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Here is the deal.

Perception1987 | June 19, 2014 | Review of The Bureau XCOM Declassified NA - PC

This isn't a bad game. It's not a great game, but it is fun to play. What you need to know is that this isn't your traditional XCOM game. You have to understand that going in to really enjoy this game. XCOM has always been about emergent gameplay. It is part of what makes it so wonderful. With The Bureau we get a crafted story. Not only that, but we get to see the beginning of XCOM. We get to see it's birth. That alone makes this game worth playing. Aside from that the whole shooting Sectoids in the face myself instead of commanding a soldier to do it was a pleasant surprise. If you are a fan of XCOM I recommend this game. Just know what you are getting into. Commit to it and you will enjoy yourself. However if you are not a fan of the series I would recommend a different third person tactical shooter. This one is not without it's problems. But for fans of the series wanting to experience something new in the world of XCOM this is the game for you.


Prepare to watch all of your friends and family die painfully.

Perception1987 | June 19, 2014 | Review of XCOM Collection - PC

XCOM is one of those brutal franchises that has made gaming great. You are the commander of the X-COM project. Earths only line of defense against an alien invasion. The countries of the world have banded together to fund your little army. However if you can't protect them you will lose their money and they may even leave the project all together. The classics collection is pretty legit. The first three games are incredibly difficult, and equally rewarding. I would recommend skipping over Enforcer and Interceptor though. I do not have nor have I heard a kind word said about those last to titles. Onto 2012's Enemy Unknown I was incredibly excited when I first heard Firaxis was picking up XCOM. Being a fan of the originally game for the entirety of my gaming career didn't help matters. While the graphics are modest to today's standards, when compared to classic XCOM there are not words to describe the improvement. Firaxis stayed very true to the original vision of the game, while streamlining and updating it for the modern gamer. Please don't take this to mean as a older fan you won't like it. It is a fantastic game. For the most part. It is obvious that a lot of heart was put into making this XCOM reboot. Still there are places where it falls short. Panic management is somewhat of a joke. It really makes you feel like you have no control. The classic difficulty is supposed to be true to the classic games. However while it does provide you with unlocked AI and takes away all the cheat the code does for you on lower settings. All of that cheating code goes into the enemy AI. You will make tactically sound choices and have a soldier hunkered down in full cover and still watch him die in one shot from a thin man crit. There is salvation to be had though. We will get there in a moment though. DLC. The scripted missions are fun the first time you play them. After that they are just tedious. Enemy Within. In 2013 Firaxis released Enemy Within. A rather large expansion with a 30 dollar price tag. (Gotta love bundles.) It is worth every penny. It breathes so much life into a game that I loved but grew weary of playing. The addition of Exalt (A human organization working against XCOM's goals.) was pretty sweet. Then there are Gene Mods and Mechs. Yes, I said it Mechs. They are awesome. So I did say salvation was at hand didn't I. A couple of intrepid fans decided that while XCOM was awesome it wasn't everything it could be. And so The Long War mod was born. The Long War on Enemy Within is the quintessential XCOM experience. Bringing over 700 hundred changes to the game it is everything you want it to be. Revamped aerial combat. Yes. 8 Total classes. Yes. Unchained AI on all difficulties. Yes. Almost all of the code that cheated for or against the player has been removed. If you lose a soldier there is no doubt that it is because you did something stupid/risky. That is a great feeling. So buy this collection, and for the love of XCOM install The Long War!


Shut up and give them your money.

Perception1987 | June 15, 2014 | Review of Another World 20th Anniversary Edition - PC

I have loved this game since I was a small child experimenting with curse words slung in the direction and that damned fanged slug. This game is tough. It comes from a time long ago before all the hand holding. It is also beautiful and memorizing. I couldn't remember the name of this game for many years. I only had memories of laser guns a death. I digress though. Buy this game. It is worth every penny.