Reviews by Plasros


Worth it!

Plasros | Aug. 30, 2013 | Review of Sid Meier's Ace Patrol

This really is an original little strategy gem and well worth the money of any gamer looking for something a bit different. It would have easily scored a 10 if it weren't for the fact that a couple of very minor bugs can occasionally break the game (such as having to select an upgrade all your pilots already have after taking the 'copycat' perk). Even with its minor flaws it would be silly not to get it at this price. Let's face it, Firaxis do NOT make garbage.


Great XCOM Game!

Plasros | Aug. 27, 2013 | Review of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

Pretty much everything I wanted from the canceled XCom Alliance game that we never got. Yes, it apes Mass Effect, while offering a deeper tactical system. Voice acting is pretty solid and the overall flavor is very unique.

So far it's the 3rd best X-com game, past the first and the recent tactical remake.

The story was compelling, if a bit rushed in parts, and I wish they had incorporated some more of the research and building aspects of Unknown but in the end I was completely happy with my purchase. The end of the game feels very rushed, and I would have liked a bit more diversity among my squad as I tended to use the same two for every mission.

Definitely worth a buy though, as long as your expectations are right.



Plasros | Aug. 25, 2013 | Review of Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Blacklist - Deluxe Edition

This game is brilliant. I love the new modes, how you can be all stealthy (like a ghost), or full out assault-mode. I also love the plane, and how upgrading it can give you bonuses and rewards, as opposed to being purely cosmetic.

So far it has been a MASSIVE improvement over Conviction, and a definite step into the direction of the original games. Graphics on PC look marvelous on max settings, a world apart from the console versions. Spies vs Mercs is back! And it's just as fun as I remembered. This game will not disappoint if you are an old school fan of the series.


Best Game of This Gen!

Plasros | Aug. 12, 2013 | Review of Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition

This is simply the best game I've played this gen, because no other game has gave me so many hours of gameplay. seriously, I've spent like 30 hours in the multiplayer alone and I've beaten every episode's story,the story has it's flaws as well as the mp but overall it's a very fun experience, the mp is the most funny, fair and complete I've played; there's so many options, and they're all fun, besides u won't get ur ass kicked as easy as in rdr or cod when ur new 'cause there's no perks or any of that stuff in this game keeping the game fair and challenging 4 everybody, BOTTOMLINE this is the best value u can get out of any game: 3 excellent games for this very low price from GMG is highly recommended!


Highly Recommended!

Plasros | Aug. 12, 2013 | Review of Complete GTA Bundle

Amazing bundle, gives you top notch games at a very low price from GMG. For those (if there are any) who haven't yet played any GTA game, this bundle is really great to get you into the crazy, epic and nonsensical yet fun experience that only the Grand Theft Auto games can deliver with polish!


A definite buy for any 4X Fan!

Plasros | Aug. 8, 2013 | Review of Sword of the Stars: Complete Collection

SOTS, together with the two expansion packs, turned out to be a fantastic 4X game.

While the original SOTS felt a bit incomplete, the massive improvements included in the collection turned it into this reviewers favorite 4X.

Make no mistake, this is not an easy game to master - there are a LOT of tricks to playing it - but it offers more diversity in tactics and strategy than any other. The sheer options one has and the number of strategies and counter-strategies is intimidating.

It is clear that a lot of love and care was put into this product and it shows. While it still has a few kinks and flaws (like some blurry textures, engine that is not fully optimized), the things it does offer (re-playability, truly unique races and play-styles, customization, etc..) do make them trivial in comparison.

Definitely worth the low price on sellers like GMG.


Great Addition!

Plasros | Aug. 8, 2013 | Review of The Kings Crusade: Teutonic Knights

Buying DLCs for a game always seems negative. But in this case, the content is worth it. New world events, units and heroes. Everything well-done, completely balanced and enjoyable. Add an unexpected hero to your stable of noble men with the worthy additions of Lancelot, Joan d’ Arc or Arthur of Brittany. Explore their special strengths and skills to defeat your arch nemesis. Utilize the Ayyubid Bowmen for their infamous speed or the Gascon Knights for the might of their swords. Whether playing as Saracen or Lionheart, you will discover the right combination of allies to find victory in your battle.


Highly Recommended!

Plasros | Aug. 8, 2013 | Review of The Kings Crusade: New Allies

For the price, this is an amazing little DLC pack. New good units and heroes, as the other add-ons. But the best from this DLC pack is the new event content: two crazy missions and two funny characters you'll love.

The new Heroes that are available come with accompanying plots that, like all choices in the game, may require you to make some sacrifices in order to obtain and use them.

I have completed the Crusader campaign with this DLC installed and only saw about half of the listed 'new' units, so there may be some tricks to unlocking some of them as well.

In all, this DLC is much like the first two DLC's for its sister game, King Arthur. They are certainly not necessary to enjoy the game, but for this price it is highly recommended!


Tropico 4 Militarised

Plasros | Aug. 8, 2013 | Review of Tropico 4: Junta

A solid DLC for Tropico 4. The bunker can be very useful when you need a bigger army but dont want so many generals. It allows you to recruit soldiers that do not need a general to look after them. The decorations here are also top-notch for anyone who wanted their Tropico islands to look just that little bit more militarized. Personally, I always wanted something like this for Tropico 3 (and 4), and felt that for a game set in the Cold War, the lack military buildings and equipment was an obvious hole. Great Price for a Great DLC.


Great Enhancement for Die-hard Victoria Fans!

Plasros | Aug. 8, 2013 | Review of Victoria II: Interwar Engineer Unit Pack DLC

Only for die-hard Victoria fans. No new units, no new gameplay features... the sprite pack only enhanced graphics for the Interwar time period. This of course helps to distinguish your armies better. Still, you do not need it. On the other hand, if you play Victoria 2 a lot, like I do, you will not regret this or the other sprite packs. Great and completely non-obligatory dlc enhancing Victoria II experience by adding high-res models, the cheap price is also enticing.


I Really Like It!

Plasros | Aug. 8, 2013 | Review of Afterfall Insanity Extended Edition

I fell in love with this game from nearly the start as it goes slow for the first few minutes then things get going to a final crescendo that i thought i had already guessed but as with most good games of this type its not always as you think it is. The best part of this game is the sound effects and music, i highly recommend using headphones to play or playing via a really good sound setup. There were many times that a sound wasnt what it what you thought it was hence the insanity name in the title. If your into the post apocalyptic genre then you need to check this one out, oh and the end of the game isnt when you finally get outside


Fresh Variety!

Plasros | Aug. 8, 2013 | Review of Assassins Creed III

For me this is the best Assassin's Creed since the first game. Yes it's simple regarding combat and so on, but the story and game's world is so enrapturing I can't take my hands of it.


A Classic Brought Back To Life!

Plasros | Aug. 8, 2013 | Review of FINAL FANTASY VII

This game got recently released (again) for the pc and while I didn't actually buy it again for this platform (I stick with the original Ps1 copy, thank you), this game still holds up as one of the most memorable JRPG of all time. But not the best, and don't take me wrong if I say that even I once thought so, when I was a kid, because it was one of the first RPGs I ever played, thus it was pretty much everyone's favourite for the same reason. But let's start from good things: it's still a very solid RPG and has both a good story and a good combat system; the story is very deep and has great twists now and then and while the graphics aren't great, the game itself is good. The combat is good as well, with turn-based system combat at its finest (nowadays everyone's hates it though), and with a lot of customization thanks to the Materia system (in short, every character can do any role, as long as the right materias are set). Add up the fact that the game is HUGE, has a lot of secrets, Chocobo farming, many secondary stuff to do and also secret characters (since you can also skip them if you don't know how to do them), this game is definitely a solid game as it is.


No-Nonsense Fun!

Plasros | Aug. 7, 2013 | Review of RIP Trilogy

If you're up for a fun, no-nonsense, classic style, old-school, twin-stick shooter with very straightforward bish-bash-bosh gameplay then you can do a lot worse than hand over your money to GMG for this 3-game package which gives you the three games of the RIP series. You can rip through the first RIP game in around two and a half hours, yet feel rewarded by great gunplay and overall fun experience. Blast, shoot, kill is the motto of this game!


Really Worth It!

Plasros | Aug. 7, 2013 | Review of Airborne Troops

Not the best third person action game out there but fun nevertheless.Not a WW2 difficulty hell like CALL OF DUTY,but an easy to pick up game with OK controls and camera.It is really worth your money!


Polished Twin Stick Shooter!

Plasros | Aug. 7, 2013 | Review of Chrono Rage

Chrono Rage never strays far from conventions, but it is always a joy to play. The lack of multiplayer and selectable difficulties is regrettable, but hardly detrimental in light of the numerous modes offered. In a market becoming crowded with shoddy knockoffs, Chrono Rage stands out as a polished trophy of the genre.


Pick it up - Amazing!

Plasros | Aug. 7, 2013 | Review of Alice: Madness Returns (EU)

Own this game via Steam for PC with a Logitech gamepad. If you're looking at this game, a controller is a must. This game, if you're into a sort of dark, twisted fairy tail atmosphere, is brilliant. Granted, the graphics could be slightly better, but it still looks great. Lots of secrets to discover, but so far hasn't seemed entirely worth the extra effort (haven't finished it yet though, so I don't know if it unlocks extra bits). It has a nice blend of platforming and action I think, so it doesn't get too repetitive for too long. Only reason I haven't rated it higher are minor issues. Sometimes, the camera just doesn't respond well and leaves you blindsided for a short bit. Also, there's a 'targeting' system that can require a lot of babysitting and quite often, leaves you struggling to attack the foe you want to be attacking. The game kind of makes up for this by not making a big deal out of dying. If you're looking for a fun hack'n'slash, action game, sprinkled with some puzzles, with a great, dark, artsy atmosphere that only Alice in Wonderland can really offer, then pick it up


Check it out!

Plasros | Aug. 7, 2013 | Review of BR 4BIG Class 422 EMU Add-On

This game brings out the train lover in me. The number of railways you can drive on really does add replay value to the game. This DLC brings back the classic 4BIG which is an amazing addition to the game! One of the best games this year.


I love it!

Plasros | Aug. 6, 2013 | Review of Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians

Beatbuddy succeeds at its attempt of harmonizing an underwater adventure with an interactive musical composition. The ocean full of puzzles and challenges that await are only held back by its inability to consistently evolve. Its visual presentation is one of the best in indie history, and some of the game's best moments of musical participation will have you bobbing your head and waving your hands in the air. It isn't a perfectly rounded adventure, but it's one that succeeds at it's premise.


Truly Great!

Plasros | Aug. 6, 2013 | Review of Operation Flashpoint: Red River - 4 Pack

Red River is a significant improvement over Dragon Rising. I even reinstalled DR just to be sure. I DO miss the editor, but even that was not great in DR compared to ARMA 2. The movement and control of your people is much more accurate and just feels better then in DR where I feel like I'm walking around in mud. The re-playability is terrific and makes you want to try the different soldier classes just to be able to unlock more weapon options. The tracer ricochet effects are well done as are the echo effects of the guns firing. There are some annoyances however such as: you can't skip the long ingress or egress of the missions where you have to listen to Knox rambling about his 10 rules to live by while riding in the back of your transport, be it a chopper or truck. You CAN skip the campaign intro movies however. There are still some issues that need to be addressed, but for someone who likes an FPS with a modern combat focus this is a great option


Fun & Worth It !

Plasros | Aug. 6, 2013 | Review of Gettysburg: Armored Warfare 4 Pack

I was hyped for this game, and I was disappointed by the graphics and animations. but, this is not a reason to dislike the game. The battles are intense and diverse, and rely on tactics rather than run and gun reliance. Having said that, the gunplay is actually very good and vehicles (despite some animation glitches) are vital to your success.

There are many different units available for you to play as, and I personally have found Deathmatch mode to be highly entertaining. The rank and stat progression are nice, but don't buy this game if you're a unlock-whore, as there are no unlocks. The formula for fun is something that hasn't been seen in a game for quite a while, as the focus is upon gameplay rather than making the graphics as shiny as possible. I shall certainly be playing this game much, much more. Servers are always populated, and the potential mods that shall appear will far surpass the discounted price that I paid for it on GMG. Also, the devs are always listening to users on their forums and there looks to be a lot of fixes coming up in the future.

Overall, you can't really do much better for a fun game at this low price. Just don't let your graphics expectations to over-ride the purpose of this game. Open your minds, gentlemen, to this blast from the past.


Not Bad

Plasros | Aug. 6, 2013 | Review of Starvoid - 4 Pack

Honestly, there's nothing BAD about starvoid. But there's nothing amazing either. Games too often never pan out, and the gameplay never really intrigued me that much. I can see where some people might like it a lot, but it just doesn't offer as much as an RTS should, and it wasn't really for me. Yet with this pack from GMG which is great value I'd definitely recommend it!


Tower Defense at it's Best!

Plasros | Aug. 5, 2013 | Review of Sanctum 2 - 4 Pack

This is a great game, I love the way it improves on Sanctum 1 and tried to build on some story elements. I love the focus on upgrading towers and how it blends the FPS elements with the TD elements making neither one completely useless.

I have still been able to sit back and watch my towers, however when I shoot something I now know that they feel it.

The UI Seems to be vastly improved as well, cleaning up the rough edges around the first games UI and making it easier to track for newer player.

I hope this is the start of a blossoming and wonderful Sanctum franchise branching into many areas for our enjoyment.


Really Great!

Plasros | Aug. 5, 2013 | Review of Killing Floor 4 Pack

Killing floor is an intense Co-op game which I admit could've been better. The maps are dull sometimes, Usually you find yourself wandering in the same place the whole time because most are just small complexes. The graphics were at Medium, THe textures could've bumped up a little, The gore was astounding, Meat chunks, small Rivers of blood. When you got a Headshot, You'd get the urge to say: "SUCK IT!" when the mutant gets his head BLOWN apart. The game would've Performed and looked better if it was on the source engine, but since L4D and L4D2 pre-occupie Source Engine Co-op modes, It would be like Having similar games right next to eachother, but they shouldn't be similar. The Co-op is amazing, Teaches you to stay together or your definatley toast, the different kinds of mutants is similar to L4D, But just distorted. Cash System works out well, Kill mutants, Steal their cash to afford amazing weapons like the Katana (chainsaw Fails!) Hunting Shotgun, Crossbow, and other Amazing weapons


Highly Recommended!

Plasros | Aug. 5, 2013 | Review of Chivalry - 4 Pack

Best melee combat game I've played. The combat is quite deep, but no so complicated that you can't just jump in and start lopping off heads straight away (just avoid high ranked people). There's a good amount of game modes. FFA, Duel, TDM, Capture the Flag, Last Team Standing and the best mode, Team Objective which has teams competing to attack or defend many varied objectives, like burning a town and killing all the peasants, to dumping corpses in a cistern, to sieging a castle and killing the king! There 6 main weapons and 6 secondary weapons for each of the 4 classes to unlock, which won't take very long but will take a bit of dedication. The 4 classes all feel very different. There are archers, who use crossbows, bows, javelins and slings, speedy man at arms who use light one handed weapons and can dodge around the place. Vanguards have the longest reaching weapons, including polearms and can do special sprint attacks. Knights are the tankiest class, with some of the heaviest hitting weapons like the maul. They are also have bastard swords, which they can wield 2 handed or with a kite or tower shield.

Very good game, I highly recommend to everyone, even if you've not really touched the genre of First Person Slashers, because fresh meat is always good.


Great Value!

Plasros | Aug. 5, 2013 | Review of Cities in Motion 2: Wending Waterbuses

This DLC is, by leaps and bounds, the best city simulation game DLC to come out in a while. Great AI pathing, impressive graphics, persistent sims, so many choices for transit it boggles the mind, and I could go on.

The initial learning curve is hard to get over, but it's well worth it. The tutorial wasn't done very well and doesn't really teach you how to jump head first into the first scenario. I recommend watching at least 1 youtube video on metros and reading up on reddit or another social media site to get past the curve.

Be prepared to dream about placing bus stops, trolley lines, and underground metros after the initial 10 hours or so of gameplay.


Recommended for Nissan Fans!

Plasros | Aug. 3, 2013 | Review of GRID 2 - GTR Racing Pack

A must have if you like the Nissan GTR, a awesome car with a great handling, very fast, easy to mantain a drift only with gas. The yas marina routes are the same as the night but during the day, just not as good as other packages in this point but a very recommended Addon.


Fantastic Hardcore Platfomer!

Plasros | Aug. 3, 2013 | Review of Cloudberry Kingdom

A colourful, addictive, and satisfying platformer, Cloudberry Kingdom is fantastic fun, and only gets more enjoyable when friends are added to the mix. Whether you enjoy quick stints of responsive platforming, or you’re determined to top the competitive online leaderboards, this endless supply of randomly generated content delivers plenty of difficult but delicious value. Hardcore gaming in its purest form, this game is a homage to the best platform games out there. A good game that needs just a little bit of personality to stand out among the several others platform games available today.


Surprisingly Fun & Fresh!

Plasros | Aug. 1, 2013 | Review of Nicolas Eymerich The Inquisitor - Book I: The Plague

The game is based on the novel by Valerio Evangelisti. It impresses with eerily beautiful 3D scenery with matching soundtrack. Something interesting for Medieval fans: you may play the game completely in Latin. Looking forward to the next chapter, good graphics, sound and storyline. Was happy to find a really great adventure which was recently released on PC. This is a point and click adventure, a real game NOT a hidden object boring game. I spent days playing this game not minutes.


Definitely worth checking out!

Plasros | Aug. 1, 2013 | Review of The Lost Crown [Playfire]

A brilliant, imaginative exploration of the classic ghost story. The Lost Crown has a great, creepy atmosphere, and the presentation is one of a kind. Dark shadows, spectral figures, near constant mist, and chilling sounds are bound to give most folks an uneasy feeling about playing the game at night in a dimly lit room. A great ghost story, lovingly told and presented. Anyone who enjoys a good, solid adventure game is bound to love this one


An Ode to Old School FPS!

Plasros | July 31, 2013 | Review of Rise of the Triad

As a remake of the spiritual sequel to the grandfather of shooters, I expected to be thrown back with old school style gameplay and level design. It definitely doesn't disappoint with that the levels have a ton of secrets, branching paths, keys for doors halfway across the map, and a lot of gameplay choices that died out since the 90s for example, reloading literally does nothing, and was just included for kicks. Ironsights were also thrown in, but outside of singleplayer you'll get destroyed if you use them. Multiplayer is a rocketfest, which can be frustrating at times, but once you learn your way around that's when it gets fun. The devs are the best part of the game, honestly there's lots of jokes thrown in, like the AI telling you to stick with a controller and text-to-speech in multiplayer. However, it is a bit buggy on launch day, as I found myself getting stuck in walls a lot in singleplayer. I also can't really see a competitive future. But for what it is and what it tries to be, it's perfect.


Amazing Game!

Plasros | July 30, 2013 | Review of 3 Stars of Destiny [Playfire]

3 Stars od Destiny is a prequel to another Aldorlea game - Laxius Force. It's not as big as its "big brother" but it's still around 30 hours of playtime and lots of quests. Otherwise it's quite similar to Laxius Force - huge dungeons with plenty of secrets to discover, tons of armors and weapons and some really challenging fights. Battle system-wise I would say that it's quite possibly the best RPG Maker game I've played - there are just so many spells, buffs and debuffs and using them correctly is often the only way how to win. The story is - once again - thrilling, there's also some humor and many interesting characters. Plus, after finishing the "main story", it's possible to continue the game and finish things you've missed. Also, there are multiple difficulties and some "goodies" (bonus character and so on) are available for free at the Aldorlea site, so 3SoD can easily last for more than 100 hours. In other words, if you enjoy playing this kind of games you should definitively not miss this one


Highly Recommended RPG!

Plasros | July 30, 2013 | Review of Millennium 2: Take Me Higher [Playfire]

Millenium 2: Take Me Higher is the second chapter in the adventures of Marine and her gang as they continue their journey across the land of Myst. All the user options of the first installment are available, allowing the player to tailor the experience, as well as offering the opportunity to either follow the main quest from beginning to end, or take on the side quests that, again, include some challenging boss fights. The music is amazing, with one piece in particular at the end that is far and away the best thing I've heard in ANY RPG. Excellent mapping and scenery, engaging new characters, and, as the previous viewer mentioned, a surprisingly emotional sequence at the completion of the main quest


Great Expansion!

Plasros | July 27, 2013 | Review of Sid Meier’s Civilization® V: Brave New World

Brave New World does a lot to improve Civ V. Beyond the normal addition of civs, buildings and units, it completely revamps the cultural minigame (which was sorely in need of it), adds several new mechanics and fine tunes others. Trading is far more realistic and in depth, with you needing to initiate and guard trade caravans to get their benefits. Tourism is an interesting subcategory of culture. Religion has some minor changes, such as new policies and beliefs, while espionage adds diplomats, a sort-of spy that doesn't steal tech but can watch and influence your neighbors in other ways. All of it does an excellent job of bringing the different aspects of Civ into one complete package, where everything feels interesting, but nothing seems overpowered. The only (minor) issues I have with BNW is that it doesn't really address the inherent flaws of the AI, and a lot of the mechanics feel like they're designed for larger games with many players. If you play with 2-3 others you're probably going to miss out on some fun. So, the burning question on everyone's mind is whether or not Civ V now measures up to Civ IV: Beyond the Sword. I was pretty hard on Civ V at release, and G&K didn't really do much for me, but now, with all expansions, I can confidently say that Civ V lives up to it's predecessor.



Plasros | July 17, 2013 | Review of Mount & Blade: Warband

I was pleasantly surprised when I picked this up for under ten dollars during the sale out of curiosity; the combat in this game matches that of one of my favorites of all-time (chronicles of riddick) and adds a plethura of weapons into the mix. The world is huge and there is so much to do; I'm already coming up to the 50-hour mark (about half was spent in sp, half in mp) and I feel that I'm barely halfway through the single-player campaign. If you're interested in a game of this type, get it, it's the only one. If you're interested in it because it looks good, get it, it is


Absolutely Incredible!

Plasros | July 7, 2013 | Review of They Bleed Pixels

This game is absolutely incredible. The story is short but very interesting, while the game play is fun and smooth. The levels of the game after you pass the first 2 becomes extremely difficult and can take pretty long to finish. The thing i love the most is the checkpoint system ( even if most times I want to rage quit because i put it in bad places ) and the unlock-ables. One of the best games I played this year.


What a Fun Game!

Plasros | July 7, 2013 | Review of Swords and Soldiers

A lot of fun awaits you playing Swords & Soldiers. Easy game-play, nice graphics, funny sounds. I really enjoyed playing this cheap game. Sometimes there's no need of use of super 3D and DTS sound to produce quality



Plasros | July 7, 2013 | Review of Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos [Playfire]

I really just like the thought of building my terribly own centre to run and improve as time progresses. Become a centre international company with thousands of workers. Sadly this game cannot fulfill my hopes to the fullest. It's still a fairly wise, don't get American state wrong, but it's alittle limiting for my feeling. this is {often|this can be} often a consequence of a inadequacy of decisions and things. For an off-the-cuff game it's quite fantastic but if you're probing for lots of of a significant game then i feel you will be able to skip this. jointly the pixely artstyle is incredibly fitting to the premise. i feel they did a extraordinarily wise job with nailing down that trendy but still retro pixely art vogue. I wasn't expecting one thing large. I already contend Game Dev power and was expecting par or below par gameplay. but it shows lots of potential. The part art arrange is awe-inspiring, i liked it. Gameplay is reasonably simple to be told, and exhausting to master. As an off-the-cuff game, i am reasonably obsessed with this. many decisions, in-depth BPO terms and implementation shows the effort. Overall, nice game for the worth. it's going to not cross you, same time no wow issue. It delivers what it promise. a decent rate Sim game


Great Effort!

Plasros | July 7, 2013 | Review of Bad Bots

Bad Bots is a ton of fun and there's a lot more depth to it that what it seems most people are saying about it. There are so many nice details to the rooms. The robots become more challenging as the game goes on. I play it over and over again.


Really Enjoyable!

Plasros | July 7, 2013 | Review of Tryst

BlueGiant Interactive have created a game which, while primarily a Real-Time Strategy title, introduces small elements of the RPG genre into the blend with its ARM unit skill tree.

The campaign is obviously aimed at getting newcomers to the genre familiar with the basic commands and tactics required to participate in the online games at a competent level. Those people like myself, with even a basic level of experience with RTS games, can blow through the story in under two hours.


An Amazing Sequel!

Plasros | July 7, 2013 | Review of The Darkness II

The darkness 2 is a true sequel improving on almost every aspect of the first game, the combat is smooth and vicious, the graphics have a cell shaded look which fits brilliantly in this comic book adaptation and my personal favourite aspect; the riveting and emotional story. While the main campaign is initially short the newgame+ and co-op vendettas mode flesh the game out to be well worth its asking price and whilst some reviewers have complained about bugs in the game during my time with the game I didn't notice a single one.


Fantastic Game!

Plasros | July 7, 2013 | Review of Edna and Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes

Guys, this is a fantastic point and click and game. Great story, characters, graphics, music, atmosphere, creative puzzles, tons of dark jokes, everything is perfect in this little adventure. Deadlic entertainment showed us once more, that they are the best this genre.


What a Great Game!

Plasros | July 6, 2013 | Review of Little Folk of Faery

Little people of Faery is controlled with the mouse. you'll click and drag villagers around to form them act with things, and if you wish to scroll the screen itself you have got to grab it and involve the other direction, which can appear awkward initially however is straightforward to urge the suspend of. you'll additionally scroll round the map with the arrow keys, or click directly onto a mini-map to travel instantly to any location within the realm; these 2 little touches create navigation less frustrating than it may are. You can discover new areas - and new quests - by exploring an oversized map that hides several secrets. Some square measure guarded by forlorn beings referred to as Whistful Spirits, World Health Organization can scare off explorers unless different villagers distract them with music. this is often one among the game's creative twists. Another is that the ability to prepare lavish banquets to draw in a lot of individuals to the village. Like most of its simulation game contemporaries, very little people of Faery runs in time period, that means your villagers will operate fairly severally of you if left to their own devices. the sport can keep running notwithstanding you shut it off, however in contrast to another simulation games you do not need to worry regarding your villagers starving, dying of adulthood, or succumbing to some horrid malady whereas you are away. The villagers in very little people of Faery do not age or get sick, and if food stores square measure running low {they won't|they can not} obstinately starve themselves to death however will instead merely stop no matter task they are doing and begin harvest food instead. While {this can|this may|this can} little doubt please plenty of individuals - the type World Health Organization have anxiety attacks whenever they need to finish off the sport and marvel if their villagers will last through the night - a possible draw back to the villagers' immortality and tidy self-direction is that they do not reproduce either, therefore if you enjoyed enjoying match-maker in different sim games and looking at your village evolve through the generations you will not be able to do this here.


A Missed Opporunity!

Plasros | July 6, 2013 | Review of The Princess Case: A Royal Scoop

Unfortunately, the story within this game is it's biggest downfall, because it throws real-world good judgment out the proverbial window. Lois’s original assignment sees her merely covering the honeymoon of the blue blood and aristocrat, and per se, she is allowed to steal from the couple’s hotelier, burgled their space and take unauthorized pictures for the sake of her article. rather than being in remission once she’s found with the ransom note left within the couple’s suite, Lois is recruited into the force by the FBI’s detective on the case. From there, it’s an excellent additional ludicrous spiral of broken confidentiality and mismatched priorities as several characters come back off as additional involved with Lois’s article than with the welfare of the aristocrat herself.

Technically, the linear gameplay doesn’t afford any reserve backtracking, however you may waste to a small degree of your time in finishing fetch quests for random characters as some way to bribe them for info. If you wish a touch (some things area unit unbelievably well hidden behind bookshelves, cars or boxes wherever solely a sliver is truly visible), you’ll be ready to pull from a similar pool of hints given to you at the start of the sport. Doing well in bound puzzles rewards you with further hints in bulk, however even if you'll be able to postponement to 6 at a time, you continue to ought to watch for a meter to recharge before being allowed to use a resulting hint if you wish it. It’s these sorts of odd style selections that talk to the actual fact that this can be the primary game revealed beneath Anuman’s “Microids – Games for All” label, because the company has lots of space to grow.


Great Fun!

Plasros | July 6, 2013 | Review of Zombie Driver

This game is simple is awesome! I have several friends who play and leader board competitions between friends keeps me coming back to defend my scores. The graphics are well done and the physics are excellent. Playing with a controller makes the game more enjoyable as well. Hoping for Zombie Driver 2 with multiplayer.


Enjoyable Game!

Plasros | July 6, 2013 | Review of Arsenal of Democracy

Very good game that expands on HOI2 in every way. If you want to replay HOI2 go with this game as it is far interesting and challenging. I still would play this over HOI3.


What an Adventure!

Plasros | July 6, 2013 | Review of Deponia

When I play this game... i really felt like my days when i played Monkey Island.... For a "point and click" game, it's a good product: Good sence of humor, nice character development, the music it's sticky and well done, and the history It's short but fine.

Something than I didn't like in this game is the ending... ok, it's fine, but it's very abrupt, you never thought than THAT were the final of the game. And some glitches on the movements and the voice, but nothing more...

It's a good game to play, and the puzzles are very funny to release.


Great Game!

Plasros | July 6, 2013 | Review of Chaos on Deponia

Amazing game with lots of personality! Puzzles sometimes have illogical solutions but in hindsight I just needed to be more observant. The creators are great at adding more and more layers of depth to puzzles so the first solution you come up with is only a part of it. I love how fresh every puzzle is, they never recycle elements. More hilarious moments in this one than the first (lollipop scene is priceless). Rufus seemed like a total ass in the first one but I'm really starting to like him and root for him, even if he's still an ass. Again the only issue with this series is some mismatch between audio and subtitles but it barely takes away from the experience since it only happens once or twice, pretty good for a translated game. A real gem for adventure games.


Definitely Worth Checking Out!!

Plasros | July 6, 2013 | Review of Velvet Assassin

I love this game. Put me inside the action, totally immersive! Graphics are astonishing, audio highly efficient to create atmosphere..and Violet is a hot and beautiful character. It's a game all about sneaking and silently killing. All about being an assassin. Getting in and out without anybody ever noticing. The controls are pretty good and the character is hot. There are some bugs but never impacting the game-play.


Great Game!

Plasros | July 6, 2013 | Review of Remember Me

This is a great game. It's not going to win GOTY, but that's fine. If you're not turned off by the idea of a game on rails then Remember Me is a gorgeous, nuanced action/sci-fi video game that will be remembered fondly for its narrative and stunning visuals long after people have gotten over its minor gameplay shortcomings.



Plasros | July 5, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops combines mediocre gameplay with impressive visuals and a compelling story to create a must-play experience. The 3rd-person shooter gameplay is pretty unimpressive: the cover system is temperamental, the aiming sucks, the weapons are boring, and stealth is rarely possible. Moreover, the two squad mates which you are obliged to work with are rarely more than a liability. Thankfully the game makes up for these major shortcomings by placing you in a truly impressive setting: the sand-covered city of Dubai. Not only does this uniquely-opulent city serve as eye-candy (the attention to detail is as impressive as the models themselves), but it creates a truly memorable geography: the sand-dune you're fighting on might turn out to be on top of a skyscraper, or you might take refuge from a sand storm inside a hotel with a giant aquarium beneath your feet. Finally, the narrative told through the game and the emotional impact of the events as they unfold are very good. Spec Ops does a surprisingly good job of not only telling a compelling story, but of making you empathize with the characters and internalize your actions. It's a game that will make you question your own actions within the game and by extension, your attitude toward such military/shooter games. Despite its flaws, this is a game which I wholeheartedly recommend.


Great Game!

Plasros | July 5, 2013 | Review of Worms Crazy Golf

Great game for a single-player. Too bad you can't play against a CPU. This game is funny a bit too casual but still great. In my opinion the game content is way too low even with the free DLC (carnival course) you can easily unlock every level in less then 5 hours. It's a awesome game if you like worms and if you wanna play golf in a awesome way!


Good Addition!

Plasros | July 5, 2013 | Review of The Sims 3: Island Paradise (EU)

I love it. it really adds the right amount of new stuff and really make it seem more realistic and more intresting. it may be expensive but it adds the right amount new stuff and you wil definetly add more time to your sims and thier world. The resorts make the game seem more rich with content and rich sims can splash out and build a 5 star resort and make even more money. overall i love this DLC


Smoothing out the edges!

Plasros | July 5, 2013 | Review of For the Glory

For the Glory represents an effort to capture a number of the user-friendliness of Galilean Universalis II whereas rising alternative aspects of play. Maps for culture and revolt-risk offer players a quick cross-check those things. tiny on-map tabs inform players of war standing, attainable promotions and ways in which to chop expenditures, among alternative things. Military uniforms and provincial buildings replicate distinctive cultures. alternative options like improved AI and higher events don't seem to be thus without delay apparent however square measure gift.

The game’s Grand Campaign, 5 shorter historical campaigns and fantasy campaign square measure still challenges to play. Provinces should be managed to recruit military, improve the economy and maintain order. Armies may be split and reorganised and cities either enclosed or assaulted; battles square measure fought while not input from players, with armies withdrawing suddenly if they need. Merchants square measure sent to centers of trade whereas missionaries move to convert the heathen. Ships and explorers hunt down new lands for settlement. Diplomacy? simply click on Associate in Nursing icon and a rustic to mention the complete array of actions like wedding, trade and totally different alliances. Technological advances square measure a operate of spreading the budget between 5 areas or pumping up the royal coffers. the sport may be paused for orders, however days fly by even on below-normal speed, pushing players to remain on high of the many developments. Rulers die and square measure, hopefully, replaced by virtuoso leaders. the age expands the main target of conflict from Europe to the remainder of the planet. France and Britain can fight over Mysore further as Picardy. Events like revolts or the Reformation will scrap even the most effective plans. triumph belongs to the patient and versatile player.


Best Addition Yet!

Plasros | July 5, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep

Tiny Tina is probably the best addition to The Borderlands Universe so I love seeing a DC centered around her. The graphics are unique much like Hammerlock's DLC was but the story and exploration here is sooo much better. It's the first time in a Borderlands game where I don't feel like I am thrown into a sandbox area and its refreshing.

It actually feels like a linear adventure with little side roads along the way which is refreshing to the usual Borderlands game dynamic of grab quest, run either north, east, south, west to complete, and then backtrack to complete quest.

It is easily the best DLC to Borderlands 2. I would rank them as: 1) Dragon Keep- Fantastic 2) Pirate Captain Scarlett DLC Good to Great 3) Torgue Campaign- Average to Good (mainly because of Mr. Torgue) 4) Hammerlock- Forgettable other than the graphic design


What a Great Game!

Plasros | July 5, 2013 | Review of Fallen Enchantress

Fallen Enchantress has the potential to be one of the best games not only of the year, but of its kind. Unfortunately, that potential has not yet been met. Players who are familiar with the Civilization IV mods Fall From Heaven and Fall From Heaven II will recognize the influence of Kael / Derek Paxton, the lead designer on this project. It is obvious to any fan that he was trying to realize his creative vision in terms of a standalone game -- an idea that should excite anyone, but that isn't "there" yet.

Fallen Enchantress is also a great heir to the classic Master of Magic formula: It plays like a highly intuitive version of Civilization with magic and fantastic units included. When you first begin the game, you can easily find yourself pulled into the atmosphere and excited to see what your heroes, monsters, and beasts can do. For a while, it feels like you are playing both a great RPG and a great strategy game, as you build up cities from tons of building and strategy choices -- all while your customized sovereign explores the landscape, collects treasure, vanquishes monsters, and completes quests.

However, there are a number of problems keeping Fallen Enchantress from becoming truly great:

1) The graphics, although passable, are flat and do not create either compelling characters or landscapes.

2) The RPG and strategy elements do not always work together effectively, leaving you quickly feeling that you have exhausted your options on the RPG side. To be fair, this is often very true with other, more highly regarded games, such as Age of Wonders.

3) The mythology is usually very flat. While there are some fantastic late-level quests (the one related to the darklings and the Pit of Lost Voices stands out) most of the writing and flavor text is so-so. This is a result of Kael having to work with the frankly boring Elemental mythos. As we know from seeing his mods, he is great at creating an environment on his own -- but it doesn't translate well here.

If you can look beyond these issues, you'll find that there is a great, engaging game that's already very playable and enjoyable. It looks some of its impact in comparison to what it could have been, but I for one intend to stick with the community through all the amazing modding (which has already started) and expansions that are sure to become available.

Fallen Enchantress is a very ambitious project and a worthy successor to the games it's inspired by. When a few minor issues are worked out, it's sure to be a ten. If you're a big fan of 4X, buy it now -- otherwise, give it a few months to cook with the wider gamer feedback it's sure to get.


Worth Checking Out!

Plasros | July 4, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead: 400 Days

An interesting bit of DLC. some of the choices you can make don't necessarily feel like choices at the time. the characters are all nicely fleshed out, and yet again the quality of voice acting and setting are top notch. I'm definitely eager to play Season 2.


Great Game!

Plasros | July 4, 2013 | Review of Sword of the Stars: The Pit

The Pit is a new sci-fi rogue-like RPG game set on a distant planet, which was stricken by a terrible disaster. You take the role of a lone hero and descent into the ancient alien research facility to try to save the world. The facility of course turns out to be a giant deathtrap filled with deadly monsters that try to kill you in many horrible ways. To survive you have to use every bit of skill in weapons, looting a crafting you have. The game has four difficulty levels. The easiest one is still very challenging and finishing the game on any harder difficulty is incredibly difficult. All in all the game is a blast and has everything a good rogue-like should have plus very nice polished graphics and lots of lore and back-story that you can piece together during multiple playthroughs. There are just two UI issues that lessen the overall game experience. There is no zoom level that allows you to see as far as your character sees. That means you will sometimes get gunned down by enemies that hides outside of your screen. The second one is the inability to aim your gun with mouse. The entire game interface is mouse friendly and clickable, but you have to aim with arrow keys. That is something you would expect from a bad console port, but in this case the game controls have been dumbed down on purpose to allow easier porting to consoles in the future. That is something I don’t like at all.


Classic Fun!

Plasros | July 3, 2013 | Review of Worms

CLASSIC! This game is one of the best. More weaponswould have made it better, but this is well worth the few bucks spent.



Plasros | July 3, 2013 | Review of Company of Heroes 2

Excellent multi-player game. Very long campaign and Theatre of war collection make the game valuable and worth the money. The weather and vision system are excellent additions to the game.

I have seen many angry reviews about that the game play didn't changed, i ask them: why change it dramaticly if it has worked in the first game perfectly I dont think many of the players would have loved a Dawn of War 2 style gameplay.

Anyway tho not so much have changed and i cant play the game on maximum settings since i only have medicore laptop, the game looks pretty good on medium too.

The AI is sometimes do interesting things, but i didnt see anykind of critical fail yet.

I give a 8/10 to this game. Just to be clear: ITS NOT A PERFECT GAME! its have its issues like many other great games! AND those who whine about the launch (idk why btw) Show me a game with a perfect launch



Plasros | July 2, 2013 | Review of Batman Game of the Year Pack

On a whole this game is excellent. It gets you into the story and keeps you there until the game ends. I loved the controls even though I used an Xbox 360 controller on my PC. I would recommend this highly to anyone who wants a good single player action game.

My only real complaint is that someones I would get lost, and would have no idea where I needed to go. A couple times it did become frustrating. However, I still loved the story.

Batman: Arkham City took everything that made the first game excellent and expanded on it tenfold: brilliant story, improved combat system, a new range of enemies from the Batman universe, new locations and a new set of Riddler games for collectibles. This game is a great title from 2011 and should be part of your collection.


Could be better!

Plasros | June 28, 2013 | Review of Jack Keane 2: The Fire Within

While its well-crafted array of puzzles are fun whether or not you’re unaccustomed to games or not, its controls and technical hiccups remove the player from enjoying and immerse themselves in the game. Jack Keane might have what it takes to be your next daring adventurer, however this might not be your next go-to journey.


Great Game!

Plasros | June 26, 2013 | Review of Hearts of Iron III DNS

This is one of the greatest games of all time.. There is a great deal of work when you want to play it so if you are not serious about playing it then it may be a bit to much for casual gamers. Saying that, the game can be overwhelming but if you give it 100% of your attention it can be really great. They added the ability for the computer to control certain micromanaging which is a welcome change from the previous edition.


Improves on the last game!

Plasros | June 22, 2013 | Review of Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes

Legendary Heroes is a significant set of improvements to Fallen Enchantress, and anyone keen on the original should pick it up. All elements of the game have been improved, but still many are imperfect. The graphics engine which underpins the game is remarkable. There has been significant work to 'balance' various aspects, but there is more that could be done. I have played for a few hundred hours, and there are still interesting surprises to be found.

I recommend it to TBS fans especially. Makes a good change from Civ or similar. I don't think it can be given a 100, as it still has some rough edges and occasional bugs.


Check it out!

Plasros | June 22, 2013 | Review of Bloop [Playfire]

A fun game that is surprisingly challenging. Most puzzle games seem to be a bit on the easy side but Bloop will really test your puzzle-solving ability. Nice graphics and music aid in creating a nice atmosphere.


Great Game!

Plasros | June 22, 2013 | Review of Oddplanet

OddPlanet is a side-scrolling game regarding exploration and puzzle determination. you'll guide a lone girl through the hostile environments of associate degree alien planet and facilitate her survive.

It is powerfully centered on intelligent puzzles and also the highest quality of art. The puzzles area unit difficult for the casual gamer and refreshing for the hardcore gamer. The developers created a living world for you to explore and admire. As you play, the protagonist lost during this world can act with it and share her feelings regarding it with the player.


Brings Back Fond Memories!

Plasros | June 22, 2013 | Review of Knights of Pen & Paper: +1 Edition

The charm of this pixel adventure won me over fast. While it is a brilliant idea to stage it like a theatre with the party sitting at the table with the dungeon master, the role-playing reminds of the good ole days.



Plasros | June 22, 2013 | Review of POSTAL 2 Complete

When i played this for the first time i was suspicious about it. I downloaded the patches from RWS-site and started playing. After i stopped playing, i watched the clock. "jeez, i had played it over 8 hours!" This game is so underestimated.


Not Bad!

Plasros | June 22, 2013 | Review of Dracula 3: Path of the Dragon

The game seldom wows you in anyone manner, and also the pace will drag now and then in dry material, however overall it’s each logical and accessible, and with its attention-grabbing approach to evil spirit traditional knowledge and dexterously crafted plot, Dracula 3: the trail of the Dragon is price finding out. In terms of presentation sweet, tho' story-wise superficial sort of a meek afterthought. If you’re a inflexible fan of vampires we’d perceive if you’d provides it a go, however otherwise you’d move to stay your hands off it.


Quality Game!

Plasros | June 22, 2013 | Review of POSTAL

Although being very, but i mean berey repetitive, it's a game that you don't see everyday..... if you're angry with something on your day, just sit down, and play Postal, you'll not be missed by it

Even though the controls must be customized in order to play, the action is completely non-stopping, the siren sounds playing on the level and the disturbing psychological messages are just some nostalgic things that you'll never forget in a game.


Fresh Game!

Plasros | June 21, 2013 | Review of Magrunner: Dark Pulse

This is a fun puzzle game that is "portal-esque" but very different. The game will make you scratch your head and requires ingenuity to succeed rather than twitch reflexes.

The art work is great but the story is mediocre so far but I have yet to complete the game. The addition of the C'thulu mythos is an interesting twist. Voice acting is okay and the music is decent. All in all its pleasant distraction but not a must own type of game.

I'm so sick of stupid shooters, this game is a fresh air for my lights and a great trainer for my brains. Will recommend Magrunner to everyone who likes to think, puzzles are really nutty, can't wait to get to the last levels.


Good Value!

Plasros | June 20, 2013 | Review of GRID 2 - IndyCar Pack

A minimal Addon, the indianapolis routes are good, the Dalara is a funny car, the only prob is that is just a sample of two races, it would be awesome if the added more incar races to make this addon more valuable not just a sneak&peak of the Indy world.


Definitely worth playing!

Plasros | June 20, 2013 | Review of Asguaard

Another game from Aldorlea. But this time, it's not a part of a series as Millennium or Laxius, but standalone game. There are basically no sidequests, it's all about the main story. You travel through the world of Asguaard and try to stop a destruction of the whole world. Even without sidequests, there's still a lot to do. The world map is huge and very detailed, with many secret locations - easily the best I've ever seen in any RPG Maker game. Also, because of the absence of sidequests, you are never too strong or too weak and progressing through the game feels very "fluid" and "natural" - there's always enough challenge. Another speciality of Asguaard is the Skills system - it's kinda similar to the old Might & Magic games - there are some skill such as Axe, Swords, Pathfinding and for each rank of the skill you need to find a trainer. Some of the dungeons are huge and really hard to get through, graphic and music are good. I won't reveal the story, but I can say that it's touching and a bit sad. Actually, the whole game has a bit "melancholic" feeling. And just for the record - the playing time is around 40 to 50 hours, so it's definitively a big game. If you enjoy this kind of games, Asguaard is definitively worth playing.


Building Upon Perfection!

Plasros | June 19, 2013 | Review of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent

Well, this game is flippin' awesome!! But, I read the reviews above and everyone is complaining about the P.C version!!! EVERYONE knows that if you're going to get games with top-of-the-line graphics, you have to get it for a console, unless you have an extremely good video card! I'd say you're free to your opinion, but you don't need to complain if you have a console where you can truly enjoy the game. These people are basing their ratings on how the game RUNS, not how it actually PLAYS. I suggest you put the proper rating for the playing, and then write about how it runs


Needs more polish!

Plasros | June 19, 2013 | Review of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

What could have been a great game is ruined by stiff mechanics and poor controls. For example, if you are crouched next to an enemy and press the melee key, nothing happens. You just sit there like an idiot. You have to press the crouch key first to stand yourself up and THEN press the melee key. This alone will cause you to fail more missions than anything else, because it will throw off your timing. Another great example is the contextual "use" key. If you're standing next to a climbable ledge and there is a weapon on the ground that you want to pick up, you have to sit there for two minutes and rotate the camera just right until the weapon is highlighted instead of the ledge. It is very disappointing how poorly Splinter Cell: Conviction was executed, because it obvious has enormous potential.



Plasros | June 19, 2013 | Review of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

First, straight off the bat, I'd like to say, GREATEST Splinter Cell game in the entire series. I mean, bravo, 2 thumbs up. Gameplay is very organized and not too tweaked around like the later games. Story line was exceptional. Running on a very good computer, this game rarely has any glitches or bugs, so, good job Ubisoft. The co-op portion is possibly the best part about Chaos Theory. If you love taking out bad guys in stealth over lan or online, this is probably the best game to do it in. Very, very fun game. I prefer it highly over Double Agent in my opinion. 10/10


Classic Fun!

Plasros | June 19, 2013 | Review of Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty [Playfire]

The best part of all the series is that one can feel the WWII environment with roads paved with cobblestones, old buildings, rail lines, and tanks & guns. The graphics is excellent if one compares to games published during 1999. The game requires patience and sometimes tough to play, but at the end it gives immense satisfaction. Please note that its not a first-person-shooter game, but it gives a birds eye view to play the game with real time strategies


Not Bad!

Plasros | June 19, 2013 | Review of Medal of Honor Warfighter (EU)

Really positive surprise! Best gun "feeling" since CoD2! Multiplayer maps are a bit small but pretty playable :) Number of guns should be bigger but the rest of the game is quite nice... Sure there are some bugs but this is the start and i hope EA fixes them. Gameplay is dynamic, graphics are nice, recoil requires some skill. Single player is something between CoD and BF3 :) Waiting for more maps :)


Needs more polish!

Plasros | June 19, 2013 | Review of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The single player campaign wasn't as long as Call of Duty 4's but was still amazing. It is hard to say which single player is better comparing mw2 to cod4 but the results would be pretty darn close. Special Ops was a nice edition, with enjoyable challenges and missions to complete. Multiplayer for this game was awesome but not as great as Call of Duty 4's multiplayer. The only issues making the game not fun and frustrating at times is the overpowered grenade launchers and one man army "the perk" that allows you to reload classes so you can gain back your grenade launchers for instance. And, sadly no dedicated servers, using the same system of online as the consoles. But forgetting these issues the multiplayer is a masterpiece. Well balanced weapons and superb map design. Hacking is also an issue. Challenge lobbies bringing you up to level 70 or max prestiges are hosted almost daily, along with those little noobs ruining matches using aimbot, godmode, etc.


Nothing New

Plasros | June 19, 2013 | Review of Call of Duty: Black Ops

Absolutely nothing new, if you would update World at War's graphics, you could not tell which one is the 5 years older game. And speaking of graphics, they seem strangely bad for a "triple A" game, i kept getting vibes of "console port" and "outdated engine" Single player is defined by the word Boring. I did not even want to play the optional "RTS"-style defense missions after the first mandatory one.


Quite Fun, Check It Out!

Plasros | June 19, 2013 | Review of Lords of Football

You can jump in with only a basic understanding of how the game works and immediately start having fun. But with a little bit of practice, you’ll unearth the complexities of the game. The more time you spend learning the game, the more you’ll feel rewarded. This game is challenging and accessible at the same time.There have been plenty of game about football and I've been playing football game since Microprose Soccer, but there have been none like Lords of Football. The game delivers really nice football simulation and many innovations are great. You don't have just the tactics, you also have to take care of personal problems and strange behaviors of players. Commands during the match are also a good idea and the punishments are just amazing. Surprisingly well done for an indie game and no official licenses.


Highly Recommended!

Plasros | June 19, 2013 | Review of Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War II: Retribution

Retribution adds a lot to the already exisiting multiplayer in the form of a new faction, new units and overall improved balance. On the cost of this, the single player takes a large hit and is reduced from a story driven tale of heroics, down to simple cookie cutter maps with loot, where the story is just down right bad. But, this is okay. The game instead turns the focus to multiplayer (and the developers are currently busy balancing and tweaking further to make the game better), where Starcraft 2 revolves around a lot of macro-management, Retribution takes that entire part away and fully embraces a focus on micro-management, where you use few units to accomplish great tasks. I won't lie, from a difficulty point of view, this game is a lot easier than other RTS' in multiplayer as soon as you get used to it. However, up until then, you will be punished a lot for mistakes. Overall: Great multiplayer game, great soundtrack, good graphics and well made. + the developers are still working to make it better, which is always a plus


Great Game!

Plasros | June 19, 2013 | Review of The Night of the Rabbit

Great game! Seems like childish quest but has far more deep meaning, charming plot and ambience. Unfortunately it has one minigame that should never existed (I mean the last fight), but still the ending is totally stunning for a quest. In this respect, Deponia and Deponia 2 were not so good, though TNOTR misses some great humor from it. It appeals equally to innocence and experience. A few overly obscure puzzles slow the pace to a crawl, but Jerry's journey is worth taking even if only to feel like a kid again for a little while.


Very Cool Game!

Plasros | June 19, 2013 | Review of Anmynor Puzzles

Anmynor Puzzles may be a puzzle resolution game wherever you management varied golems in their quest to maneuver runes to a given destination. whereas the sport is made on gameplay parts, most levels ar terribly basic and lacks difficult puzzles. Anmynor Puzzles additionally suffers from tough camera management and a few glitches.


Deserves much more attention!

Plasros | June 19, 2013 | Review of Bloody Good Time

Completely under-rated game, easily worth the tiny price this sells at. Creative, fun ways to kill your opponents. Balance hunger, sleep, and bowel needs (yeah, seriously) to maintain your edge. Swap weapons to kill at the highest ratings. Dodge security guards and cameras. Rack up Achievements to show off. Overall, just a really great time. Playing with a buddy and enjoying the hell out of it!


Underrated Game, Please Play It!

Plasros | June 18, 2013 | Review of Shoot Many Robots

This title needs to be remembered in gaming history as a perfect example of a 2.5d side-scrolling shooter and remembered a second time as an example on how to modernize that genre. Shoot Many Robots is simply about the endless decimation of mechanical foes, that can come in many shapes and sizes, using a vast variety of weapons and worn equipment. I can go on about how the RPG mechanics were implemented flawlessly into this title, or how their effects made absolute sense to an action shooter, but what really drives the entire experience is the challenging, fast-paced, engrossing combat.



Plasros | June 18, 2013 | Review of Rocksmith™

Game of the Year! Finally a game that translates into real-world benefits. While it might not make you a rockstar outside the game, it's teaching you all about the fundamentals, movements and coordination in a very fun way, I took guitar lessons 10 years ago and after 6 months I didn't feel like progress was made so I quite. In just 4 hours of Rocksmith play, I feel like I know more about Guitar then in those 6 months of lessons. I'm a firm believer that music education should NOT start with theory, music lessons, reading music... that's an excellent way to bore someone to death... Start with just playing, keep them interested and then learn/refine your skills years down the road. Rocksmith delivers on this perfectly. A+ on the dynamic difficulty and track selection. I'd like to ding a point for cost of downloadable content ($3 per song) but I've got months or work to do before I master the decent sized library already. I have zero lag and the guitar tuning, effects and overall sound is fantastic... I'm impressed and the last time that happened with a PC game was probably Valve's original Portal game 10 years ago.


Great Fun!

Plasros | June 18, 2013 | Review of The Adventures of TinTin: The Game

This is a fun game, my 4-year old has been enjoying it for months. The critics all seem to point out that it is too easy, but for kids it is challenging enough. After he finished the story mode my son really got into the multiplayer mode, and unlocking new characters and costumes is keeping him engaged with the game.

So while for adults there might not be enough of a challenge, it is a great game for kids, and also a good introduction for them into the Tintin universe.


Fun Game!

Plasros | June 18, 2013 | Review of Crescent Suzuki Racing

A motorcycle sport game that pushes the boundaries of sport action, combines it with awing graphics and teaches the distinction between acceleration and brake through a painful maze of courses. The graphics area unit excellent, and though they'll not have the photo-realistic quality and poly-count of EA's Superbike 2000, they need a method of their own. They strike a cord in me additional of the SEGA arcade games (electric blue air, light sandy beaches), or the requirement for Speed series' diversity in tracks.


Charming & Excellent!

Plasros | June 18, 2013 | Review of Paper Monsters

Paper Monsters is one those rare games that return on once in a long time. It's additional fun than an evening out with friends, and as unflawed as diamonds. For lack of a higher word, it's excellent. everybody ought to play this. a pleasing surprise that blends parts from classic and current platforming games and achieves nice results. it's going to end in a brief, or too straightforward game for skilled players, however its gameplay is pleasant.


Worth Checking Out!

Plasros | June 18, 2013 | Review of Dead Space 3 (EU)

My issues with this game are small but not irrelevant. The game makes everything a slug fest and lots of bullet sponges in the game. The crafting system is decent but much of the game play is dumbed down compared to its predecessors. That said the game is still Dead Space and makes a logical conclusion. The game is much more action oriented but that is not a bad thing. Playing this series back to back reveals a deep story that is well told. While I found 3 to be fun its not a total cake walk. The biggest issue for me is the lack of strategy, especially in the later parts of the game. While it is a fitting conclusion to the trilogy, one is left with the hope that Dead Space 4 will be more survival and horror and less survival.

All in all I would say that if you can accept the the story will progress logically with the desperation disappearing a little in each game it will make the story more understandable. To not follow the progression of the story will lead to disappointment. Personally I really liked the game but the game play itself was altered in a way that was not as much fun as the predecessors but was still fun.

Also the DLC, while short, is the real ending that should have been in this game. While there is a feeling of conclusion you have to wait until the 20 some minutes of credits roll to know that the ending is not the ending and leads to the Awakened DLC. The Awakened DLC should have been the ending in the game, not what was in the base game. In many ways the DLC redeems the game and sets, in a significant way, the setting for Dead Space 4.


Much Better!

Plasros | June 18, 2013 | Review of Dead Space 2 (EU)

Much better port than to original game. The options are still a bit limited and the camera still feels a little odd, but the overall controls are improved and the UI is improved as well. Zero gravity segments are drastically better than in the original game but the came during these segments is a headache to control. The story isn't as good but it's full of twists and turns to keep you interested. I definitely wouldn't consider this game scary at all, it's more of an action-thriller. If you liked the first game, you will surely like this one more.


Over-Hyped, but not bad

Plasros | June 18, 2013 | Review of Dead Space (EU)

A triumph of style and gimmicks over substance. There is not much going on here except for shooting monsters repeatedly. An overly generous person would call both the setting and the storyline minimal, that same person would call it predictable and sometimes a little bit scary. Having said that, some of the weapons are good, some of the gimmicks keep you interested and you do actually want to escape the damn place. So I managed to finish it and just about got my money's worth. I cannot envisage a scenario whereby I'd ever play it again and would only recommend it to horror maniacs who have no more than £10 to spare and nothing better to do.


Great Game!

Plasros | June 14, 2013 | Review of Star Trek (EU)

A wonderful Trek game. It gives you the sense of actually being in a tie-in movie, and sports the banter of the original series characters. The gameplay is fun and very similar to how it plays out in the 2009 movie, and the whole game is executed in the same way. For those looking for a more "Original Trek" feeling, you can try to take on the Commendation objectives, which are more challenging and rewarding, and require you to take care of objectives more diplomatically. The graphics hold up even under close scrutiny and fast paced action, though require a stronger system than average. They may not be groundbreaking, but they are definitely up to date and good looking. The multi player adds a layer of fun as well, and promotes a lot of teamwork. The majority of complaints about the game happen to be centered on the fact that AS SOON as the game came out, there was a Steam server problem. The error was corrected within three days, but that didn't stop anyone from coming here to write awful reviews, in an attempt to make the developers fix it faster (even though it wasn't completely the developers fault). The outrageous reviews have given it a bad name, when it is a thoroughly enjoyable game. I was part of a forum where I saw the members decide to make several accounts here, just to talk bad about the game, in their attempts to get the developers to fix the multi player servers faster. It has forever stained the review score here and was unnecessary. In the end the multi player was quickly fixed and the game is great. Star Trek fan? Buy it!


Great Strategy Game!

Plasros | June 14, 2013 | Review of UFO: Afterlight Cap

This game is awesome! After updating the game with all the latest patches, I don't have any problem with it whatsoever. The patch also improves things like automatic putting injured soldiers to the hospital so I don't have to micro-manage it. The patched AI seemed to be very challenging and sometimes I have to completely change my strategy to complete the mission. I hope that the development team will continue their good work in improving the game and at the same time put in some effort to make a sequel!



Plasros | June 14, 2013 | Review of Mark Leung: Revenge of the Bitch

This game is random and both pays tribute and makes fun of RPGs. It does incorporate ideas from newer RPGs like being able to preemptive attacking enemies on the map and abilities sometimes taking more than one turn. The best part of the game is indeed the story. The storyline is really a messed up one and makes fun of many aspects of society. :P

I'm also running the latest version of the game (1.3f). The Graphics aren't anything amazing, but they went with a cartoonish look and it works fine for the game that doesn't take itself serious. The sound effects are alright, but the music is something that takes a bit of a fall in this game. I find a lot of times in combat the music seems to come from the middle of the battle map, so at times it can be really quiet or non-exsistant on my PC (maybe a bug with 3D sound?).

Anywho, for a game that costs $10? It's a fun play through with your friends cause it's best to take in with your buds to laugh and joke about the game. The guys who rated the game 0? It's not the worst game in the world, grow up, you're probably the same ** who rated Diablo III a 0 so don't pay mind to their rating.


Good Challenge!

Plasros | June 14, 2013 | Review of Super Meat Boy

This game is good. i read reviews before i bought it so i would know what to expect, and it delivered. very precise controls, and good level design. while the early levels are pretty easy, the game gets hard, and i mean HARD. But surprisingly not frustrating and hard. It seems like more of a challenge than it feels cheap, because level design is so good. Good game to play for minutes or hours at a time.


Casual Game

Plasros | June 14, 2013 | Review of Dungeon Siege III

Just finished this game and DLC with someone else. This game has an really really good storyline, good voice acting for all of the quests, good look along with tons of items to loot. The most eye catching aspect about this game is that as you play this game you have to make choices that effect how the story plays out. Usually the choices have to do with someone's fate or what action should be taken. Combined with the voice acting this is very impressive. Over all a really good RPG game, looking forward to the other DLC that is sure to come for this game.

The only down sides is that it is not what I would call an open world and in multi-player the "3 legged race" feel with the camera takes getting used too. But if you ignore those two things this is a game that is worth you time. Fully say to anyone who likes the screen shots to get this game.



Plasros | June 14, 2013 | Review of Assassin's Creed 2 Deluxe Edition

I love this game. It improves in every aspect over the first game with much better character development and storyline. AC2 offers a variety of new tools, weapons and techniques to dispatch targets in a variety of ways. The development team really hit the nail on the head this time around. I did so because like AC1 this game has an excellent storyline, and thoroughly interesting universe to play in and learn about. Ezio is also a much more fleshed out and interesting character than Altair in AC1. Another thing the writers did fantastically in this game is humour which is exceedingly hard to write you know and it made me laugh out loud many times while playing. This earns it the extra point I gave it over AC1.

Unfortunately while the game play is improved in places as fighting is no longer as difficult or annoying to engage in it still remains exceedingly frustrating and is literally something you suffer through for the dialogue, universe, and storyline. I know again it makes sense given who Ezio is (he is more the warrior archetype compared with Altair's rogue and being that he mows through enemies because of that makes sense) but it is still a pain.


The Original Assassin!

Plasros | June 14, 2013 | Review of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

This is a very solid game. I can only find 2 downsides. First, stealth is optional for a while. I just killed everyone in sight and beat the level with ease. I'm not sure if that's bad or good. Secondly, the controls are somewhat awkward, making trying to run forward turn into switching items if your fingers are in the wrong position. A truly enjoyable and atmospheric game that rivals anything on the market in 2009. Graphics may be a little dated now - but runs like a dream maxed out on modern vid-cards! Overall, this is a great game.


Very good!

Plasros | June 14, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead

This has to be one of the best stories in a game that I've ever played. While the characters are very average, they are just regular every day people, the interaction you have with them creates an attachment, and emotional bond that you can't have with film or books. This is the first game that has had me tear up during its saddest moment. So because of that alone, this has to be the best, most immersing story I've ever experienced in a game. This is definitely worth playing.


Not Bad!

Plasros | June 14, 2013 | Review of Ocean City Racing

I wouldn't so much call it a "racing game" to tell you the truth. Racing is usually fast, hectic, adrenaline pumping. Instead of tearing a path to the finish line by battling other racers, you're taking it slow and steady at grandma's pace just to keep it on the road. With unrealistic collision physics (accidental wall driving in the tunnel) and inaccurate drifting (you spin all over the road, reverse does nothing, and hand brake is too powerful), you'll fight not to win a race, but to continue without wrecking.

While the game does have pretty good (if not particularly realistic) graphics for an indie racer, it has an uninspired soundtrack. You would think that the developer would counteract the slow and steady nature of driving with an upbeat soundtrack. Sadly however, our ears are given the treat of listening to someone play a guitar and sing slow songs that sound like every other band from the mid-nineties.

All in all, I'm impressed with the implementation for an indie GAME. However being in the racing category, it falls short in several key areas. I'll beat the racing mode because I'm a completionist, but free roam is pointless giving this game zero replayability. I wish I would have saved my $4.99 and bought a piece of DLC for NFS: Most Wanted instead.


This is not a sim, but it isn't a bad game either.

Plasros | June 14, 2013 | Review of Ace Combat Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition (EU)

In order to play this game, you need to forget all you know about flight sims. This is not a flight simulator. If you treat it as such, you'll be very bored and very frustrated. Don't expect to lock you BVR weapons with a radar then letting them rip and you sneaking away by flying low to avoid radar. No, instead it will be up close and furious dogfights which have no resemblance to reality. Once you get into a state of mind that this is but a silly arcade game, you'll have a blast. Where else do you avoid air-to-air missiles in a helicopter by performing a 360 flip? Leave reality at the door and you'll find a fun and over the top game.


Try it out it's good!

Plasros | June 14, 2013 | Review of Towns

Gameplay: If you ever tried Dwarf fortress you should know how this game is played, and how you build a successful town on top of a dungeon while sometimes besieged by monsters and ghosts, which is hard by the way. Graphics: Looks unfinished, but well the art-style fits and it isn't entirely bad. Bad things: The UI needs some work, the priorities of the townies seem kinda broken sometimes, and some sprites look like placeholders. Great game, and despite its unfinished state, a really fun experience.


Very Fun

Plasros | June 13, 2013 | Review of World of Goo

THE PROS: My hat is off to this game for its artwork and level design, which are interesting, original, and often adorable. The gameplay also deserves points for its originality. The basic concept of WOG is that there are these tiny goo balls squirming around in every level, and these goo balls can be picked up by the player using the mouse cursor and then dropped near other goo balls to create structures. The objective of most levels is to build a structure (or series of structures) that allows a certain number of goo balls to reach an exit pipe. The more goo balls that reach the exit, the better your score. So the challenge of the game is twofold: 1) Figuring what sort of structure you'll need to build to accomplish the level objective, as it is rarely a straight course, 2) Conquering the laws of physics by building a goo structure that not only accomplishes your goal, but is also structurally sound and unlikely to be destroyed by environmental dangers. The game does a fantastic job of creating fresh scenarios, either by introducing new environmental dangers or by introducing new goo balls with new unique abilities. The game's originality is incredibly refreshing and its character will charm you to no end. THE CONS: Interacting with the goo balls in the game is not always very user friendly, and in some situations it becomes just plain infuriating. In most levels, the goo balls start on a small, pre-built structure. As you build, the goo balls whimsically travel around the tresses of the structure you're putting together. As the game goes on and the challenges become more difficult, this actually starts to become frustrating for a number of different reasons. For example, if there are multiple types of goo balls in a particular stage (let's say regular black goo and balloon goo), you might be trying to pick up a particular kind of goo ball to accomplish a particular task. However, the one goo ball you're trying to pick up is buried beneath 60 other goo balls that you don't want. You can't just move all the unwanted goo balls aside and dig down to the goo ball you want, because all the goo balls are running around like disobedient children. The whistle the game gives you to "call" goo balls is no help, since it seems to only make the goo balls do what they are already doing (i.e., running around chaotically), only faster. The chaotic dog pile of goo balls also proves frustrating in time-sensitive situations, since you'll try to quickly grab a single goo ball from the writing mass of them, but instead you'll accidentally yank out a goo ball that's already been placed, causing your entire structure to collapse. The developers have kindly introduced tiny flies you can click on to flashback to an earlier point in the level, in case you make any huge blunders; however, these flies also prove frustrating since 1) the restore points they choose seem almost random, ranging anywhere from two seconds ago (letting you watch your structure fall in instant replay) to three minutes ago (causing you to rebuild a significant chunk of your structure), and 2) it is too easy to click one of these flies by accident when you don't mean to, effectively deleting GOOD progress you've made. In short, all of the problems and frustrations of world of goo boil down to one essential problem: there is too much crap on the screen at one time. It all piles on top of each other, and it can make your life hell. VERDICT: Definitely buy the game for its originality and charm, but be prepared for some unnecessary frustration.


Great Game!

Plasros | June 12, 2013 | Review of Zombies.

Would suggest for somebody yearning for a game with plenty of easy action, mood and music. the actual fact that it's another game with zombies is sweet, however the old-fashioned atmosphere that Zombies brings is that the whole reason you ought to get this. The awing audio recording and therefore the pixelated look can cause you to live over your childhood reminiscences. Also, if you've got ever worked during a giant company workplace with cubicles, this game will feel fairly therapeutic as you run through the workplace smashing everything in view on the thanks to the exit, studying helpless coworkers on the manner.


Worth Checking Out!

Plasros | June 12, 2013 | Review of Krater

After all those patches, to fix all those bugs, and all those crashes, the game finally became soooo worth buying. I can honestly say that this is the most charming game I've played in my life, and the gameplay is fantastic as well. A truly engaging story, and fantastic nature to explore. And the extra that makes it a 10/10 is the town designs, and the brilliant music throughout the game. So to sum up, it's really really worth buying, I would easily have spent double the money to get this game.



Plasros | June 12, 2013 | Review of Hypersonic 4

I like this game very much. The trak editor alone is a reason to buy this game. You could imagine its like F-zero. Eee-yeap. The racing is fun, although when you go too fast or go over certain parts of track, the steering goes outta control, and it was intentional in the game. You get used to it. The trak editor is very fun to play with. Ive spent 40 hours on it so far and i have just started playing the game (well i beat all the races.) The races are very hard even on easy mode. Its pretty frustrating. and you have to race to get more Track editor features.


Hidden RPG Greatness!

Plasros | June 12, 2013 | Review of Driftmoon [Playfire]

From a gameplay perspective, this was one of the best RPGs I have played in quite a while. No long hikes (but still nice parts of little fighting and more exploring/puzzling), decent loot and most importantly: frequently interesting quests. Objects have to be dragged and interacted with in all sorts of ways like in few (if any) other RPGs. I guess that's why I believe the devs themselves have talked about it as more of an RPG adventure. I also appreciated the atypical monster characters (aside from one direct movie ripoff that was just too blatant). But what bothered me as an anti-religious egalitarian are the conservative values that permeate the game. From lots of holy scriptures, talking about the maker and whatnot to characters so typically girly that one might not even see them in some "well-known sexist" games. One may argue that in that fantasy setting, it would make sense for people to have such a traditional world view. But first of all... if you imagine a fantasy world, you can imagine anything. Secondly, that is precisely what a lot of RPGs have done over the years. AND I especially find it questionable because this game seems to be heavily targeted towards kids. If one was to make a Game of Thrones like fantasy RPG filled with chauvinist a-holes (not that Driftmoon would be THAT extreme but still...) because that's just how that world is and is really more of a criticism of that attitude than an endorsement and one clearly markets it to an adult audience, why not. But in this case... personally, I wouldn't want my children to be influenced by such a conservative world views. But to enlightened, adult RPG lovers, I would recommend it with a grain of salt.



Plasros | June 12, 2013 | Review of Smashcat

Smashcat is a charming game that grips you into it's world. It is engaging to the player by rewards and it has a great of replay ability value. The game isn't very demanding hence it can run on pretty much anything, making it a very open game for a wide audience to enjoy. You should definitely check this title out because you will enjoy it.


Highly Recommended!

Plasros | June 12, 2013 | Review of Shattered Haven

A really fun game that mixes Zelda like overworld-gameplay (and I am speaking of Zelda I and III here, folks!) with up to 100 levels filled to the brim with environmental puzzles accessed from there. The goal of each level is either to kill all zombies (called Grays here which are quite a different breed from your regular zombies) using the environment and what tools, traps and weapons you can forage from it or to escape from maze-like structures filled with switches, secret passages and more.

What makes this game really stand out is it's story and musical score, again composed or remastered by the intrepid Pablo Vega. All the overworld areas are bound together by the tale of Darrel and Mary and their quest to recover their four-year-old daughter Lela, whom they raised in the midst of the Gray Apocalypse, along with the boy Pierce, whom they took in after he lost his family in the wilds, while being caught up in the struggle of two eldritch horrors. The game features a branching story arc with multiple distinctive endings along with a "New Game Plus" feature to continue your quest and visit those areas you missed before (along with being able to find some treats not available before). The soundtrack might well be one of the best yet produced by Pablo Vega and does an awesome job on creating an engaging atmosphere and setting the scene for the story, which is told through a big number of comic panel based cutscenes, some of which feature brilliant voice acting by Prince Taylor (it is ridiculous how much atmosphere is created alone by his impersonation of Darrel) and loads of in-engine cutscenes.

The art of he game has been created by Heavy Cat Studios, this being their second joint venture with Arcen after Valley 2, and does a great job creating a polished but still retro look & feel for the game (think SNES with a higher resolution here). Throw in some really nice weather and particle effects to complete the package and what you get is a fitting presentation.

Finally the game can be controlled using keyboard & mouse or a gamepad controls, both of which are working flawlessly (I recommend using a gamepad, though).


Very Fun!

Plasros | June 12, 2013 | Review of Pressure

Reminds me of the old days. Pure Arcade fun without any stupid extra features no one needs. Good controls and a solid gameplay with great boss fights. Even the Coop-Part is really nice! If you like Arcade-Games,



Plasros | June 12, 2013 | Review of Disciples III: GOLD

Great addition to the original, the story is simply amazing. Mortiz, goddess of the Undead Hordes, has decided to raise up an army to release her horrible vengeance upon the world. You play as one of her commanders, as slowly you unlock your memory into your dark past. Filled with love, betrayal and an amazing plot twist, I found this campaign even better than Renaissance. The Undead faction was well scripted, both in terms of art and also in it's combat ability. I felt they could have made the basic fighting class a little stronger, but it becomes very talented in it's later evolutions. Other thoughts on it: I liked how they were able to bring back Prussian [the Wraith from Disciples 2] and how they used Lambert to better adjust to the setting. All in all, it's a great game that I recommend to any fan of the Disciples series


A must buy!

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | Review of Fatshark Pack

Remember Chip's Challenge? Imagine that but with an Indiana Jones theme, pretty graphics and co-op. Gameplay is solid. Levels are timed and graded, unlocking supplementary challenge levels (some of which are pretty insane, like Toader.) Co-op isn't particularly exciting, though there are some levels where it is just simply more convenient to have someone controlling Hamilton's bird buddy. Gamepad support, low price, and quality levels, combined with the Krater collector's edition and the Retro fever DLC, this makes for a great package that you should definitely check out!


Underrated Game, Please Play It!

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | Review of Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition

This game is really a gem. Very short but difficult, there is almost no background story. However, the chemistry between the hero Lester and his alien friend nicknamed Buddy is very clear. Gameplaywise, its simple but challenging and the ending is really satisfying. You don't have to love the game but I think every gamer should try it at least once.


Nice effort!

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | Review of Anna Extended Edition

When this game is good it is bloody brilliant. There is more than just a hint of awesomeness within this flawed game. The graphics, sound effects imagery and game-play dynamics can combine to provide some truly disturbing and chilling moments that will seep into your mind and haunt you, and this alone makes it well worth a play through. What stops this game from scoring an 80 or 90 out of 100 is the somewhat obtuse puzzles which it seems can only be solved through trial and error. I had a constant feeling that I was never quite given all the information necessary to proceed in the game without having to carry out repetitive permutations.


Strategic Gameplay!

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | Review of Victoria II: A Heart of Darkness

A nice feature I was waiting for was a larger African and colonial factor. Now you can have competing colonization on a larger scale, navies are much more important, and African states can be released into act. The latest expansion to Paradox's Victoria series brings more to the table than before. With a newly introduced Crisis system to push forward with diplomatic missions without war. A nice feature I was waiting for was a larger African and colonial factor. Now you can have competing colonization on a larger scale, navies are much more important, and African states can be released into actual puppet states. This completely changes the dichotomy of game play.


Not Bad!

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | Review of Train Simulator: London Faversham High Speed

The package includes the route, the 395 and four 375s altogether Southeastern livery variations. The route runs from London St Pancras to Faversham in Kent and has very little deviation off the most route bar a handful of stations aboard the particular route (Dagenham Dock, Rainham and Purfleet on the LTS line and Swanscombe and Northfleet on the North Kent line) however it will embody the Ford Motors sidings simply aboard Dagenham further as Hoo Junction Yard. The route is primarily traveler primarily based. The 395 has multiple options that sometimes aren’t seen at intervals RSC merchandise which has DSD, AWS self-test, variable speed wiper, multiple light settings and a 2 tone horn. These options area unitn’t necessary however are a pleasant addition to the train and every one over increase the realism. The in cab signalling could be a new feature not seen before at intervals the sport and it works terribly nice in property you recognize the speed you ought to be going/slowing down for further as transitions well once getting into Ebbsfleet and shift onto the a lot of British primarily based AWS. Having to change power supply is additionally a replacement feature and it works seamlessly once doing thus at Ebbsfleet to the purpose wherever if you continue running along with your mechanical device up within the rails section can|you'll|you may} not be studying any power and also the Line potential unit show will extinguish. alternative nice options embody the operating record the in cab show further because the show showing what number coaches your unit is created of (upon coupling/decoupling you ought to see the screen modification reckoning on what you did). St Pancras has been worn out all its glory and in game you'll undoubtedly tell what station it's terribly simply. alternative buildings and bridges are done well and also the route is sceneried well throughout. this is often additionally the primary route to form use of tunnel occlusion thus once exploitation TSX effects the tunnels area unit dark as purported to light-weight that adds to the realism at intervals the route. There area unit some little bugs at intervals the route, this includes the LTS line not having OHL, the 395 mechanical device being too high parts of the route and certain dark parts in tunnels. additionally there's solely three real situations (excluding the introduction situations) and no scenarios for the 375 enclosed at intervals the route.


What a PACK!

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | Review of Bully & Manhunt Pack

Bully is one in all the simplest free roaming title you'll be able to notice on computer. Your journey throughout the college time is pure fun, the plot is entertaining and also the gameplay solid. If you discover GTA boring, Bully may be a nice, different expertise. hunting may be a "hardcore" game, once you should perform murders hoping to survive the Director, during a snuff show that's merely your worst nightmare. These 2 games on one pack, Steam redeemable. A must! Bully is that the best game Rockstar ever place out on computer. Seriously, I place it above the GTAs. it is the final sandbox expertise and that i simply want it had automatic controller support. the sport is preposterously sensible and simply will a tremendous job with characterization. that is one thing Rockstar has invariably been sensible at although and simply grasp that Bully is not any exception. As for hunting, what a brutal game. It's violent and not for the simple abdomen. it absolutely was sensible at the time, however does not delay a lot of any longer. If you purchase this, get the picture primarily for Bully, a tremendous game.


I loved it!

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | Review of Silent Storm Gold Edition [Playfire]

Silent Storm isn't a straightforward game by any means; it's quite difficult. The enemy AI is pretty smart, and a few of the missions ar|you're} bestowed with are quite troublesome. the sport ne'er feels unfair, though, and inquiring the missions together with your chosen team is kind of bountied. the sport still appearance good for being Associate in Nursing older title, and also the graphics ar useful. My main issue with the sport is that the addition of some sci-fi components to the historical story. Some could like this, however while not spoiling the story, I simply thought it felt a trifle out of place. This game is worthy to be known as the religious successor to Jagged Alliance a pair of. The realistic destruction physics and non-linear gameplay create this a really special flip primarily based strategy game. It includes each S2: Silent Storm and S3: Silent Storm Sentinels, that makes this a extremely smart worth. Get this impressive classic game, and you'll love it!


Make sure to get this one!

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | Review of Mars: War Logs

This game caught me by surprise, and it has been a really pleasant surprise. I really enjoy the game thus far. It certainly has its, lets cal them eccentricities, but none of them, or even they all in aggregate,effectively "break" the game. It runs well on my machine. Below I will focus on different aspects of the game, sharing my views after about 8 hours of play.

Story: The story is interesting. I like that it is not "omg save teh wurld!" in its scope. Mars is about as dystopian as setting come, and what you do will likely not ultimately SAVE anyone for good because at the end of the day,there will still be too many thirsty, and not enough water, and little prospect for escape or giant leaps in quality of life. This is a story of trying to make the best of a really bad situation with little or no hope for a genuinely positive ending. Mars is a place where everyone is horrible to everyone. It is oddly satisfying to play hero in a plac ewhere people are hugely appreciative for hte smallest things.

Characters/writing/VA: I have read a lot of negative reviews of the voice acting. It hasn't bothered me at all. This is what yu get when you do what you can, but do not have millions to dedicate to VA. It is servicable,and never markedly bad imo. There were instances where it caused me to chuckle, but the intonation is generally solid, so i does its part. I actually thing the PC is pretty well done. The dialogue is good in places, and never what I would call bad. The writing matches the setting and stays pretty true to the "feel" of the game. Some of hte caracters are better done than others. Some are bizarre, but that is because they were intended to be so. There are no striking failures. Mary is weird but likable, and I think that is what they were going for.

Combat: It is a bit repetitive, or gets to be. It isn't the combat itself, which flows pretty well and is not overly easy, but som of the respawns got to me after a while, especially given the huge amount of back-tracking and how each enviroment is used for quite some time. Technomacy is powerful, but not hugely overpowered. You can never 2-shot mobs, and casting times are long enough that you have to timeyour casts well in order to avoid interruption. Like another reviewer said, you hit people with a stick...a lot.

Graphics/animation: I am not a discerning consumer of fine graphics. I like for characters to look good, and this game succeeds in that. They focused on character faces, which I think is a strong choice. The lighting works well andthe textures on characters are pretty good. I have not even looked at the environmental tetures closely. Some of hte animations are a tad wonky. Sometimes the characters have odd facial contortions that make them appear to be craning their neck is odd wys which makes them appear to be overly-animated. All in all, I reall like the style, and many of the characters are really well-drawn.



Plasros | June 11, 2013 | Review of I Am Vegend: Zombiegeddon [Playfire]

I Am Vegend tells the tale of a zombie end of the world that debilitates to annihilate the entire planet. It's dependent upon the 'vegendary Heroes,' an aggregation of vegetable heroes to undertake the adversaries and save the planet. Players control the Vegendary Heroes in a pseudo-tower safeguard like way with every mission giving you control of up to three Heroes. Players switch between every victor and essentially tap on the screen to point and discharge each of their weapons. Every model additionally needs to reload between volleys, swaying people to use each of their three heroes deliberately as weapons are reloaded. For an action/td half breed, I discovered Vegend to be really charming. Granted, a considerable measure of the amusement's subjects have been finished before and a considerable measure of the center gameplay components are generally natural, however everything Vegend does is refined well. In the matter of any amusement, that is the most essential perspective, and in that respect Vegend is absolutely worth a proposal anyhow for enthusiasts of the kind).


Pretty Cool!

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | Review of Eador: Masters of the Broken World

This is a great little gem for anyone who likes HoMM, King's Bounty, Crusader Kings etc. kind of games. There's a lot of depth to the gameplay mechanics and the graphics, music and atmosphere in the game is nice.

I've played 7 hours into the game so far and have not experienced a single crash or freeze. The devs are comitted to making this game the best that it can be with regular patches so there's no reason not to dive into Eador. I'm happy that I bought the game.

On a technical level: game turns can get slow when the AI has two or more heroes going around doing stuff. There are a number of bugs right now that can be very disruptive, though the per-turn auto-save helps ameliorate some of the pain of a crash. Generally I've found that its possible to work around all of the bugs in play except for a crash pinned to a random event that requires you to go back a few turns to re-seed the random number generator. Hopefully this will be fixed soon since there have already been a number of patches in the week since release.


A Must Have

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | Review of Speedball 2 Evolution DNS

Hours of futuristic sporty goodness to be had. To my old Amiga buddies, come on over for a round of King of the Court. Just remember to bring those steel balls of yours. Aside from some quirks, Speedball 2: Evolution is a well-assembled and well-priced port of a nostalgic favourite, this futuristic sports game delivers fun in consistent doses, thanks to great gameplay and spot on controls. Jon Hare and co. have done a fine job in capturing the spittle-flecked fury of the Amiga original so successfully.


Charming Game!

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | Review of Zoo Park [Playfire]

Zoo Park is a charming game for the entire family and is set to be an extraordinary path to educate & joke about the diverse creatures in the animal kingdom. Folks will delight in the way that they can use the amusement to profit their children's development of learning. You aren't striving for the most cash, the most amazing asylum, or the most fulfilled clients, the creatures are your primary necessity, and the legitimate finished objective is opportunity, something altogether different to the typical extent of gaming, which may be troublesome for some to stomach.


Great Replay Value!

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | Review of Bridge Constructor Playground

A very Engaging, Challenging and Satisfying game to Test your Physics and Building Skills. Anyone who like Physics / Puzzle apps should like this one. The Permissions seem OK for the features included. Looks like most of the Negative Reviews were a result of not paying attention to the CREDITS, Developer Info and realizing that the 1st TUTORIA Region is actually the Easy TUTORIAL that is well done. Tutorial teaches methods but will not guide you through every decision on each level. Gets more difficult as you progress and makes you work for enough Achievements to open next Region. You can also REPLAY Levels any time to Change Bridge design and increase scores. Good Replay Value too.


Quite Fun, Check It Out!

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | Review of Nancy Drew: The Ghost of Thornton Hall

It may not be very spooky or offer any new ideas, but Ghost of Thornton Hall is quite entertaining if you’re up for sleuthing your way through a haunted southern manor. There are two sets of Nancy Drew mysteries out there. One is firmly set in the “casual game” category. The other has its foot more firmly planted in the “adventure game” pond. This was one of my favorite ND games in a long time. I have to agree that the story and timelines were a little confusing though. And the ghost explanation left a lot to be desired. Fun little game though!


Not Very Good

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | Review of Sunny Hillride

In Sunny Hill Ride You have the ability to drive a car in a great 2D world over hills and mountains. Here, however, you have to like the game Tiny Wings make sure that you do not swing the proceeds. Skillful stunts and daring maneuvers are necessary due to the fact as soon as possible so that you can reach the goal. The control of the game app is very easy to learn and soon. There it turns namely a one button gameplay, so each of you will get along with Sunny Hill Ride with the app. In addition to several exciting game modes you will also find a compelling soundtrack. On the track but you should absolutely pick up the many items and souvenirs, that your high score increases. This way you can also easily compare in Game Center with your friends.


A Must Have!

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | Review of Thunder Wolves

This is the epitome of a helicopter-arcade-style game. If this game was released in the 90's it would be #1 across the boards. Everything from the dialogue to the gameplay works really well in Thunder Wolves. Don't think you just fly a helicopter and shoot stuff. There are many different aspects to the game ranging from different helicopters with different kinds of rockets and stats. You fly a helicopter; you also go first person mode in which the game flies for you and you shoot. You can drive a tank and much more. The game is very fun and it is a must have!


Decent Game!

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | Review of Mensa Academy

American Mensa Academy is a brain training game, similar in many ways to Brain Age and other games of the genre. But like any system, it has it's flaws and it's advantages. We'll start off with the positive. The game starts off fairly simple and increases in difficulty fairly quickly, so while it will be accessible to younger players it will still work up to a moderate challenge for the average adult. The mini games are broken in to 5 sections (Language, Numeracy, Logic, Visual, and Memory) with 20 difficulty levels per section. The first 5 levels feel like a crawl, but as you proceed past that point you actually get to start using your brain. In addition, there's a coaching mode that lets you test yourself in specific mini games for 3 different medals (Bronze, Silver, Gold as usual). The big challenge the game presents for when you really feel like thinking is the Test mode. The system generates variable Mensa-style IQ tests for the user to take. 30 problems are presented with a 15 minute time limit, you can skip questions and come back to them, and you don't need to answer every question to be scored. Now would be a good time to get in to the negatives, so I'll start here. One of the achievements for high test scores is "Mensa Material". Mensa accepts individuals with scores in the top 2%. Currently, 5.6% of the steam players who own the game have this achievement, and that's counting the individuals who haven't been scored at least once. Out of the scored individuals on the leaderboard, about 12% have earned this achievement. This leads me to believe that the "Mensa style tests" they provide are not actually up to Mensa's rigorous standards. While this isn't necessarily bad for people just looking for a brain training game, people who got the game expecting to truly challenge themselves against the standards of the famous high IQ society may be a bit let down. Either that, or the majority of the game's buyers are above average to varying degrees.

Another shortcoming is that the game offers no regimented training experience, such as the daily activities in Brain Age. A key to learning is consistency in practice, but the game itself provides no schedule. You have to set your own limits and stick to them. Personally, I don't find this to be an inconvenience, but I think what a lot of people liked about Brain Age is that they kept you doing things in a pattern that really facilitated improvement. Also, while Brain Age keeps track of positive and negative progress using charts, AMA only provides high scores per-mini game-per-level with no information on how these scores are calculated, and leaderboards to compare yourself to other online players in the 3 game modes (and even then, only on total amount of stars/medals earned total across all mini games, or on test scores)


Not Bad!

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | Review of Alien Storm

Although its short length, Alien Storm is a beat-em up game where you take action against an alien invasion. Recycled enemies and short story mode are the bad aspects you will find in this game, but if you are keen on classic beat-em up action with a kick-ass B.G.M., you will have a nice time playing Alien Storm, let's say... 2 hours tops


More Polish would make it better

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | Review of Hacker Evolution Untold DNS

Unfortunately, the excellent level design of Hacker Evolution and Hacker Evolution: Reinsertion are not to be found throughout this sequel. The developer decided to make a couple of the levels overly convoluted and unnecessarily complicated for no good reason whatsoever. It is not a matter of these couple levels actually being challenging. On the contrary. They have proven to being the exact opposite of anything resembling of fun and intuitive. In Untold, it is as if one is put through a couple tedium and boredom filled levels as a form of punishment or through lack of design creativity. There is simply no enjoyment to be extracted from these two exercises. These two levels are not fun, interesting, nor rewarding. It feels more like taking irrelevant and needless tests for nothing. The music in Untold is not nearly as amusing and entertaining to listen to during play as in the original game. The songs selected are bland, uninspired, and repetitive in comparison. I could barely notice the difference between each song. Another bad change in comparison to the original is that the game does not make use of a wide screen view. Instead, it has placed black bars on each side. As far as I have noticed, only one new command ("deletelogs") has been added to the user's repertoire, and that only adds to the general feeling of doing errands in order to proceed. It is a shame that the badly designed levels are utterly unreasonable and joyless, since parts of the game offers truly fun levels that accompany a nice storyline, continuing the original's saga. Despite its level design problems, Untold still manages to be more developed and better executed than Uplink, but it remains a poor comparison to the original Hacker Evolution. Once you get past the two inferior levels, the rest of the game is enjoyable. As for the Flight Zero expansion, it is completely broken and cannot be played past the first level due to bugs. This can be confirmed through the official Steam forum for the game. As of this writing, there are no signs that the expansion will be patched into working condition. Sadly, Untold appears to have been rushed and is clearly uninspired, and Flight Zero is blatantly unfinished. This is almost disastrous, since the original game and original expansion were such wonderful examples of this rare genre. Perhaps Untold's biggest disappointment besides the level design flaws, is the weak ending. This is yet another poorly executed aspect of the game that showcases how overly uninspired Untold is in comparison to its predecessor from the same exact developer. The last level and ending are so pitiful and neglected, that it serves merely as a confirmation of the all-around lesser quality in comparison to the original. I hope the developer can pick up the pieces from this developmental stumble and improve upon the original for the sequel. It took me about 8 hours to complete the base game. The Flight Zero expansion could not be played due to game breaking bugs.


May Not Be For Everyone.

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | Review of STORM: Frontline Nation

A wonderful TBS split between a Total War franchise strategic gameplay, complete with spies and sabateurs, and a hex based tactical battle system. The tactical systems plays like any of the old Avalon Hill games, such as Panzer General, with infantry, arty, tanks, and modern helicopters, navy, and air support. Infantry can be equipped with mechanized support, mortars, UAVs, AT weapons, smoke, and more. Vehicles can get items like guided arty shells, smoke screens, reactive armor, and more. Other analogous games with similar combat systems might be Civ 5 or the Axis and Allies CMG.

It offers a fresh twist to this style at the strategic level because most units have a decent level of customization which can then be deployed to any base globally. The tactical battles are also unique because the entire army is given orders then complete them in unison during the Action Phase. Units will attack on their own but can also be ordered to pursue and crush opponents. Depending on the zone, battlefields scale relative to the sizes of the armies.

Unfortunately, the game has a steep learning curve. The tutorials are a series of short subtitled videos that do not cover everything. Additionally there are a number of small oversights such as a poor saving feature and lack of a mini-map on the strategic view that can make the game even less accessible at first and are a minor annoyance later. The UI for the strategic view is not great as it is missing a lot of the amenities of more polished strategic games, but it doesn't really impede the game in any serious way. If you have the patience and time to learn through repeated trial and error there is a rewarding, satisfying, and fun TBS game here.

If you enjoy the idea of a Total War strategic game in a modern setting with tactical battle resolution reminiscent of classic hex based TBS games then this is a great game but you're going to have to sift through some BS at first. It seems like they built a great game they wanted to play instead of building a great game


You Like Trucks? This Game is for YOU!

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | Review of Euro Truck Simulator Gold [Playfire]

Well, this game is surprisingly good. I wish I had spent my money on it before instead of wasting 60 bucks on other over hyped games that fail to deliver. Anyway, I am not a huge truck simulator fan. In fact, this is the second simulator of its kind that I put my hands on, but it's also a business simulator of sorts, which is pretty cool, fulfilling and HARD to manage. As you slowly accomplish your own set goals, the game feels very rewarding. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous. You can see landmarks that distinguish every other city in Europe. There are LOTS of cities to go to, explore, get jobs, hire personnel, buy trucks and garages. I was shocked the first time I saw the pedestrians walking by. It all feels very alive and beautiful. The star of the game itself is the truck, or rather the plethora of trucks. You have very detailed and extremely customizable trucks to play with. Driving the truck is relatively simple and easy (I recommend a gamepad), and the real challenge comes from maneuvering the truck in tight spaces like real truckers do. It takes a lot of time and practice to get good at it.


Really Cool!

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | Review of Farming Simulator 2011 Platinum Edition

This game is definitely not for anybody. It plays at its own relatively leisurely pace and is easy to get into not for action freaks. The game runs great on my Win7 system I haven't encountered any bugs in hours of gameplay. I found the graphics and sounds very pleasant, but the interface is not intuitive or handy because it's kept out of sight most of the time you'll have to press keys repeatedly to bring up certain info on the screen, which I found annoying. Aside from that only gripe, I found the controls of the many vehicles good and easy to learn. Running the farm is fun and relaxing, with lots of stuff to do once you have several fields going (you'll have to hire some workers to keep up). You can also change the game speed and enable/disable missions (mowing grass pays off) at anytime during gameplay, or download a free ATV to drive around at high speed. Really enjoying this game a totally different experience from anything else I've played on the PC.


Great Sequel!

Plasros | June 10, 2013 | Review of LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7

This game is very funny and have a lot of fun, is a nice game to play with a friend, but this game is difficulty for childrens, and the lobby is balled. I recommend you to buy this game, lego games are synonymous of fun. It follows the movies and I really like that, it's the same formula as in Star Wars. You have like a open world where you go to missions but it doesn't work quite well. It could have been better. The predecessor is slightly better than that at some points ... enjoyed in years 5-7 of duels, gameplay, in years 1-4 had more places to explore, while some were taken this! Surely the legos are better than games from EA Harry Potter. You should definitively check it out!


Fun Game!

Plasros | June 10, 2013 | Review of Ceville

Very fun and charming game. I have no idea why it isn't rated higher. It's a 20 dollar game, and dollar per dollar it one of the better adventure games I played in a long time. Lots of jokes relating to the classic adventure games. If you played the old school games you will get a kick out this game even more. You can tell that this game was made by true fans of the genre. I highly recommend. Ceville is a fun game with nice cartoon-like graphics, plenty of humor and great voice acting. Also, the main character is evil, It doesn’t get any better than that.


Very Cool Game!

Plasros | June 10, 2013 | Review of Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken

Having obtained this game on Steam recently, knowing absolutely nothing about it prior to purchase, I've already gotten 10 times my money's worth. Rocketbirds takes me back to the old platform days with challenging gameplay, great art style and, as most have already stated, a kickass soundtrack. There are so many great reasons to own this game. Let me say that it was astonishing and an enjoyment to play Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken since it is very rewarding and challenging. With a cartoon-styled graphic and a indie rock playlist it can entertain the casual gamers. You should definitely check it out.



Plasros | June 10, 2013 | Review of Q.U.B.E.

Q.U.B.E is a first-person puzzle game that tries very hard to be Portal. It's a decent game, but it falls far short of Portal's glory.

The decision to not incude any instructions is interesting. I was able to figure everything out after a while, but there are many moving parts and it's easy to forget which parts do what. Portal was elegant. Portals were the solution to every problem. In this game, you push blocks, pull blocks, rotate rooms, move balls, switch gravity, push wires, and more. Once you figure out how something works, instead of mastering it, new moving parts are thrown in. Combine that with non-resettable puzzles where you can get stuck, and it adds up to poor level design. The puzzles are somewhat entertaining and decently tough.



Plasros | June 10, 2013 | Review of Laxius Force

Laxius Force is the first part of a stunning trilogy. It's a game full of excitement, thrill, fun and also tragedy. As a player you're not only playing this game, you're more and more living it as the story proceeds. In addition to the well developed main quest there are loads of sidequests to do and your party is constantly growing. It's a huge game that provides hours and hours and hours of fun and it's extremely addictive. People who love RPG games should definitely not miss that one! This is a very big game with a nice presentation and a great story. The pixel art is beautiful and the character artworks definitely add to the uniqueness of the game.



Plasros | June 10, 2013 | Review of Thief: Deadly Shadows

The athmosphere in this game is absolutely incredible! I have never seen anything like it. (and I am playing PC games since 1992) Once you got started, there is really no way that you can put it away before you have finished it. Especially that level in the cradle was just stunning. The gameplay and atmosphere in there just cannot be described, because there is simply no other game that has anything likewise. I would even say that it is worth buying the game just to see that level - it's a MUST PLAY. The only weakness of the game is the ending, which I felt was a bit weird, but that is probably just me and I don't want to spoil anything, so you can find out yourself


Atmospheric Game!

Plasros | June 9, 2013 | Review of Kairo

Kairo is an atmospheric, mysterious exploration game set in some vast, desolate monuments, seemingly from another dimension. The minimalistic environments, in all their simplicity, are breathtaking. The puzzles feel a bit akward at times and aren't that innovative- however they do not fail to interest, while adding a layer of depth to otherwise straightforward gameplay. The music and sound are pretty well fit with the ambience, and play an important role throughout the game. My only slight disappointment is the lack of some clues on the backstory, which would, I believe, help players relate better to the character and experience the game more intensely. Other than that, Kairo is a very enjoyable experience which will pleasantly remind the old-school adventurers of the golden era of Myst. Considering the fact it's been made by two people, and its' fairly low price, I wholeheartedly recommend it, both to hardcore adventurers and to people seeking an alternative gaming experience.


Great Potential!

Plasros | June 9, 2013 | Review of Forge

If only combat from forge could be merged with GW2, it would the perfect combat system ever made. For example the Z axis hardly used in GW2 on land, only underwater combat, yet forge has implemented a style where wall jumping up trees and fighting in the air actually makes the game feel 3Dimensional(prince of Persia style) as well as effects that ACTUALLY blinds you (screen goes dark for a few seconds when blinded) and not just drops a symbol on your head something arenanet should take note of.

You're probably wondering why I've compared GW2 to forge, it's because forge has similar ties to GW1 with a dash of First Person Shooter minus the first person (character is in 3rd person just like GW2 and developer explicitly told cynical brit that it has ties to such games). It's faster paced and ultimately more enjoyable combat imo over GW2 (maximum stun lock prevention in place, also something GW2 should have had). The only negative i have with forges combat which it actually shares with GW2 is that you don't really need to aim at targets when using range because projectiles are like homing missiles, only way to evade is through certain skills or breaking line of sight, and in both games makes it boring because you just stand back while auto attacking into a snoozefest.

In the end i believe this game shows real promise, with more tweaking and more game mode options (which will be in a future patch in December) this games PvP could very well trump GW2's sPvP, even WvW (future plans for larger maps for 16V16+) should definitely keep an eye on this one, more so if you're tired of the grind in GW2.

-1 point for the game still being in a beta state (although entirely justified they need funding after all so just 1 point) -1 for lame target assist -1 better music/sound effects but again can't be helped it's a indie game and it really doesn't effect game play much at all



Plasros | June 9, 2013 | Review of Eador: Genesis Other

I got this game having no expectations whatsoever... I must say this was the most pleasant surprise I had buying a videogame since I discovered Space Rangers 2 a few years ago. Despite 2D graphics, this game offers superb and deep strategy/PRG gameplay. Eador: Genesis made it to the list of my favorite games, allow me to explain why. Eador shares some similarities with Heroes of Might and Magic series, or most recently the King's Bounty series. Essentially it is a turn based strategy with a good amount of RPG components. You have up to 4 main heroes, each one has stats/equipment and they lead an army. Heroes fight in battles alongside units, conquering provinces and obtaining treasure. Once you defeat all opponents on the map, the map joins your astral kingdom, providing you with castle upgrades and various bonuses. The campaign consists of invading and capturing more land, while dealing with other immortals on the astral plane. The game offers a lot of bang for a buck, even on average difficulty, battle for a map may last for 8 hours, longer if you decide to explore the map for special treasures. While primarily a turn based strategy, the game offers a compelling RPG system, which is easy to understand. 3 health parameters, 3 defense types, 3 attack types. Some units have special abilities. The heroes themselves have a choice of action each turn, one of which is adventure pretty much defeat guardians or some place to get some money and treasure. These battles take place on a standard hex tiles with up to 15 units on each side. The economic system of the game is also really deep, yet simple. There are two resources: gold, which is spent on buying units/upkeep and crystals, which generally deal with magic. The sheer amount of entertainment that this game has provided in the past 2 months is enormous, and I'm not finished yet. In short, I'm in love with this game and see a lot of replay value.


Great Platformer!

Plasros | June 9, 2013 | Review of Explodemon

Great platformer, and a very underrated one. It’s my favourite PC platforming game which from what I can see was not very well received. It reminds me of Pulseman and Drill Dozer but better. You can explore the level for half hour or speedrun it in a minute. Explodemon is a great character he’s crazy; funny & cool. He has interesting moves such as dashing, exploding & wallsliding(btw the coolest wallslide I have ever seen). There is humour in the dialogue which makes this game even better. For me this is one of the best platformers ever created on the PC platform.


Nice Game.

Plasros | June 9, 2013 | Review of Expeditions: Conquistador

This game is one of those you don;t see in this age anymore.How many games of this type gives you option to choose your party,manage your party,have elements like hunting,guarding has very good AI and in some cases it can be a bit to much challenging especially for casual players,but you can modify difficulty and even on normal (and most likely on easy) its very satisfying,my point is its very in-dept strategy game and it has wide range of options both for casual and old hardcore players who were dying hard for challenge.Also you need to worry about random events like disease,you need to worry about supplies especially food,because you can't venture and explore without it and not raise rebellion among your followers and a lot more.Also story is pen 'n' paper but its written very well,its like reading good book,if you like books you will find yourself lost in very well dialogs,even if you are not fan of the books you will like it.Also there are standard perks like leadership,tactic now every one of them including diplomacy is important,because depending on which you choose it will affect your character and at the end there is moral element in the game.Graphics are nice,it keeps retro look and it still look like modern game.Music is very nice,first thing i usually do is turnoff sound in game and than launch my playlist,but not this time.There are a lot of feature and they did very good job with tutorials and tooltips so with a little of reading and watching illustration you will learn mechanics and features in no time,but will you master the game My only compliant is camera and world map.Now you can rotate camera to fit your angle,but it has limited line of sight and trees can get in the way.And world map is not detailed enough,most of the time i have to move my head really close to monitor to see patches even if i play on max resolution and compass is confusing,But you get use to it very fast so its not big deal but because of that i can't give this game 10.


Great RPG!

Plasros | June 7, 2013 | Review of Two Worlds II Cap

The magic system in this game is the best magic system I have ever come across in any rpg. You can create a nearly unlimited number of spell combinations. Once you get into this game it is just so addictive, there are so many armours and weapons to collect that you will spend a very long time trying to get them all! Very fun game! The game is overall enjoyable, despite some gameplay flaws, minor glitches and a terrible ending. If you take your time to do all the quests in the first chapter, I'll actually get to appreciate the effort. Visuals are good - nothing outstanding. The only thing that really stands out are the fighting mechanics as a mage.


Very Fun Game!

Plasros | June 7, 2013 | Review of LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Finally a game I can play with my girlfriend! Two Xbox controllers on PC. Ok, it's for kids, but the level of imagination and fun we both had completing each level is right up there with the best that gaming can offer. Puzzles are pretty simple, but not always obvious. The level-design and witty spoke dialogue stand out, but I wasn't really that interested in the open world element. With two-people playing when the screen splits it's really hard sometimes to work out where you are and where to go. Wish the campaign was a bit longer rather than adding the open world, but anyway - this is the best lego game I've played!


Decent Game

Plasros | June 6, 2013 | Review of Remember Me Pre-Purchase

Remember Me is destined to be overlooked, which is sad. One thing is for sure: It is a true underrated gem.

I'm about mid-way in the game, and it is a fantastic and hypnotic game, captivating me with it's beautiful and heavily detailed world. The setting is the first thing you'll notice; vivid, unconventional colors blot this world, and it is a feast for the eyes.

Combat works and plays out like Batman, but not quite as fluid. The ability to change up your combos makes for a refreshing experience each time. Enemies are can be quite tough in numbers--especially when they differ in types, forcing you to use different tactics for various enemies. Button mashing won't get you very far.

The platforming and exploration are the weakest links, as they are far too scripted. You never get a sense that you're in immediate danger from scaling walls. And exploration is so linear, so confined, which is a shame considering Neo-Paris is a major sight to behold.

Memory Remixes are the star of Remember Me, setting it apart from other action/adventure games. Basically, you can hack into peoples memories and alter things, changing the outcome of their behavior. It's fun to mess around and experiment. Not to mention, the memory remixes give great insight into Nilin's character; you really get a sense that she is conflicted with the ethics of what she is doing, which, in my opinion, makes her a very human character to which we can relate.

The story... I won't elaborate about it. You really need to experience it for yourself because it will blow you away. Some of the writing is awful, though. But most of it works.

Overall, fantastic game. The story and lore are the strongest aspects. The game play is, for the most part, solid. Remember Me gets an 80/100 for me


Pleasant Game!

Plasros | June 3, 2013 | Review of Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

This game was a pleasant surprise. I expected another Spellforce-type rpg/rts, but this was something different... but in a good way! + Controlling your heroes through monetary incentives = revise your usual rts strategies :) + Heroes level up, buy inventory, find artifacts, but become pickier about jobs with time + You can save the best heroes and rehire them later in the campaign = time not wasted + Not short at all: campaign+single maps = almost 40 hours i have on record + It was fairly challenging for single maps too, i had to restart/rethink some a few times


An Underrated Game!

Plasros | June 3, 2013 | Review of King Arthur II

This is easily one of the most under-rated games I've had the pleasure to play. All in all, this is a really impressive game and I'm sad that I let the negative reviews on metacritic stop me from buying it earlier. It's an absolute gem, that strongly built on the first game in every way.

I found the huge number of heroes and different paths to take their skills really quite enjoyable. Then there are the vast number of magical items you can find, craft or buy. The effect on the battlefield is substanital.

The battles are simply gorgeous, with easily the best graphics I've seen in this style of game. The landscapes play a good role in the game, but more could have been made of these interesting maps. There is much more detail on them than in Total War.

There is a decent mix of units and cavalry charges are working nicely. There are some interesting choices to be made on how you upgrade your units as well, as you can't do everything!

The diplomacy was a nice twist, not hugely complex, but yet more choices on how to customise your units, recruit unique ones, or gain other effects.

The story was solid and drove the game well all the way to the end. The campaign map is much bigger than in the first game and boats a deal more complexity in gameplay as well.

Research is similar to the first but upgrading buidlings is far more decentralised, it's not just at your strongholds that you need to do this.

The game did crash a few times for me, but I didn't find it really hindered things, it was just a case of replaying the odd battle. Yes, this was frustrating but I found the battles fun so no big issue.


Cool addition to the GTA Series!

Plasros | June 3, 2013 | Review of Grand Theft Auto IV

For real PC gamers that understand the hardware and know how to configure their systems this game is a 10 all the way. I have been playing it since it came out and i will probably still be playing it after 3 years or so when GTA 5 comes out. The DLC pack even finally came out for PC so i hopefully will be experianceing Liberty City again. This game is a technological marvel on all accounts so OFCOURSE you will need a PC capable of running it. This is not the same game as on the consoles! The PC version looks MUCH better even on low settings( i play all high with everything MAXED OUT at HD resolutions) and the CPU power needed is immense. At least a quad is required as this game is higly multithreaded and a decent GPU (video memory is important). My only complain is the lack of Multi-GPU scaling but maybe with a better cpu the scaling would be better. Maybe a x64 bit version of the game could help boost things but perhaps it would just double the memory requirement. Anyways thank you ROCKSTAR for bringing GTA4 to the PC and doing it so that its much much better then the console version


Great Addition to the Franchise!

Plasros | June 3, 2013 | Review of Rising Storm

This game (or expansion really) accomplishes EVERYTHING that it sets out to do. Granted, the learning curve is high, particularly for those that come from more "arcade-style shooters" like CoD and Battlefield. But for those that stick with it Rising Storm has the power to terrify. Even as a player who has poured many hours into Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm I can say that this game still gives me that rush when I barely survive an artillery barrage. As the bullets fly you can't help dive for cover and pray you're not shot because very often, one shot is all it takes.

This is more than just a few maps as well! When you buy Rising Storm you also get Red Orchestra 2 rolled into it. In addition to all the maps in this game there is LOADS of free future content on the way! So for anyone that would like to play a realistic shooter that’s less buggy and more accessible than ARMA, Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 is the way to go! This is not a game for the light hearted. The weapons are true to life and the loadouts are as realistic as they come (expect to use a bolt-action rifle a lot


Great Title, Check it out!

Plasros | June 3, 2013 | Review of Call of Juarez®: Gunslinger

Fantastic shooting, decent voice acting (better than BiB), and great environmental and sound design. It's got a silly and fun story with Baston-style narration. I like the focus on getting high scores and combos. Texture quality and weapon variety were lacking, but for a straight shooter at this price, it's unexpectedly polished and thoroughly enjoyable. The best wild west shooter I've ever played, and out of all the Techland games I've experienced, I feel it's their best effort by far.

Also, you know what? I'm GLAD they didn't shoehorn in a multiplayer mode which would've taken away development time that instead went into improving the core of the game. Besides, I felt that the arcade and dueling modes suited this game much better. It's a 4 to 6-hour long, $15 singleplayer-focused experience.

It's not the greatest port, but I didn't get any issues whatsoever, and it ran at about 35 to 40 fps on my Core 2 Duo Radeon HD 6570 combo (not even an entry-level gaming machine). Didn't run into a single bug either. I was happy they added in the option to change the FOV via config files, but it should've been there since day one. At least the default was 82 horizontal which I thought was reasonable, though 90 would've been ideal. Also, while this does support resolutions for all aspect ratios, the game will always display in a 16:9 letterbox with horizontal black bars if you're running at a non-16:9 resolution.


Love this Simulator!

Plasros | June 3, 2013 | Review of Lunar Flight

Simply amazing. I love this simulator so much, I suck at it and I'm having tons of fun with it. And if you suck at a game, but you're having fun. You know it's a pretty damn good game. The only problem I've had was with using my Joystick, other then that no problems. I would also like to put clarification to people saying the first time loading takes really long, I've posted this and got in the same day, a response from the owner saying that in the first time starting up, it will cache 1.7GB of information so you have a better performance. He will later add a loading screen to make that more clear. And to people reading UnbiasedOne's review, it's complete.... argh. The stupidest thing, ever. First of all he complains about the loading time, alright. I explained that here and if he just waited and then gave it a second try he would see that it then takes


Shooting at it's finest!

Plasros | June 3, 2013 | Review of Far Cry 3

The game starts off amazingly, and sets a tone that wows you and makes you feel like it'll carry on until the very end. Sadly, this only lasts until a quarter of the way through, when the narrative just becomes ludicrous and sloppy, and has you questioning whether or not the writers were also kidnapped alongside your friends. And since all of the mayhem, and the reason for inflicting it, is carried by the story, this is a major eyesore in what is otherwise a very fun, and intense open-world game. I won't spoil anything for you, but let's just say there were many times where I had to just turn my brain off and force myself not to think about what just happened. The characters, and much of the voice acting, however, are top notch. I could write more about the game here, but long Metacritic user reviews look like crap and nobody wants to read a wall of text. So should you play this game? Yes. Absolutely. Just make sure you don't think too hard about it, and also make sure you crank the difficulty all the way, because the game is far too easy even on the highest difficulty. Like a Michael Bay film, Far Cry 3 isn't going to win your heart and stimulate you intellectually, but with the right hardware and a bag of popcorn, it's still a pretty darn good time. And damn if it doesn't have one of the greatest intros to a shooter I've played.



Plasros | June 3, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham City: Game of the Year

This game is absolutly stunning, technically excelent (amazing graphics!), and very funny. The gameplay is OK, controls easy to handle (even with a lot of movements!). The History is good (maybe some details makes it no-perfect) and the music are great too. One of the best games in this generation


Fun Game.

Plasros | June 1, 2013 | Review of Skyward Collapse

Good: - Lots of depth in trying to balance the two sides while fighting off Woes (think natural disasters in Sim City), bandits, and yourself. - The way the two sides are intentionally unbalanced is brilliant and adds a lot of strategy in planning your towns, miracles and moves. - I actually found myself attached to Blue due to their early underdog status and for the entirety of the game I coddled them while destroying Red while still playing as Red. It was a strange but awesome feeling. - Great music by Pablo - Lots of difficulty options and many variables - Low Price - Great tutorial for an Arcen game

Cons: - It will never be as good as AI War.


Good Racing Game Game.

Plasros | June 1, 2013 | Review of GRID 2

GRID 2 is finally here, and it is an insanely fun and enjoyable game. For those of you who are expecting a full car simulation game, you will be extremely dissapointed since the handling of the cars is very "arcadey". For those who not, you will have a blast playing this game through the career mode, but even more through the multiplayer, which is awesome.


Great Game, Check it out!

Plasros | May 28, 2013 | Review of Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

I loved this game despite some minor bugs. I loved it since I first started playing in the beta. This game is like no other FPS game, you have to think, be smart & use cover in order to survive. I love the weapons, soundtrack is great and last thing I have to say is: "Thank you Tripwire"