Reviews by Pandoricai


Good, but not as good as the first two

Pandoricai | Aug. 30, 2013 | Review of Dungeon Siege III - PC

Although the first two games in the franchise are now old by game standards, I would still rather play them than this one. Although I will admit I played Dungeon Siege 3 to the end, there are a couple of problems. I found it possible to complete the whole game using the "roll and hit" strategy, so combat needed work, or even to go back to the old way. Not very open world, but great item/armour as usual


Epic masterpiece

Pandoricai | Aug. 30, 2013 | Review of Fable III - Xbox 360

The depth of moral choice in this game is not to be understated! Many people complain that it's 'too hard' because they made all 'good' choices without making provisions to ensure the best outcome. It actually requires a fair amount of forward thinking and skill, and possibly a few playthroughs! One thing that the trailer doesn't show is that you can be male OR female, which actually does change some aspects of the gameplay. You become emotionally attached to one particular character, and they play this very effectively in your decision making! Great graphics, great everything.


From my favourite game series...

Pandoricai | Aug. 30, 2013 | Review of Fable II - Xbox 360

Fable has long been my FAVOURITE game series, since Fable TLC on PC. Usually I don't play Xbox games, but since Fable 2 didn't come out on PC I had to. However, I was not disappointed. Though graphics aren't comparable to the usual quality of the PC Fable games, they were still decent, and the gameplay and storyline is brilliant, as ever.


Couldn't tear myself away

Pandoricai | Aug. 30, 2013 | Review of Fifa 12 - PC

The FIFA series has long been one of my favourite to play after a long shift at work, it's just a great way to unwind and spend and evening! Great play time, AI, etc.



Pandoricai | Aug. 30, 2013 | Review of Atlantis 2 - PC

The storyline in this game is brilliant, especially considering it is a puzzle game, so a storyline is often unecessary. Simple, yet effective.



Pandoricai | Aug. 30, 2013 | Review of Gran Turismo 5 - PlayStation 3

This game is great for a bit of non-challenging amusement, and is actually surprisingly immersive. However I feel the difficulty peaked very early on so after a few hours there was really no challenge.


Nice look, but...

Pandoricai | Aug. 30, 2013 | Review of AGON The Lost Sword of Toledo - PC

Whilst the visual experience is in doubt amazing, the puzzles are a little easy, aiming perhaps for the 9-15 age range. Still, worth a play if you're bored!


Great fun

Pandoricai | Aug. 30, 2013 | Review of Assassins Creed 2 Deluxe Edition - PC

Brilliant graphics, improvement upon first game - a great historically set game, worth the money!


Brilliant Fun

Pandoricai | Aug. 30, 2013 | Review of The Sims 3 - PC DVD

Occasional glitches, but the gameplay is worth putting up with it! The Sims is so much fun, especially with all the DLC and EPs, hours of fun!