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Don't under estimate indies

PhlyQ | April 10, 2015 | Review of Bastion Steam - PC

Bastion is an amazing game which came as a surprise to me. I saw this game was on sale and decided to pick it up little did i know that i was in for an unforgeable gaming experience. Bastion has some very fun and simple game play, you get a wide variety of weaponry at your disposal and while the game can get difficult at time it rarely managed to take away from the experience and made me want to improve my skill. The story in this game was also quite well done, something you have probably heard about this game is how wonderful the narration is and i can't agree more, the narrator comments on almost everything you do and moves the plot along, The narration brought the game alive and made things as dull as walking from point A to point B much more enjoyable and quirky. In conclusion i really enjoyed this game and recommend it to all gamers new or old it easily can retain your attention for the 6 or so hours the original campaign takes, not to mention the challenges and multiple ending which can add even more hours to an already amazing game. This game should not be missed out on.


Smaller, yet better than previous installments

PhlyQ | April 10, 2015 | Review of Call of Juarez Gunslinger Steam - PC

Call of Juarez, i have hated this series up until this game, don't get me wrong the Call of Juarez games have always had potential but it was always missing something. Gunslinger doesn't tote the same budget, publicity and length as the games that came before, but damn is it fun as hell. The story follows a veteran bounty hunter Silas Greaves who shares his adventures to patrons at a bar. Most of the action takes place via flashbacks and while the game is quite linear the fast pace of the game more then makes up for it. The game took me 5 hours to finish and while it was short, i think the length worked well for the game and if the game dragged on for much longer it would have gotten very dry and boring. This game is really fun and worth playing even if you didn't like previous Call of Juarez games.


Under appreciated masterpiece

PhlyQ | May 13, 2013 | Review of The Darkness 2 - PC

The Darkness released early February 2012 and was a game that didn’t receive much advertising or player generated hype. The Darkness 2 follows the story Jackie Estacado a mob boss who inherits a peculiar ability which is wielding the Darkness. The game uses cell shading similar to borderlands which compliments the game world well. The gameplay is quite original and lets you “quad-wield” which basically means you can wield a gun in each hand while also controlling your two darkness demon arms. The controls feel a bit fiddly when using a mouse and keyboard, if you own a controller I would recommend using that instead. This game has some of the most gruesome kills I have ever seen in a game. Using your demonic arms you can rip your enemies in half, slice of their head or even pull out an enemy’s spine from his butt the list goes on. The single player campaign took me about 6 hours on my first play through and left me wanting more, not because the game was bad but because it was so darn good. There is also a co-op campaign which was fun to play with friends but got boring very quickly. In summary, I really enjoyed this game and its unique gameplay but found it was bit to short.


Co-op at its best

PhlyQ | May 8, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 ANZ - PC

The original Borderlands was amazing but its main selling point was how fun it was with friends and Borderlands 2 is no different. If you played the original you will feel at home with Borderlands 2, except everything has been improved. More varied quests and locations, new classes and NPCs, improved graphics and best of all new GUNS!!! If you didn’t enjoy the original Borderlands then I can’t really recommend this game for you because the game hasn’t changed enough to draw in those who didn’t like the first, however those who missed the bandwagon in 2009 should jump on now with a three friends and appreciate this magnificent game. The only gripe I had with the game was that when playing single player the game can slow down and you can get bored quite fast. So in simple terms, if you have a enjoy cooperative shooters this game is for you, lone wolves won’t enjoy this quite as much but it is still a ride worth taking if only just to experience the beauty of Pandora.