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Micy Roll

PikuVava | July 11, 2014 | Review of Micy Roll (1) - PC

Calming and refreshing game. Micy Roll is really refreshing indie platformer with truly atmospheric music and Unique artistic style. Movement is smooth and levels are well designed, so the flow won't stop at any moment during the game. "Micy dreams every night to fly to the moon; tonight, it’s time to start a great journey!" This sentence made the game a lot better. You start to think what is the reason why this tiny, but mighty Micy Roll exists in this Universe. This is a game which can calm you down and make you think about the life, the Universe and everything. Micy Roll's cons are in the polishing, shabby textures and character design makes game look that it's made in the late 90s. Otherwise Micy Roll is really calming game which you can play in any mood you want. 66/100 - Really good idea, but the lack of polishing dragged down overall score.


Really good click game

PikuVava | April 16, 2014 | Review of Tales from the Dragon Mountain The Strix - PC

I haven't played many click & find games, so I gave this game a try. You play as Mina Lockheart, a young woman who's dreams gets so real, she decides to discover what's behind these weird dreams and from here her adventure starts. This game is really beautifully made, every "level" is designed really carefully and they're filled with detailed and colorful objects. On every single level I just stopped to look at the high contrasted level. Small minigames really cheered up when I've been stuck in some level. Story is really interesting and kinda gives me thoughts: "What if" and "Is there some deeper thing going on". Sound quality isn't A-class in the game, but overall it was really well voice acted and it helped to create cinematic feeling. But probably the main reason I continued to play this game is the atmosphere, music is really beautiful and it's creating the right feeling in every level. And I was really keen on what kind of music the game offers in next locations. Overall this game is really well polished, with really good music and story (although bit confusing). Only thing that lowered the score majorly was similarity, it felt like every level goes with the same logic and annoying friends just shattered my mind.


Positively Suprised

PikuVava | April 14, 2014 | Review of Tiny Troopers Steam - PC

I have always enjoyed games where you can control soldiers and upgrade their equipment. In Tiny Troopers you control your own "battalion" which includes different types of troopers which you can get among the way and this gives you chance to play different levels always with different style. You can upgrade your soldier's equipment which makes next levels little bit easier to play through, of course even when you have really high ranked soldiers, you need reinforcements to fight through different enemies. Map design is really good, graphics are really great and artistic style of models is really pleasant for eyes. All this combined with fast paced and exciting missions results in being absolutely one of my favourite "few cent" game. Slight minus is the lack of levels, but of course there's free mobile version "Tiny Troopers 2" if you want more playable content.


OK Experience

PikuVava | April 9, 2014 | Review of Handball Challenge 2014 - PC

As a fan of handball I really looked forward to this game, the result was pretty much what I expected. Handball Challenge 2014 Offers great atmosphere and several different teams from different leagues and real-like commentary. And that's about it, gameplay is extremely buggy and stuttering, sound effects aren't fluid at all and yet the "real-like" commentary even feels like the commentator is extremely bored, like made with google translate and says obvious and weird things in random places. Sound quality is really bad. Animations and models are really rough and it makes the game really annoying to play when hands and ball aren't in any kind of synchronization. This is great idea, but lack of resources and knowledge ruined this game without mentioning the price. Still if you're hardcore handball fan and you wanna get control of your favourite team, yes, you can buy this. In some places bugs are fun and the slow motion replays adds great ability to watch the most epic/weird goal.


Amazing game!

PikuVava | April 1, 2014 | Review of Green Man Gaming Simulator - PC

You begin with this small company and work hard every day to get more staff and challenges! You get to the meetings and you can unlock these secret achievements to unlock more money and traffic! If you are true hardcore fan of video games this is right choice for you! This game has everything you need for rest of your life! BUY IT BUY IT NOW!