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Worthy Addition To The Series

Pangamini | Nov. 3, 2013 | Review of XCOM: Enemy Unknown (NA)

We see remake's of games constantly, and most of the time they turn out bad. However, when a good one come's along, its pretty damn good. Xcom Enemy Unknown takes everything about the original game that made it great, and pack's it into a great package, even improving on some things throughout. The graphics of the game are a great refresher to the series, sharp and detailed, to modern industry standards. The gameplay, as in the original is split between managing things on a global scale, as well as sending your team in on ground missions as well. Let me tell you, it does both of these things very well and keep's it fun throughout the whole game. The ground mission mechanics are well laid out, smooth, not too complicated, and of course, fun. The world management mechanic's are great, and it's a nice break out of the ground missions to manage your base, research, etc. But make no mistake, managing thing's put's plenty of pressure on you as well. One of the great things about this game is you start to feel a connection to your soldier's after you name them after all your friends, you really try not to lose them, which keeps you very immersed and engaged in the experience. Difficulty levels are great, they ramp up fast, but are very fun in the process, this is a hard game, expect to lose at times. The story is fairly well made, some of the cutscenes can get repetitive though. Of course, no game is without its flaws. The tech tree's aren't as massive as you would expect from Xcom, would be nice to see some improvement there. It could definitely do with some more class's as well. It also has it's fair share of bugs, however they aren't too prevalent.

So to summarize, great game, great graphics, great gameplay and keep's things interesting with the story. Definitely a worthy edition to the series, and I highly recommend this game to anyone who has played the original game's or wanted to but got turned off by the graphic's etc.