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Great Mix of TD, RPG and Old-Timey Werewolf Lore

P_Sherman | Dec. 27, 2013 | Review of SangFroid Tales of Werewolves - PC

And by "TD" I mean "Trap Defence". The nature of the traps require a different kind of strategy than that of your usual TD. You spend your daylight hours (literally) and gold placing traps via a map interface, then move to 3rd-person for the second phase- nighttime. Generally speaking, traps are single use and many require to be triggered manually. This means your strategy must take into account not only your resources and trap placement but which traps you can get to to activate. Just a couple of gripes: The wide variety of traps and tools are introduced at one per level, so it takes a while to be able to really play around with strategies. The voice-acting is atrocious. And... that's it, really. Seriously. The music is fantastic and keeping in theme, the story delivers heaps of lore and enough reason to slay 'wolves until morning, the graphics are perfectly serviceable, especially for an indie, the RPG elements are robust enough to encourage multiple playthroughs, all of the games mechanics have an in-world explanation for being there... If you're not convinced by now, well, I tried- and it's your loss.


Ignore the above review!

P_Sherman | July 13, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown Pack - PC

At least, the part about gameplay. For one, enemies only get a move turn when they see you, after which you finish your turn before they attack. Of course, if you've already moved the rest of your squad, the enemy will get to attack before you can respond. Just keep this in mind, as well as line-of-sight, when moving your units forward and you should be right. Additionally, if you use the Overwatch ability effectively you can reliably eliminate at least one alien during this move turn, as they scramble for cover. Essentially yes, aliens ambush you, but this is what tactics are for! The game is somewhat difficult, but your skill will only improve as you become more familiar with the research and skill trees. This is actually my one small niggle with this game- when selecting research paths and skill progression, you can't see past your current options, making forward planning impossible unless you've previously advanced far enough in another save game, or you've looked up the wiki. But, to be fair, this represents the fact that humanity has no idea what the alien tech does until we research it, and the skills just come to your units naturally (I guess). You might want to wiki skills so you don't miss out on some incredible skill synergy. Graphics: Agreed- not only the technical aspect, but the alien design and terrain deformation really add to the atmosphere. Sound- Well, you can turn your squad's speech off to spare you from repeated lines of dialogue, but they sometimes point out the enemy's behaviour, whether they're flanking, retreating or have a height advantage. Other than that, have you ever played a shooter? Bang bang bang, explosion, shouted curse words, repeat? Sound effects are going to repeat- I really don't think this game should be marked down for that. So anyway, I used to hate tactical games because I'd always get screwed over by some complex aspect of gameplay I just couldn't get my head around, but in XCOM, when you're on the ground your options and their advantages and disadvantages are all clear-cut; at a glance I can tell which units are open to flanking from which directions, which areas of the battlefield I have covered, and exactly what I will gain from launching a rocket into the side of that building (hint: a pretty explosion and dead aliens). Not to say this game isn't complex, but it's also very intuitive. If you have any desire to feel like a master tactician constantly making decisions with far-reaching consequences while the fate of the world hangs in the balance... XCOM,