkness 2 Pack - PC

i was curious about The Darkness 2 but it was Spec Ops: The Line that interested me. spoiler free.. you don't enjoy these games. these are games that are so dark it is fantastic. i wish more games were like this and more developers were brave enough to make them. i personally think The Darkness 2 is a better game. the theme, the story, even the art style impresses me. with both these games you see an option in the menu "downloadable content" but there isn't any, for either. Spec Ops locks at 60fps i think? but runs perfectly well at 1440p max settings. The Darkness 2 at 1400p runs around 140fps so yea absolutely fantastic. plus you can play it either on Windows or Mac via Steam. i've not said a single thing about what the games are about, which i've done that purposely. these are games for GROWN UPS and tbh i really want more of them. if you're an adult gamer i would recommend these titles without doubt.