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A Relative Departure/Revision to the Hitman Franchise

Poopmonkey | June 30, 2013 | Review of Hitman Absolution NA - PC

What can I say about this game? Well, having played a large part of it, the tables have turned on our dear Hitman 47 and now he has become the hunted. Overall, I would this game is a good game in its own merits but comparing this game to other Hitman games like the beloved Blood Money allows it to fall apart. The game definitely shows effort and a solid formula to sell the audience on the new "ideas" that Eidos put in the new game yet it just does not feel exactly like the Hitman we know and love. The levels feel a bit smaller and much more railroadly, the game has a sense of pretending to give you freedom where there really is not much to be had as in previous games. The levels do not feel as open either. With the addition of the AI's inflamed sense of seeing through your disguise in a matter of seconds if you get too close, the levels feel even more linear since after a few failures you begin to realize that a "certain path" exists through the level where you hide here or there, wait for a guy to pass, try to use your instinct, kill a guard, and proceed onwards till you reach and kill your target. Thus, this takes a lot of the magic that you had from the previous games where you can roam around and explore the living level while disguised. This is not the case in this game, I felt like always I needed to hide and seek and really saw the disguises in the game as relatively useless given the fact that everyone can see through them so easily. Yet, if killing targets and sneaking around is your drink of choice, then give this game a try. Yet, if you want to experience the magic and fun of Blood Money or the previous Hitman games, then you will be easily disappointed.