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Near Perfection in the Racing Genre, Just Great Fun

PeltHunter | July 22, 2013 | Review of GRID 2 POST - PC

If you like any sort of racer except for extreme simulation hardcore tweak freaks then you will love Grid 2. The graphics are crisp and the attention to detail goes above and beyond for a racing game. There's only single player WSR career mode and a deep multiplayer mode but with dynamic tracks and several different race types you'll be busy for some time. Codemasters is a master at crafting deep, detailed and lengthy racers. Dirt, Dirt 2, Dirt 3, Grid and all the Colin McRae's from old attest to this. Grid 2 is accessible and most of all fun. Turn a bit soon and overshoot your exit sending you careening off the edge into trees obliterating your car in a megalithic symphony of debris? Well just hit the rewind key and you instantaneously can reset yourself at a prior point of a good length back. It really takes the worst parts of the racing genre and throws them out to make it all smooth, intuitive and loads and loads of good ol' fashioned fun.