Reviews by PowerGreen


A diamond in the rough!

PowerGreen | June 10, 2014 | Review of Bulletstorm Origin (1) - PC

I actually really liked this game! The graphics are awesome and the achievement system is based around the various ways to kill opponents. From kicking exploding things into them, slapping them against spikes and all sorts of other environmental kills via a variety of unlockable weapons. There is even a story in there too, and characters you can get all attached to. Gameplay is smooth, and you find yourself wanting to unlock all those achievements and get creative, rather then just doing a basic headshot over and over. Boss fights are pretty tough too, so don't expect to facetank them! Highly recommended for all blaster, guts 'n' gore fans!


Back to the 90's

PowerGreen | Jan. 25, 2014 | Review of Might Magic X Legacy Digital Deluxe Edition - PC

As the name suggests, Might and Magic X - Legacy is a homage to the older Might and Magic series, such as Might and Magic IV. Not to be mistaken with Heroes of Might and Magic series, which are totally different. Its much like The Bards Tale and Dungeon Master, so thankfully you get to create a party of characters will different skills - and you aren't hand-held (something sorely missing from many more modern games). While it is a shame that there are only 4 races, each race does have 3 classes specific to them - giving you an overall choice of 12 character types. Combat and exploration/movement is turn based, so there is no need to scrabble for the right keys to use a potion. Feel fee to take the time to drink a potion from your shared inventory, for example. A bestiary is available to help you defeat your foes, though much can be said for a fireball to the face regardless of the battle. The graphics are also straight out of the 90s with some pretty low quality textures, but there are some modern features such as lighting effects. Still, at least it runs smoothly! The voice acting is terrible, with the "Irish Elf" and "Scottish Dwarf" being amongst the worst impressions I have heard in my life. The music is fairly dull and repetitive. You'll get some joy from the sound effects though - as they have the old familiar tones used in previous Might and Magic games, such as when you level up. Overall, it is still fun to play. I you liked Might & Magic I through IV, then you'll like this one too. If you were born after the year 2000, then you'll maybe want to give it a miss - but who knows, you may still enjoy it anyway!


Two games in one!

PowerGreen | Dec. 31, 2013 | Review of Portal 2 (1) - PC

The premise is simple. You create gates (portals) - what goes in one hole, comes out of the other. Puzzle your way through some great tricks and traps and be entertained by some comedy genius along the way. You will be roffling and lolling as well as pulling your hair out. The single-player is great, but the co-op is great as well! If you ever wanted a game where you actually HAVE to co-operate, then this is it. One of those must-play games.


Need more games like this!

PowerGreen | Dec. 31, 2013 | Review of Dragon Age Origins - PC

This game is up there with Baldur's Gate as being in the history of great games. There is hours of gameplay in there even from just a single run - but you'll find yourself playing again just to experience a new character and take different paths through to a different ending. Its a good rpg, with great voice acting, good graphics (though starting to look a little dated now), and that "wow factor" that is just missing from so many modern titles. If you've never played it, just buy it - you won't regret it.


Oh yeah!

PowerGreen | Dec. 31, 2013 | Review of Bulletstorm - PC

Ok, now this is my sort of game. Yes, its a linear cover-shooter, but given that it looks great and it has a sci-fi theme then I'm in there. Of yes, there is plenty of gore too! Grab people with your leash and then matrix-style them to death via the object or weapon on your choice. Exploding heads with flying brains, spikes, pits, electric wires - there is a whole database of "skillshots" that you use to gain currency to spend on upgrades. You even get to control a giant robot dinosaur that fires lasers from it eyes. What more do you want?


A bit short

PowerGreen | Dec. 31, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs (1) - PC

Not really as open world as many of the other open world games, seeing as there isn't all that much to do outside the main story line - which you'll finish pretty quickly. The graphics do look great though, and I enjoyed whizzing round a vibrantly coloured city. The fight sequences are also nice, with the occasional splatter fest thanks to some environment object that can be used. The combat itself is slightly up on the likes of the early GTA-style games, as it has a martial arts flavour to it rather than just point-and-click gunshots (or rocket launchers). If it is on offer, then go for it - you should get a good 25 hours gameplay out of it.


Something slightly different for an MMO

PowerGreen | May 24, 2013 | Review of The Secret World - PC

This just sucks you in nicely. You can customise your character very nicely by mixing two different weapons and then making your deck. Want a shotgun and a blade? Go for it! Me, I'm just working my way through elemental magic and a shotgun right now. I prefer the levelling to the endgame, and with 3 factions and a handy 3 slots, I can have hours of fun without a sub. It even gives you 30 days of sub benefits with the game purchase, so you can feel the power of the bonus from day 1. The questing is quite nice, and doesn't do too much hand-holding with sparkles and such like. Something you have to thing. Overall, a refreshing change in an MMO. Thumbs up!


A proper game

PowerGreen | May 24, 2013 | Review of Avernum Escape From The Pit - PC

This is a proper game, with none of the namby-pamby nannying that a lot of "modern" games force on you. You can actually make your own characters! This is one of the games where you can actually look past the graphics, because underneath is some rich gameplay and a fantasy storyline. Take a game like this one and spruce the graphics up a bit (adding things like zoom and more animations), and you'll have a 100 scoring title.


Not as bad as some people make out

PowerGreen | May 24, 2013 | Review of Grotesque Tactics Evil Heroes - PC

I got this upon release and played to the end. While it wasn't the most fantastic game in the world, it was perfectly fun and playable. The graphics are reasonable, and the humour is OK. Now that it is just £6.99, if you like RPGs then you'll get many hours of play.


FPS Diablo

PowerGreen | May 24, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Overflow 1 - PC

Just like the original, this is an FPS Diablo. It is great single player, but co-op it is fantastic. Lots of nice loot drops, character development, distinctive classes, amazing graphics, an immersive storyline, loveable characters - this game has it all. Oh, and it has a sense of humour too. Buy it. You won't regret it.


You'll just keep on playing

PowerGreen | May 24, 2013 | Review of Dishonored Steam - PC

This game has a very good graphics style; something which is quite essential for me in modern gaming. If you don't like what you're looking at for such a long time, then it takes something extra special to keep you playing. Talking of game mechanics, this has some good ones. You don't have to play it any one set way. Want to be a good guy and not kill anyone? You can. Want to make a bloodbath? You can do that too. Don't like stealthing? Just blink in with guns blazing. On top of this, your play style affects the world. For example, if you kill a lot of people then you'll get more rats appearing and a different ending. Combat is very fluid, they have the control system just right. Gameplay is segmented into areas. Clear an area and get a rating for it. Maybe you'll want to reply to find that last relic? Within the area you'll have various routes, such as roofs and ratholes, or a simple and direct approach. You can go a different route next time if you like. Overall, a great game. If you don't have it, buy it.