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Almost Perfection... Almost

PaperDog | Sept. 3, 2011 | Review of Deus Ex HR Augmented Edition - PC

Deus Ex (pronounced as Day-us Eck) Human Revolution is a game of near perfection. After playing it for over 35 hours (and still replaying it), this game has much going for it. Of course I am bias for the game because I was huge fan of the original. I will still try to keep it as objective as possible though. When you start the game, the first element you will notice is the terrific art direction. The architecture, the furniture, clothing, logos, all of them have very distinct and eye appealing features to them. The world truly does feel alive. Detroit is very run down and looks to be on the verge of anarchy. Hengshu is a massive economic city (one could say cities) with a lower level city and a higher level city on top. Eidos Montreal did a terrific job in world building. Another appealing aspect is the gameplay mechanics. I was fearful for a console port like Deus Ex: Invisible War was, but thankfully it's not. The shooting and movement elements are very smooth with keyboard and mouse control. Shooting enemies with a 10 mm pistol that has the armor piercing upgrade is quite satisifying. Pistols not your style? No need to worry as there are other weapons as well. If you prefer the non-lethal approach, there are several options for you. Watching Rambo is your favorite thing, then feel free. Then there is the storyline. Although not as deep as the first game, it is still very good and has a personalized feel to it. The plot is advanced through looking at emails, reading the scattered ebooks, and through characters and cutscenes. The best nuggets of the storyline involves conspiracies that's nestled in secret areas. I do not want to spoil the storyline at all, but it's definitely a Deus Ex plot. The only weakpoint might be that it feels more scifi than a conspiracy thriller, but that is ok in my book. Unfortunately, the game does have some flaws. One of the flaws is that the gameplay does favor stealth mechanics more than the run-and-gun approach. You gain more experience points from stealth takedowns than you do with guns blazing. This allows a stealth character to have more augmentations, which allows them to be more powerful in the end. This one flaw in the gameplay can make roleplaying a Rambo character difficult. Another flaw is the character models. Although Adam Jensen (the protaganist) looks fantastic with DirectX 11 on, the other characters do not look as good. This is the most apparent in the secondary and fill in models. Their facial movement feels unnatural and their body movement appears stiff. It is as though the character models come from 2008-2009. By no means are they ugly, just unnatural. The biggest flaw in my opinion is the boss fights. This might be a small spoiler, so if you do not wish to read it please skip this paragraph. You are forced to fight the bosses and kill them. There is no other option. If you are a stealth character, then you will have some issues with it. It took me several times with my stealth character on the normal difficulty. If you are playing a non-lethal character, you will have issues as well. A tip I have for you is the stun gun and EMP grenades are the best tools to taking them out. How they did the boss fights is a direct 180 from what they did with the game. Through out the game you had several options from sneaking to killing. Then suddenly you had no choice. It greatly interferes with your roleplaying experience, especially if you're attempting a non-lethal approach to the game. In the end, this game is near perfection. It is a true Deus Ex sequel. Unfortunately there are flaws that keeps it from reaching a higher plane, but it's still no excuse to not getting this game. If you are a PC gamer, this is a must have game of the year.