Reviews by PPG113


Loads of gun fun.

PPG113 | June 13, 2012 | Review of Borderlands - PC

After this long, if you dont have Borderlands then you should stop living under a rock. With its wonderful humor often slid in an undertone, or in your face like a wet claptrap, youll find enjoyment. With over 17 million guns to collect, even the most die hard loot collector will be satisfied. Mobs whos levels rise as the player progresses allows for a constant challenge. With 69 (GOTY) levels, you can often still be leveling after finishing the base game. WIth the DLC and playthrough 2 and 2.5 you are guaranteed to lose 80+ hours of your life to this game. The DLC is not an option for this game, its a must, and frankly there is no reason not to get the DLC. Overall, the game and dialog is great. Only problems I find with the game is the fact its a console port, so FOV and controls are something to be desired. Also, the fact that mobs/npcs respawn right after clearing out an area is really annoying. If you havnt played through this game yet, Id suggest you do with all the side quests and DLC.


Wonderfully colorful!!

PPG113 | June 13, 2012 | Review of Beat Hazard - PC

Bright flashes of colors dance across the screen as Beat Hazard starts up. Epileptics be warned, this game should be avoided at all costs. The bases of the game is, your music dictates the game's environment. Loud bass pumping music for a fast and hectic, though enjoyable, playthrough, or something a bit more deadly slow? Choice is yours as you pick the tracks from your collection. Be warned though, slower music like a symphony is often deadly with few able to survive. Overall the game is wonderful mix of audiosurf and old school asteroids. Even with the effects turned down all the way, its often distraction and can cause headaches for even the most avid gamer. The itunes file support is option, as is co-op/ "ULTRA" dlc. Ultra adds a lot of things to the game, but the base game is still fun without it.


Very Meh

PPG113 | June 13, 2012 | Review of FEAR 3 - PC

Review of the SP portion so take that as you will. Compared to the first or second FEAR, FEAR 3 leaves much to be desired. With almost nothing to make the player jump up or even be creeped out over FEAR 3 is a disappointment to the franchise. The game plays much like MW2. Shoot until youre injured, duck for cover, heal up, shoot some more. The tactical feel of the series was thrown out the window with this third iteration. Re-playability is very limited. Overall the game is a disappointment and if you havnt bought this game yet then good for you.


Good Game

PPG113 | June 13, 2012 | Review of Two Worlds II - PC

I didnt play the first one, so take with that what you will. Overall I enjoyed the semi open sandbox world of the game. The RPG elements in the game are lighter then I would have wanted, but served for some character customization. The story itself seemed a bit like Dragon Age, with the actual story able to be completed with in several hours leaving much of the game time composed of side stories and quests. Overall, the game was fun and enjoyable, but certainly not that great of a game.