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That's how ya roll, if you want to make low budget shooter!

Pilgrim6 | May 23, 2013 | Review of Call of Juarez Gunslinger Steam - PC

I am very fond of Western. Sadly, thing is, that in this genre there isn't really big selection one can pick from. So previous Call of Juarez games were known to me (well let's not mention Cartel here - it's a rightfully the black sheep of CoJ family - it should be disowned). Apparently the fail of Cartel also meant lower budget for next Call of Juarez. But worry not, it's not a bad thing. I also really dig celshade. Prince of Persia (that 2008 version, the one with Elika!) and Borderlands are my favorite games. Mentioning Borderlands brings me back to Gunslinger. Because they have so much in common. And that's very veeery good. First thing is above mentioned celshade. Let me tell you that celshade Western looks terrific! It really gives you THE VIBE! The Western vibe. Second thing they have in common is the shooter mechanics, it's hectic, it's fast and it's FUN! You only have quite a few weapons yet I never did get bored with them. But wait the list of commons doesn't end here. Another thing they have in common is sort of RPG element which means same as in Borderlands you assign here level points in a perk tree, divided intro a tree branches (colt, rifle, shotgun). One thing they also have in common is humor. Its not as crazy as the one in Borderlands but it definitely lightens the game (seriously, who isn't bored of those games that take themselves so serious...). There are a Western few innuendos. Many funny moments but the story still feels entertaining. Bar story from an old Bounty Hunter, recapitulating his life. Soundtrack is a hit in the spot too, supporting the Western atmosphere and some tunes really caught my ear. So far pure ode. But there are a few things you should know before buying this game (and you really should by the way). First, it's short. I beat the storyline in 6 hours. True, there are two additional modes. Arcade (aka, rush through the map killing as many enemies in as low time as you can) and Duel (trying to duel your way through 15 enemies with 5 lives). In both you are trying to get the best score you can and compete with other people in leaderboards. That's the only MP element Gunslinger has. There is also a replayability potential with the RPG trees and really damn fine shooter mechanics. However still, it's not a long game experience. Truth is, the game costs 15 bucks which is 1/4 of today's triple A game which in no way gives you 24 hours of gameplay (very few do) so it's not a bad deal. Second thing is, in current state the game has a few glitches per say. I experienced two, one of them is problem with 7.1 sound system and the other one is a micro stuttering with keyboard and mouse. However the first one will be probably quickly resolved and the other one is rather minor (first hour I didn't even notice it). In the end, Gunslinger is definitely worth it's price for an average gamer and a must have for every Western fan! "My father used to say: God made man but Samuel Colt made them equal" ~ Silas Greaves


Steampunk meets Victorian era and it's terrific!

Pilgrim6 | May 14, 2013 | Review of Dishonored Steam - PC

I am very keen of Steampunk. However fact is that in this genre there isn't a really big selection you choose from. You wouldn't believe me how happy I was when I spotted that my favorite studio was making one such a game, while employing game art director of Half Life 2 (One the best stylized game up to date). I've spent months hoping the game will live up to it's premise. And it did. What I've gotten was one of the most stunningly looking worlds filled with magic, stealth and ... rats! The main storyline spins around character of Corvo, the Queen's protector who somewhat failed to do his main job, protecting the Queen. If that wasn't enough he is blamed of her death and waits for his death in a dungeon. What changes his life and sets him on the path of revenge is the Outsider. Entity of great powers (god in some manner) who offers him a way. And it's gonna be a very bloody way. As I've already mentioned, graphics of this game are beautiful but not in a pixel hunting way. The omnipresent magnificent art style of Viktor Antonov is what makes this game so shiny. The gameplay mechanics let you create thousands of possibilities how to dispose of your enemies. While the game encourages you to use stealth but in no way forces you to use it. If weapons and guns weren't enough, you are given a set of magic abilities to spice things up. You can spend hours just discovering more about the world of Dishonored. One of my favorite activities was just exploring and reading books. Books! What is quite ironic is the fact that the main story isn't all that great. While it certainly won't bore you, it doesn't bring anything special. Rather ordinary story of revenge in a very extraordinary world. Most of the plot twists are very foreseeable. Yet even that cannot stain the fact that Dishonored belongs to one of the best games in the last decade.


Game of my heart and life

Pilgrim6 | May 14, 2013 | Review of Dark Messiah Might Magic - PC

First time I played this game was the year when it came out. I really enjoyed it but for some reason never got to finish it. After some time I decided to pick it again. Sense of nostalgia and epicness filled me. The game features of broad selection of weapons, stealth system, for it's time great graphics and story that really hooked me up. Mainly because it's characters. Xana is one of the most memorable characters in my whole gaming history. She is just perfect (and evil - so you will love her even more). Even when hours into the game, combat still feels fresh and entertaining and at a point where it might get weary, you are given a new set of abilities. Bonus points are given for the fact that you can use environment against your enemies. RPG elements are strong skeleton of this game and immerse the great joy you will have playing it. There are certain moments where you can notice that the game could have been even more. Partial crafting system that has pretty much no use and et cetera. This game has in my opinion unjustly missed the hall of fame of action RPGs. It was for Dark Messiah and my interest in Arkane Studios that I first spotted Dishonored few days after it was announced on their website. Arkane studio did prove months later that they are destined to make great games. Dark Messiah belongs to one of my most favorite games up to date.


Perfection, that all RPGs should strive to and learn from

Pilgrim6 | May 14, 2013 | Review of The Witcher II Assassins of Kings - PC

I, too, have never played Witcher 1. So it took me some time to actually get to play this game. Sweet mother I was surprised by the fact of what I've missed. You play as Gerald of Rivia, professional beast hunter with magical abilities and a rather scary and mysterious past. Where to start. The game is a magnificent combination of great combat (and rather hard that is - in a positive way), RPG elements and what's most entertaining for me - the way storyline works and unfolds. The story spreads like a tree and your decisions thus matter and have impact on the game and your progress through it. Another matter is that Witcher 2 is a feast for your eyes. The Red Engine really does it's work. The game looks simply terrific. Falling in love with some of the protagonists, literally (Triss Merigold I am looking at you) and bromantically (Zoltan and Iorveth), isn't hard. Their characters are portrayed carefully and thus they are very believable and feel natural and unique. The only thing I might complain is a fact that games difficulty fluctuates a lot during the game's length but I find it hard to even mention it. Once I was done, my brain was yelling: "Give me another Witcher!" Wish that I will apparently be granted since Witcher 3 is coming! Can't wait to continue the story of Geralt of Rivia.


Game with interesting potential that just didn't live up to it

Pilgrim6 | May 14, 2013 | Review of The Secret World - PC

The Secret World really had a high promise. Game centred about mysteries, secret societies and their connection to the real and other world. However the fact is that in combat the game doesn't offer anything special and just feels mediocre, graphics definitely look out of date and the main story lines are decent at best. One thing the game did live up to are the investigation quests (usually finding involvement of one of the secret societies in a historic events) that really require you to think hard and use your brain wits. That however doesn't bring salvation to the whole game just adds something actually interesting and funny. It's setting especially at the beginning is quite entertaining (honestly how many MMOs set in current time can you play?) and you visit many locations around the world. The dialogue animations feel nice but same as the rest of the game, not in a visual way. Another thing that gives some points to this game is the fact that you can mix up the classes so you are not bound just to one. That at least adds something new to the combat system. The fact is that the game transferred from monthly subscription fees to buy to play which definitely helped it by bringing the game more players. In the end however I must say the game does feel grindy and as much as I try to point out it's good moments, there just isn't enough of them. This gets 65 from me and large chunk of it is just for trying something new. Whether the game is worth it or not depends on your priorities.


10 bucks for a 5th character. Good for some, less for others.

Pilgrim6 | May 11, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Pack Overflow - PC

Gaige is a sweet girl that packs a hell of a punch. Her special ability is her fellow companion called Deathtrap. Her personal bodyguard. Three trees. One for Deathtrap, one for damage (less accurancy however) and for elemental damage. Mechromancer is in my opinion a very easy class. You can shoot enemies from distance while your little (or rather big) helper wrestles with them. This action ability has a very low cooldown and long duration thus you can have DT with you all the time. I, for one, am very content with her but the fact is, I got her with a pre-order. Rest depends on you. Gaige surely does offer fun to BL 2 but it's up to you if 10 bucks is worth it. If you are a big BL 2 fan who has already spend hundreds of hours ingame, you surely want to try another class. If you are a casual player, Gaige will be fun for you. But she won't dramatically change your game experience.


A way to go, cult but with things that one can complain about

Pilgrim6 | May 11, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

Irrational have a really great history of doing good games. Bioshock, SWAT 4, Sytem Shock 2. No wonder that they produced another amazing game that will probably become one of the gaming classics and almost certainly GOTY (at least in the shooter genre) Story of this game could be made into a book (though I am sure there was some inspiration taken from them). In the end the basic motive isn't that complicated but it's execution could squeeze your brain a bit. Infinite is set in a beautiful flying world Colombia in early 20th century. It's simply breathtaking in a way Dishonored is. They don't hunt pixels. They hunt art appeal. Which for me is a great plus. It's shooter mechanics haven't really changed from Bioshock, only small edition is the rail and hook system. When I say they didn't change it means they are still amazing, don't get me wrong. Another thing that simply enchanted me was the character of Elizabeth. If you don't have at least a small affliction for her, you don't have a heart. Period. So far so good. Now come my complaints. What you need to understand is that if this was a "normal" game, those almost could be forgotten. Yet we are probably talking about a cult here. So here we go. The combat - it's great but at your 10th hour it will probably start feeling a bit repetitive. The guns are the same, the powers aren't really all that mindblowing. At the end of the game it might start feeling a little bit as a chore. At least for me it did. That part I have to do to finally get to the bottom of this story. Another thing that really puzzled me was the fact that the game presents you with the vision of choices yet in the end from what I've heard and checked make literally no difference. It's a shame because I could imagine a different endings. The fact is that in the end, Irrational Games produced one of the best games in the last years.


Ancestor of a much better follow-ups.

Pilgrim6 | May 11, 2013 | Review of Assassins Creed - PC

The original assassin's creed laid a iron-steel background for the upcoming saga. Truth is, this game denies that the first game/movie is usually better than the one that follows. Assassin's creed came with some really great innovations such as populated cities, stealth mechanics, assassinations, parkouring on the rooftops. However the game is essentially hurt by the fact of omni-present repeating missions in every of the major cities you will be travelling in between. Three or four times is fine but once you are doing the same thing for a 10th time it starts to annoy you. The only thing that keeps you bearing such a pain is a glimpse of a really good story, that in the end really comes, but it's really only the end. However we can thank AC 1 for setting up a new brand that following titles much much improved..


Jewel that was unjustly forgotten?

Pilgrim6 | May 11, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs - PC

I for one have never played True Crime serie. However SD caught my eye with it's Hong Kong setting. Otherwise the game might have easily slipped my eye. Truth is this game is just amazing. It's like GTA mixed with 80s combat style and one of the most attaching stories in the last 5 years. One of the things that really surprised me was the music. It felt just fitting. What this game lacks is probably entertaining side missions and re-playability. Graphics aren't the top dog but they won't insult you either. In the end, definitely worth your time. Square Enix again proved that they have a talent for publishing very good games.


Divide et impero

Pilgrim6 | May 9, 2013 | Review of Crusader Kings II - PC

Divide and conquer. That's the main strategy for playing this game. I am yet to find a game that paints the medieval politics better than CK 2. More often you will be fighting on the fields of intrigue and treacheries than on those of battle. Shall you marry the prince of Holy Roman Empire or rather someone else? What will you get from that marriage? Is your own son plotting against you? Shall you have him thrown him into the prison or even assassinate him? This and much more will be your daily bread. What comes with it, is one of the best strategy soundtracks I've ever heard and heavy addiction combined with endless hours before the PC screen. Careful or you might end up running to your friends yelling: "I have managed to inherit whole Byzantine empire for my son as a Queen of Georgia!" I have warned you.


Great budget game with mistakes you will gladly forget.

Pilgrim6 | May 9, 2013 | Review of Mars War Logs - PC

Mars: War logs is a budget game. Rather than seen it's heard from the first minute (the voice-over could really use some polish as could the lip-sync). Yet it will somewhat enchant you. The surrounding universe, the Witcher II like combat, the salute to Bioware style RPGs and their relationships feature. Your decisions will matter too. The story might not be revolutionary but it won't offend either. If you can forgive this game some of it's quirks. I promise you it will deliver you a great amount of fun for 20 bucks. Sadly this game is to my surprise getting a lot of backslash from professional game reviewers but from me it gets, well deserved, 85.


A worthy successor to the original Hot Pursuit

Pilgrim6 | May 9, 2013 | Review of Need for Speed Hot Persuit - PC

NFS: HP II is one of the core games of my childhood. Endless hours spent on it, both alone and on splitscreen. New Hot Pursuit offers a great fun. Good looks, fast cars and catchy multiplayer. Yet I somewhat feel it lacks something. Be it better music (the one that is there isn't bad, but it really doesn't pump me up and rise my adrenaline) or slightly better damage model. Nonetheless it's a really good racing game and you won't regret the money spent on it.