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Spec Ops: The Line - Review

Phant0mGMG | May 25, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops The Line - PC

Here's a short summary before I go onto the main part: -Good storyline -Good gameplay at time -Too short -Some of the mechanics are a bit simple Now, let's broaden that summary a bit. I enjoy Specs Ops. The first thing you are gonna heard about the game is "it's not your average 3rd person shooter" ...well, it is. The mechanics of this game aren't anything we haven't really seen before, and I think if they brought some new things to the table I would of enjoyed the game alot more. But the story isn't your average MMS story line. It's very interesting but a some parts it moves too fast and could of been expanded abit more. This leads onto my next part. The games too short. I did the campaign in 4-5 hours on hard, without skipping any cutscenes.If they had better mechanics they could of fleshed out the gameplay and made room for the story to be expanded. Overall good game, may be a bit of a negative review but I still enjoy it. It regularly goes on sale so it's worth picking up.